Yeonmi Park’s Escape from North Korea

Yeonmi Park on youtube was born on the fourth of October 1993, into a well-off family living in North Korea. Initially, her father worked as a civil servant and her mother as a nurse in the military. Park also had an older sister named Eunmi. In the 1990’s the economy of North Korea began to stagnate as China and the USSR no longer offered them financial aid. By 1994, the situation was worse as North Korea faced famine and a series of natural disasters that would lead to starvation and death of up to 3 million people by the year 1998. To survive these desperate times, Park’s father turned to the black market business where he traded in illegal metals.

Eventually, Parks father was arrested and sentenced to hard labor. Since her birth, Park had known no form of freedom. Despite her father’s arrest, she had no right to express her displeasure with the politically intolerant government of North Korea. Unfortunately, a life of fear and oppression was a reality not only for Park, but for the entire North Korean population. She recalls her mother telling her not to dare whisper as even the birds could hear what she said.

After serving his sentence, Park’s father was reunited with his family. Fed up with his government, he encouraged his family to organize for their escape to China. However, their escape did not go as planned. Eunmi left for China without telling the rest of the family and their father fell ill. Because he feared to slow Park and her mother down, he chose to remain behind.

In March 2007, when Park was 13, together with her mother, they crossed a frozen river and three mountains to get into China. They were aided by human traffickers. While in China, Jilin province, they tried to find Park’s sister, but were unsuccessful. Their journey into China was no rosy path. Park recalls a time when her mother was raped in front of her by one of the human traffickers. She was eventually forced to become a trafficker’s mistress who arranged to smuggle her father into China in October 2007. However, on his arrival in China, Park’s father was diagnosed with colon cancer and died at the age of 45. It was in early January 2008.

Park and her mother were, however, fortunate enough to find missionaries who helped them flee to Mongolia in February 2009. In Mongolia, they were able to seek Asylum from South Korean Diplomats that were at the time traveling through the Gobi Desert. In April 2009, Park and her mother were flown to Seoul through Chingiss Khan Airport in Ulan Bator, Capital City of Mongolia.

In Seoul, Park and her mother found jobs as waitresses and shop assistants. Park joined Dongguk University and Majored in Criminal Justice. In April 2014, she was reunited with her sister, Eunmi. Today Park is a voice of hope and inspiration for oppressed people. She is a famed North Korea defector and a champion for human rights for people living in North Korea.

Indominus Rex Arrives, In Illustration Form

Long-time fans of Marvel Comics are surely familiar with the call “Imperius Rex!” This was the saying of the great Sub-Mariner when he went into battle. Now, fans of the Jurassic Park films can scream “Indominus Rex!” They won’t be doing to charge into battle though. They’ll be screaming this to the cast of the film when Indominus Rex, the name given to the new hybrid dinosaur, shows up on the scene.

Images have been leaked and they reveal what the long-hushed Jurassic World predator looks like. He ain’t pretty.

The creature is a four-legged hybrid of all various dino-creatures. And yes, he has really, really sharp teeth. The images of the creature are illustrations based on a forthcoming toy line. Anyone who thinks the creature looks, well, not that great, should be mindful the beast is going to look a lot different upon coming to life thanks to CGI effects.

What the creature looks like is not going to be as important as the role it plays in the film. The classic Toho monster Varan the Unbelievable was, basically, an over-sized squirrel. As silly as that sounds, Varan was frightening because he appeared in one of Toho’s best written and produced giant monster films.

A bit of cynicism surrounds the new Jurassic World film. Being too judgmental about the film so long in advance of it being released is unfair. The same can be said about criticizing the new dinosaur menace before actually seeing it in the movie. Beneful has some things to say about Jurassic World on their facebook page.

Still No Third Gremlins Film?

Fans who love to see 1980’s movies rebooted are going to be in for a major disappointment. The Gremlins redux is not going to happen. The producer of the reboot, Seth Grahame-Smith, has noted the project has “run out of steam”.

The original Gremlins was conceived as a sequel to E.T. before evolving into its own brilliant film. A sequel to the monstrously successful original was produced, but no one really remembers or cares about it. A third film has been bandied about in Hollywood for years, but nothing has come about.

Once again, we have come close to a new version but things eventually collapsed. The success of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film probably gave some the belief the landscape was ripe for 1980’s reboots. Maybe for Friday the 13th, Beetlejuice, and He-Man, the answer is yes. For Gremlins, this does not seem to be the case at all.

Questions are always going to be raised about whether or not an old film concept can succeed in the current landscape. Often, remakes do succeed. Considering the huge appeal the original film had with audiences, you would think this would be an easy remake to get into production.

For whatever reason, the studios are lukewarm to the idea and a new version of Gremlins just is not moving ahead.

