Goettl Air Conditioning Gives Back to Community

Goettl Air Conditioning owner, Ken Goodrich, believes that “giving back to those in our community who need help is our obligation” and Ken Goodrich has made good on his word. When septuagenarian Jim Stiller’s air conditioning quit working and a water line burst in his home a few months ago, it was Goodrich’s companies, Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber, that stepped up to help repair Siler’s home.

Before the repairs, Siler was hospitalized several times with health issues caused by the summer heat of Las Vegas. With no running water or a/c in his home, he was forced to endure 115-degree outdoor temperatures to collect a bucket of water for his daily needs. Then he would open the windows of his home in order to bear the oppressive heat.

A recent widow, Siler, couldn’t afford to pay for repairs while living on a fixed income. So employees from Goettl Air Conditioning, along with employees from The Sunny Plumber and members of the Bishop Gorman football team, donated their time and about $8,000 of services and materials. The companies repaired Siler’s plumbing and air conditioning while the Bishop Gorman football teammates, including Goodrich’s 16-year old son, worked to make Siler’s home safer by removing debris and repairing stairs and railings. Now Siler is much more comfortable living in his home.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a heating and air conditioning company servicing the Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California areas. Since 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning has specialized in providing residential and commercial customers with quality HVAC service and installation. Along with their outstanding customer service, Goettle Air Conditioner employees are highly skilled and trained to repair and install air condition and heating as well as improve a home’s air quality and energy efficiency. Goettl Air Conditioning has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.