EOS lip balm is the bomb

EOS lip balm is really great. It smells delicious and leaves my lips super soft. There are so many different flavors. There is honeysuckle, coconut milk, blackberry nectar, lemon twist, vanilla bean, sweet mint, tangerine and fresh grapefruit. Each flavor smells just like the name and the lip balms come in different colors. EOS is a very popular brand now; its organic, petroleum free and has great nutrients for lips. There is jojoba oil as well as shea butter and vitamin E. EOS is so unique because it’s the only mainstream lip balm that is the shape of a circle. But now there is EOS in a stick form, like most lip balms come in.

This lip balm is so smooth and the circle ball it comes in is smooth too. It’s rich in antioxidants and will have your lips feeling great. It’s very rare to find lip balm that’s organic and has this many vitamins, Check this on evolutionofsmooth.de, thats why I love EOS. I can easily say that my favorite flavor is summer fruit. It smells very sweet and leaves my lips nice and moisturized. The best thing about EOS is the stylish container it comes in. There are pink ones, blue ones, teal ones, so many.  Go straight to this related link.

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