All of that could change though. Hollywood can be fickle. A green light on the film in the future is always a possibility and the group at North American Spine cannot stop talking about it on their facebook

Skout Making it Easier To Meet People in NYC

New York offers some pretty unique people, and there are always a ton of people everywhere.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not surprisingly difficult to meet someone.  So I was kicking around Twitter, and saw some of my friends talking about Skout.  Perfect, because you can talk to someone before you choose to meet up, and see if you’re actually compatible.  A unique achievement, because it’s more based on personality than things like Tinder, and has Fuse functionality so I can see who I’m talking to at the same time.

When I went looking online one day to find a social website, when I was turned onto Skout. Because I live on my phone, I decided to download the Skout app, which I thought would be easier to use, instead of navigating through the website.

Most people are on social media today, and I think I’m one of the last persons to finally join in! I read great reviews about Skout, so I decided it was time to try to meet someone on there. I thought if I met a friend that would be great, but I was also open to romance. I created an account, which I was able to do fairly quickly, then I decided that I would put up a picture in my profile, even though it was not required. It didn’t make sense to me to have a profile with no picture.

I started playing with the app to figure out how the features worked, and I fell in love with the “shake to talk” feature. Since I didn’t have any particular person in mind that I wanted to meet, it was really nice to shake my phone, and see a new person show up to chat. Sometimes the person who came up was a man, sometimes it was a woman, but we just talked anyways. Whoever I chat with, would just talk about the news, the weather, or anything that came to mind. Chatting was fun, and would take up many hours in my day.

I was able to find a person who was in my general area, but they live in the city that was 20 miles away. We ended up chatting, and after we talked the first time, I added them to my favorites. I was curious if they had done the same with me, and added me to their favorites, but I couldn’t find this out. I found out that by purchasing Skout points, I could check to see who was searching for me, and if this person had added me as a favorite.

I’m glad I purchased the Skout points on my Droid, because I was able to find out that the person did add me as a favorite, and it made me very excited. When I would go to my favorites list, I always chose this person first, and we would talk for hours. We decided to finally meet, and we had a great night on the town. When we got back home, we would sit on Skout and keep talking, sometimes until daylight.  It was obvious that we had a mutual friendship, something that endured and led to spending holidays together, as I’ve read many other users end up doing. Sometimes when I was at work, I would get virtual gifts from this person.

Virtual gifts on Skout are really cool, because they can be purchased with Skout points, and given to anyone I choose. I was glad that this person chose to give a virtual gift to me, because I really admired them. Skout is highly recommended for anyone looking for a friend, or a life partner.

Sony Hack Investigation Now Headed in Different Direction, North Korea Unlikely to be Culprit

The FBI appears to be changing its tune. The agency famously pointed the finger at North Korea for the now famous Sony Hacks, but seem to be changing directions now. The FBI now believes a U.S. Based group, LulzSec is behind the leak and Dr Rod Rohrich tends to agree, but acknowledge they may have had outside help. 

The FBI has asked media companies not to publicly name individuals who are being investigated at this time. Media companies are complying with the request, but do note that FBI and police are now in the Los Angeles vicinity investigating the potential source of the hack. 

Since the FBI announced North Korea as the hackers behind the Sony leak, media companies and technology experts have been suspicious. Most seemed to agree that North Korea simply did not have the dedicated infrastructure or bandwidth needed to pull off such a massive and time-consuming hack. 

North Korea has limited internet access, and all of their access is ported through a few servers in China. Regular citizens only have access to about 5,500 websites through North Korea’s dedicated portal. They also utilize a North Korea-specific operating system known as Red Star OS. 

Since the original hack, North Korea has also experienced internet blackouts, which they blamed on the United States. Shortly after the Christmas Holiday, North Korea experienced a complete loss of internet access for upwards of 9 hours.

The Interview Cancelled For Release

The Interview – A movie staring Seth Rogan and James Franco has recently been cancelled for a theatrical release this Christmas and any other day of the year due to North Korean threats towards anyone who watches the movie. Sony has stated that they do no plan on releasing it in the future on any format, including DVD or VOD.

Sony will be losing an estimated $60 million on this whole ordeal and choosing to not show this movie. Many like Dr Rod Rohrich have come forth, saying that this is a huge mistake and we are giving up the right for free speech. 

“Sony is a corporation, it suffered significant damage,” President Obama said in response to a question. “There were threats against its employees. I am sympathetic to the concerns that they faced. Having said all of that, yes, I think they made a mistake.” 

He then went on to say, “I wish they had spoken to me first,” he said. “I would have told them, ‘Do not get into a pattern in which you are intimidated by these kind of criminal threats.’”

