Avi Weisfogel Explains Good Dental Health On Visits

How many people enjoy going to the dentist? The visits to the dentist are necessary to good dental health. Healthy teeth can be the start of a healthy body. It is important for people to understand how easily tooth decay can affect your bodies health. Tooth decay not only causes mouth pain but also bad breath. A person with a rotten tooth may experience a bad taste in their mouth. They can experience pain and discomfort when chewing. They can also get very sick if the tooth becomes infected.

Infection can travel from a decayed tooth into the blood stream. Most people do not understand how important it is to keep their mouth healthy. Most people take their teeth for granted. Brushing and flossing are just the beginning to a healthy mouth. Dentists such as Avi Weisfogel, spend many hours during the week, explaining how important it is to have regular dental checkups. Workshops and instructional seminars are just some of the ways Avi informs the public about good dental health. He travels around on the Operation Smile bus offering his services for a minimal price. He visits with another dentist to provide updates on new procedures and equipment. He performs weekly dental consults in his office at Old Bridge Dental.

Operation smile needs the help of donations to keep helping less fortunate people get the dental help they need. Children born with facial deformities and cleft palates are dependent on go fund me and organizations such as Operation smile. Without these organizations, the children may go on without the help they need. Operation smile is part of the group of individual dentists or oral surgeons that travel the NJ and surrounding areas. Avi started a go fund me in January of 2016. The donations help with videography and photography. It helps provide the bus, the gas, and the supplies necessary to run the Operation Smile mission. People donating to the cause can help many people live a better life.

New York and New Jersey are the two areas that are most important to Avi Weisfogel and his practice. Patients can visit him at the Old Bridge Dental or the Dental Sleep Masters in the area. If he is not in one of those places you can probaly find him at a NY sporting event.

Dr. Sergio Cortes’ Recommendations To Prevent Zika Virus

The Zika Virus has the potential to cause extremely severe complications for unborn babies. The World Health Organization sees this virus as posing a very serious threat to unborn babies. However, people are often deceived by it’s surprisingly minor symptoms in healthy adults. Doctor Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian doctor that has done research on the virus. He has recommendations to help keep pregnant women safe from the birth defects that it can cause. Unfortunately, the virus itself cannot be treated, and it is impossible to effectively prevent the birth defects. However, one can take measures to avoid contracting the virus itself.

The Zika Virus has a serious impact on the brains of developing babies. In fact, it is known to cause microcephaly in babies. This is when the head and typically the brain does not grow to full size. When an infant is born with this condition, they often suffer very serious cognitive impairments. Also, the Zika Virus is thought to lead to Guillian Barre Syndrome. This also can cause cognitive problems that can be extremely severe.

According to Dr. Cortes, the virus is transmitted via mosquito bites. When an infected mosquito bites a person, one can become infected with it. The virus isn’t transmitted from one person to another. In order to catch the Zika Virus, you have to be bitten by an infected mosquito. This makes it possible for a person to avoid the Zika Virus, if they avoid being bitten by an infected mosquito. According to Doctor Cortes, to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, pregnant women always should try to stay inside when mosquitoes seem to be most active. When pregnant women do have to go outside, they should make every effort to wear protective clothing. He also recommends that pregnant women use effective bug repellents to keep the mosquitoes away.

In addition, Sergio Cortes feels strongly that illnesses in pregnant women must be taken seriously. The symptoms of the Zika Virus are usually pretty minor in the infected person. Often times, they will simply dismiss the symptoms as an ordinary, routine illness. However, it is critical that a pregnant woman immediately go to a doctor, when they notice any possible symptoms associated with the Zika Virus.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is also alarmed at how widespread the Zika Virus is in Brazil. The virus hasn’t been in Brazil for very long. In fact, it has only been infecting people in Brazil since last year. In the past, the Zika Virus existed only in specific regions within Africa. However, it likely has already caused birth defects in numerous Brazilian infants. One baby is thought to have died from Zika Virus related complications. There have also been two adults that appear to have died from the Zika Virus, but Sergio Cortes says this is exceptionally uncommon.

Andy Wirth Rallies For Clean Energy In Op-Ed Piece

Andy Wirth is a man who stands up for what he believes in. In his recent Op-Ed to the Reno Gazette-Journal Andy Wirth stated all of the amazing reasons why clean energy is not only great for the environment but also the economy as well. This is something that has really brought his voice to the forefront of this movement. He has been known for many years as a man who has been able to work hand in hand with clean energy in order to push his business endeavors forward.

Andy Wirth is a man who has found some great success for himself in the world of business. He never lets an obstacle act as a setback. For example in 2013 when he was skydiving he sustained an injury that nearly left him amputated. His arm was sewn back on, but this was just a small part of his life that actually made him a stronger individual. Andy Wirth has worked in the hotel industry for nearly 25 years now and has learned about what it takes to be a great success in this field. This has helped him to created a name in the industry that is well known and respected.

Andrew Wirth has also worked in the field of philanthropy and has had a great contribution to the local community in which he lives. Andy Wirth is now moving forward at a rapid rate to create a great deal of change in the way that energy is used. This is one of his biggest issues for which he is campaigning. It has become apparent to Andy Wirth that there are changes that need to be made and he sees this unique position that he is in to provoke this change. Andy Wirth is dedicated to creating some massive change in the world of energy usage.