Skout Making it Easier To Meet People in NYC

New York offers some pretty unique people, and there are always a ton of people everywhere.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not surprisingly difficult to meet someone.  So I was kicking around Twitter, and saw some of my friends talking about Skout.  Perfect, because you can talk to someone before you choose to meet up, and see if you’re actually compatible.  A unique achievement, because it’s more based on personality than things like Tinder, and has Fuse functionality so I can see who I’m talking to at the same time.

When I went looking online one day to find a social website, when I was turned onto Skout. Because I live on my phone, I decided to download the Skout app, which I thought would be easier to use, instead of navigating through the website.

Most people are on social media today, and I think I’m one of the last persons to finally join in! I read great reviews about Skout, so I decided it was time to try to meet someone on there. I thought if I met a friend that would be great, but I was also open to romance. I created an account, which I was able to do fairly quickly, then I decided that I would put up a picture in my profile, even though it was not required. It didn’t make sense to me to have a profile with no picture.

I started playing with the app to figure out how the features worked, and I fell in love with the “shake to talk” feature. Since I didn’t have any particular person in mind that I wanted to meet, it was really nice to shake my phone, and see a new person show up to chat. Sometimes the person who came up was a man, sometimes it was a woman, but we just talked anyways. Whoever I chat with, would just talk about the news, the weather, or anything that came to mind. Chatting was fun, and would take up many hours in my day.

I was able to find a person who was in my general area, but they live in the city that was 20 miles away. We ended up chatting, and after we talked the first time, I added them to my favorites. I was curious if they had done the same with me, and added me to their favorites, but I couldn’t find this out. I found out that by purchasing Skout points, I could check to see who was searching for me, and if this person had added me as a favorite.

I’m glad I purchased the Skout points on my Droid, because I was able to find out that the person did add me as a favorite, and it made me very excited. When I would go to my favorites list, I always chose this person first, and we would talk for hours. We decided to finally meet, and we had a great night on the town. When we got back home, we would sit on Skout and keep talking, sometimes until daylight.  It was obvious that we had a mutual friendship, something that endured and led to spending holidays together, as I’ve read many other users end up doing. Sometimes when I was at work, I would get virtual gifts from this person.

Virtual gifts on Skout are really cool, because they can be purchased with Skout points, and given to anyone I choose. I was glad that this person chose to give a virtual gift to me, because I really admired them. Skout is highly recommended for anyone looking for a friend, or a life partner.

Halo Is Changing

Halo 5: Guardians is set to release in 2015. A beta for the video game is set to drop to the masses on December 29th of 2014. The beta will allow users to play against each other on an early matchmaking build of the game. Halo 5: Gaurdians will be a vast improvement for the franchise. Built for the Xbox One, Halo 5 will have stunning graphics and amazing gameplay.


The developers of Halo 5: Guardians have dedicated their lives to creating the greatest Halo experience yet. Many abilities have been added to the game. Masterchief can now sprint for a limited time. If the player continues to sprint recklessly he will easily be killed. Sprint now causes the player’s energy shield to dissipate. To my friend Ben Shaoul and I, Halo 5 is huge! Hopefully, other hardcore fans of the Halo series will be happy with the game’s new features too.

Wal Mart Scammed into Selling Playstation 4 for Less than 1/4th of the Retail Price

Wal Mart makes items so affordable for customers, that they will even accept third-party Amazon sellers as valid price matching material, and as screen captures, no less. It is likely that they never thought their commitment to providing customers with low prices would come back to bite them in the butt. 

The superstore chain has been selling Playstation 4 for only $90, less than a quarter of the retail price, and not because it was really being sold elsewhere at that price. Buying online from sites like Amazon and Qnet usually results in cheaper products, but when a product that sells for upwards of $350 goes for $90, something must have seemed fishy.

Because Wal Mart accepts prices by third-party sellers for price matching purposes, this allowed someone to simply created a page listing it for sale, which in turn was seen by people who, upon showing it to Wal Mart sales associates, were able to buy it for such a cheap price. 
The fact that Sears listed the Playstation 4 on their website as a $60 item completely by accident did not help Wal Mart any, as anyone finding it on the Sears website during that time could show it to Wal Mart and buy it for only $60.

Perhaps this is the reason that a lot of stores that do price matching do not take third-party sellers through Amazon as valid price matching prices.

Teachers Are Using Minecraft To Help Children Read

One of the biggest difficulties when a child first learns to read, is motivating them to keep reading. Finding unique ways to spark an interest, and help them want to read new material. That’s what Minecraft is doing, with the new line of books that have been released.

Designed in a children’s book format, Minecraft has released several guides that help users understand and play the game. These guides cover everything, from mining, to building, and crafting various materials in the game world.

Minecraft is also remarkably popular with kids. It’s really an all ages simulation, and provides endless opportunities to be creative with your building projects, or just to spend hours exploring a rich world full of different things to explore.

Books like the Minecraft Redstone Handbook, and The Ultimate Players Guide to Minecraft are sparking an interest in children like never before. Providing the perfect venue for teachers to foster that creativity and interest, and inspire them to keep reading.