The OSI Group Continues its Global Expansion

OSI Industries is a company that specializes in processing and distributing food worldwide. Despite maintaining its headquarters in Aurora, Chicago, the company has regional offices in other countries in six different continents. The company has its presence in one of the following nations. United States, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, China, and Germany. It also has offices in Brazil, Austria, Australia, and Brazil. The company began with two workers 110 years ago. This has changed as the company has managed to grow into a 20,000 employees company. The company is known for its bonuses and good food packages to its employees.

OSI Group grows through the acquisition of other smaller companies. The latest company to be acquired by the OSI Group is the Hynek Schlachthof Gmmbh of Germany. This deal was concluded on 17th March 2017. This new acquisition is a slaughter business that specializes in beef. This new acquisition is located in Frankfurt area. Like any other acquisition by the OSI Group, the management of this company will be retained as well as their employees. Other businesses that have been acquired by the OSI Group include Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. These are business found in Europe and is seen as a move to expand its global and European expansion. The OSI Group has a habit of signing a confidentiality agreement that hides the financial details of their acquisitions. Visit the site to know more about OSI Group food and catering.

The OSI Group has managed to expand by maintaining top executives at the helm. These are the people who run the day to day operations of the company, and they include Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer and the chairman. The vice chairman and chief operating officer of this company is an individual called David McDonald. Bill Weimer is the chief financial officer of the company. Other notable people within OSI Group include Stefan Chen and Brent Afman.


Beneful: Wholesome Ingredients For Your Dog!

Per serving of Beneful dog treats, they typically have as low as 4 calories or as high as 97.6. The product with the lowest calorie count on the Beneful website, is Beneful Incredibites: Meaty Minis.

They are made with chicken being the first ingredient, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, among other nutritional ingredients. The treat with the highest calorie count are the Healthy Smile Dental Twists (Large), designed to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup in larger dogs. Coupons for Beneful dog treats can be found at: “where you can save $3 on your next Beneful dry food recipe with real meat being the #1 ingredient!” The highest rated dog treat product on the website are the “Baked Delights Snackers,” they have a total of 53 reviews, an average of about 4.8 stars.

They are described as a super-savory, super snackable, oven baked treats with a soft center and made with peanut butter and cheese flavors. And they only have 23.8 calories per piece! For puppies, it is recommended to give them something a little softer until they reach maturity. Costumers would recommend the tender beef Break-N-Bites! Beneful treats are also great for senior dogs, especially the dental treats, which have been proven to help fight tartar buildup. Tartar and bacterial buildup in the mouth is a huge factor for tooth decay and bad breath! The most highly recommended flavor of dog treat is either chicken or beef, both are pretty well tied. The most popular treat on the site are the Break-N-Bites Crunchy: Chicken. They are new and highly rated by customers. Overall, all treats seem to be made with wholesome ingredients that any dog would love!