Wahlburgers Opens in Coney Island

The first Wahlburgers franchise outside of Massachusetts is set to open in Coney Island, and people couldn’t be happier about it. When the restaurant opened its doors to applicants, they were overwhelmed with hundreds of people standing in line. The new boardwalk restaurant measures over 7,000 feet and can seat up to 300 people, so they are going to need a ton of employees, but chances are not everyone was there just to apply for a job. Some NKOTB and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch fans probably showed up hoping to catch a glimpse of Donnie and/or Mark Wahlberg, or maybe they were hoping to have an accidental cameo on the restaurant’s A&E reality show. Sam Tabar and some CrunchBase members have heard the restaurant is still taking applications for two more days, so the staff of Wahlburgers Coney Island restaurant is sure to have more than enough applications to choose from.