Guardian of the Citadel

A citadel is a word that evokes an image of strength. Webster’s dictionary defines the word as a fortress that protects or dominates a city. It is no wonder that a self-made man like Ken Griffin named his company after such a structure. Mr. Griffin is the CEO of Citadel LLC, a lucrative hedge fund run out of Chicago. For 2015 he was listed as number 69 on the Forbes 400, which represents a 22 sport jump from the previous year. Impressive, considering how much the company has been rebuilt since the near collapse during the last financial crisis. Mr. Griffin’s company manages over $26 billion dollars and he is considering bringing his company public in 2016, a dream of his that so far has not come to fruition. A father of three, Griffin is an avid supporter of educational causes in Chicago, the idea being that better education drives community improvement. His total contributions to charitable works estimated at $500 million dollars; including an investment with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fund a charter school in Chicago. His personal interest in art and education are apparent through his desire to give such donations to his community. Harvard University, his Alma Mater, also profited from his generosity, receiving the largest single donation that they had received to date. His donation of $150 million dollars was able to significantly help the university in its need for undergraduate financial aid. Politically, Mr. Griffin identifies with the Republican Party. He considers himself as a follower of the Reagan school of economic thought and has donated to candidates that are in line with his political views. Griffin had supported candidates in the past who push for a more limited central government, under the belief that it is better for the country and the working class citizens. In 2012 he supported Mitt Romney’s run for President with donations and a public endorsement. Intelligence and business acumen is something that Griffin has shown since his early college days. His tech savvy personality was successful enough to convince Harvard that he needed a satellite dish on his dormitory roof- as a freshman, all so that he had better access to the stock market quotes of the day. Griffin was also able to lead his company to safety on Black Friday proving he had a true knack for investing wisely. His good fortune on a day when many investors lost big was attributed to his own hedging strategy. Griffin is one of the rare men that has been able to create a multi-billion dollar company and still retain his humility; he remembers his roots. At such a relatively young age Griffin has proven he is a force to be reckoned with in the financial world, as well as a true humanitarian to his neighborhood. His business practices and philanthropic work should be an example to all up and coming business men and women as the standard for what a successful, self-made, American business man should be.