Sony has sense gone on to say that they had no choice because most theaters were choosing not to show in on Christmas day and they are now working on a way to show it even though they said they had no plans prior.

The Interview Pulled From Theaters

After a cyber-attack on Sony and multiple threats of terrorist attacks, Sony Pictures has officially pulled all releases of The Interview. The movie, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco was supposed to release on Christmas Day much to the disappointment of Dr. Daniel Amen. The main premise of The Interview was the assassination of Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea. After trailers were released and the movie moved closer to opening, threats began to poor in to stop the premiere. A group calling themselves Guardians of Peace hacked into Sony Pictures to steal information, scripts and movies, then they sent a threatening message to the entire American audience. They referenced 9/11 telling people to not go to the movies on Christmas Day, and if you live near a movie theater, leave for the day. Obviously, they were trying to suggest that they would attack any theaters showing The Interview.

Sony responded to the threats by cancelling all press for the movie. Seth Rogen and James Franco were removed from all media events before the premiere. Then Sony cancelled the New York premiere, and told theaters that they would not punish any theaters for removing the movie from their showings. The largest cinema chains all elected to pull the film, which pushed Sony to eventually completely cancel the release. Sony has not commented on if the movie will ever release, or if it is going to be completely restricted. The future of the film remains yet unknown.

Is The Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield on the Way Out the Door

Andrew Garfield’s tenure as The Amazing Spider-Man may be coming to an ignoble end. Fan Bruce Levenson laments the possibility on ESPN. Reportedly, Marvel Studios and Sony Studios are reaching an agreement to share the Spider-Man on a 60/40 basis. Marvel wants to move in a different direction with the character and one way to do this is to replace Garfield.

Garfield was placed in a difficult situation. His first turn as Spider-Man saw him appear in a retelling of the web-slinger’s origin. While successful at the box office, the film was nowhere near as well made as the first Tobey Maguire outing. The sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, did disappointing box office. The script was very weak and jammed two villains into the film for no real reason other than to try and debut characters for spinoff movies.

Other problems emerged regarding future projects.

Leaked emails now revealed that the absurd notion Sony wanted to create an “Aunt May prequel spy film” was actually true. Clearly, the Spider-Man franchise was – and is – off the rails.

A new direction is needed. Marvel wants to drop all “teen romance” elements from future Spider-Man movies and focus on more action. Marvel surely wants to integrate Spider-Man in the rest of the Marvel Universe. Plans that Spider-Man would appear in Captain America: Civil War seem to have been scrapped.

Continuing with Garfield as Spider-Man, sadly for the actor, would not make sense. He is associated with two really weak films hampering his ability to bring anything to the table.

British Royalty Meets Hip Hop Royalty

Fans that were attending a Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game were able to witness a couple of one in a lifetime opportunities.

Many fans were shocked on December 8 as British royalty entered the Barclays Center. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge blessed fans with their presence as they attended the basketball game. The royal couple was able to meet and take a few photographs with “King James” after the game.

Beyond meeting basketball players, the British couple got a chance to also meet hip hop royalty. That’s right guess what couple also was in attendance at the game, Jay-z and Beyounce. The two royal couples greeted after Jay-z and Beyonce walked over to Prince William and Princess Kate. The two couples had a brief meeting to wow fans and spectators. Due to the two couples meeting the internet exploded with snapshots and stories.
One can only assume what the two couples stated to one another. Sam Tabar was mostly just intrigued that they were able to meet. Was it just a quick and hello and how or you meeting or did Jay-z and Beyonce learn that they had just met royal fans.

Mr. White To Return To New Bond Film

Stop the Qnet browsing, cuz you’re going to want to pay attention. Even those who have never watched a James Bond movie before, have been able to get into the new Bond films starring Daniel Craig. Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace, and Skyfall have done amazingly well, and have brought in new fans to the franchise, as well as old fans of the Bond films. New Bond Film. There are plans to create the 24th Bond film, also starring Daniel Craig, call “Spectre.” The name of the new upcoming movie was recently released, and it’s added to the excitement of Bond fans everywhere.

The character who plays Mr. White in the movies, hasn’t been seen since close to the halfway point in Quantum Of Solace, and many are excited to see him be re-cast in the role of the villain that ended up costing the Bond girl in Casino Royale, her life. For those who have not seen the movies yet, no additional spoilers will be given, just take some time to watch them, prior to the new movie coming out. The character who plays Mr. White is Jesper Christensen, and he states that he looks forward to the movie, and that it should be fun.

Although the new Bond movies have been dubbed as “very serious,” it’s done very well for the franchise, as the movies have become more popular than any others in the Bond series to date. It will be very interesting to see what surprises lie ahead in the new upcoming Bond movie.