The Fantastic Four and Cruel Pathos: James Bell’s The Thing

New images from the Fantastic Four reboot have been released online and they feature promotional images of The Thing. James Bell is the character who plays Ben Grimm/The Thing and he has his work cut out for him. No one has ever really captured the pathos of the comic book hero. The “ever loving blue-eyed Thing” is a truly sympathetic hero. Unlike his fellow team members, he is stuck in the body of the rock-like thing. He can never take on a human image and has to suffer from a feeling of estrangement from the human race.

At times, The Thing does wallow in self-pity. Most of the time, he is a good-natured person who wants to do what he can to help others. This is what makes him such an outstanding hero. People loved The Thing when he debuted in the 1960’s.

The look of The Thing in the Fantastic Four movie definitely looks like the Ben Grimm of old according to Adam Sender. One major difference is the character has become MASSIVE in size. The Thing really, really is huge in these pictures. Perhaps this is being done to put him on the same physical level as his old nemesis The Incredible Hulk.

One negative aspect to the look of The Thing is he is sort of menacing. The menacing look somewhat takes away from his ability to appear sympathetic. Of course, we are only looking at still images here. How the character is portrayed on screen could be different.