How Beauty Company Evolution of Smooth Was Able To Win Over Millennials

Is it possible to build a modern beauty company by making young people your target customers and by marketing to them by mostly eschewing traditional advertising methods like print ads in magazines or large advertising campaigns repeatedly broadcast on television? If you ask the founders of the relatively young beauty company Evolution of Smooth, then you will find that the answer to that question is yes. Nearly ten years ago Evolution of Smooth developed a product that made waves in the world of drugstore beauty. The company sought out the insight of female customers and an artist as it decided to embark on a quest to revolutionize the way that the industry and consumers thought about lip care products. For the visionaries behind Evolution of Smooth ( the phrase “short plastic tube” was not necessarily synonymous with the word lip balm.

Through efforts to elevate the everyday experience of using lip balm the company’s founders were able to develop a lip care product that looked more like a futuristic toy than lip balm and as such won over an avid consumer base that has helped EOS lip balm organic smooth spheres to become the number two lip balm in the country after Burt’s Bees. That is not bad for a brand that got it’s start just a mere eight years ago.

While the product’s design helped it to become a staple in the purses and pockets of many female consumers across the country, Evolution of Smooth has used 21st century marketing methods to help the lip balm carve out even more space in the lip care market where young female consumers are concerned. In order to make inroads with female millennial consumers by connecting with bloggers whose platforms were focused on beauty. That outreach resulted in Amazon reviews of their products that were posted in social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They tapped celebrities like Miley Cyrus and were able to have their lip balm product placed ubiquitously throughout the singer’s video for her single “We Can’t Stop.”