Finding the perfect London vacation rental doesn’t have to be a struggle


London is a great place to visit. The international city is filled with history and exciting attractions that any tourist would enjoy. When traveling to London, there are few big attractions that are must-sees such as, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. When a tourist is looking to travel to London, the first they want to find is a place to stay. Looking for a place to stay in London can be challenging, especially if its the first time a person is traveling to that city. When finding a place and making a reservation, there are a few things that should be thought of.


A hostel is a great option in London because it can be cost-effective and interesting. Hostels are basically room share places that allow tourists to interact and communicate with other tourists. Many of the hostels in London are located near by some of the best tourist attractions. They are also located nearby some of the best restaurants and snack hubs in the city. When booking a stay at a London hostel, travelers must consider safety. Safety should be of the utmost importance when booking a stay at a hostel. Even though it can be fun to interact with others, it can also be unsafe if the wrong hostel is picked. Reviews by other travelers can help tourists find a safe hostel in London.

World Escape

WorldEscape London is a travel website that allows travelers to find London vacation rentals. WorldEscape gives travelers all the information they need to make the right decision about where to stay in London. On World Escape, travelers will see photos of the hotels, as well as reviews by other tourists. World Escape is a family run business and in addition to having the website, they have employees on the ground helping tourists find exceptional places to stay in London.