More Companies Are Discovering the Benefits of Coworking Space


More and more companies and freelancers are turning towards coworking spaces as their preferred work environment. In fact, larger corporations are starting to recognize the several benefits that come with this alternative. First and foremost, these spaces are much cheaper than traditional, private offices. This works to greatly reduce the operating cost of any company, allowing them to become more lucrative in the long run. Freelancers and small start-ups especially like this feature as they may not need as much operating space as traditionally larger companies. Besides monetary benefits, these coworking spaces have also been shown to increase productivity and efficiency within employees. At a normal work environment, it can be easy for workers to feel disenfranchised and pressured. While working at a shared office space, individuals find that the atmosphere is more collaborative and helps to boost creativity and productivity. Working in a space with so many like-minded individuals is a great boost to a worker’s morale that will benefit the quality of the work output.


New York City is perhaps the most sought after area for business real estate and naturally one of the hardest to find available space. Workville NYC is a company offering shared office spaces to help small business, freelancers and larger corporations alike take advantage of the many benefits that come with this option. Depending on the specific needs of the individual or company, Workville offers open desks, shared offices as well as move-in ready offices. Situated in a prime location at 1412 Broadway, major transportation centers are not far away. Time Square and Bryant Park are also not a far trip from Workville’s centrally located offices.


Located on the 21st floor, Workville’s luxurious office spaces get a sufficient amount of sunlight during the day making for a warm and welcoming environment. Another treat offered are three balconies with gorgeous views overlooking the city. Those workers who enjoy a bit of mobility can take their work outside with them, into the lounge or cafe as well as their offices. The fast Wi-Fi reaches all areas of the office space allowing employees to operate from where they please. Some other key services offered by Workville include printers, private phones, mail service, daily cleaning and even free coffee.