Securus Technologies Video Visitations Are A Hit

Securus Technologies created the video visitations for prisoners to be able to see their loved ones during the holidays. They will also be able to watch them open presents, and hear what they are saying. In this way, they can be a part of the holiday too, bringing cheer to the corrective facilities that they are housed in. Securus Technologies is putting commercials out for the month of December in order for people to understand how important these video visitations are, and how they create a safer environment for everyone in the facilities.


When the visitor can be seen and heard on the visitor, it saves the money and time because they don’t have to come to the jail to see their loved one. It also saves the facility money. Everyone wins, and the facility is much safer for everyone involved. The company hopes that the public will understand this better when they see the commercials that are coming up in the next couple of days.


The company, Securus Technologies is the leader in its industry. They work diligently to make the world a safer place for everyone. The company is sought out for work by many business owners and the government too. They use technology, like videos, investigations and incident reports when they deal with over a million prisoners every year. Their workers are dedicated to their missions, and they work hard at completing any job that is given to them. In the future, the company will continue to create even better technology on a weekly basis that will keep the public safe. They work with the civil and criminal sides of justice to make the people safer.



ClassDojo: A New and Innovative Tool of Learning

They were developed due to the need to eradicate the fear of the learning system by students. Through it, students can look at learning as something they can conquer. This is the type of ideology that most teachers would want to associate with. It makes learning much exciting for the learner and easier on the side of the teacher to pass knowledge. But, since the research is not well developed it will take a considerable amount of time for teachers to be able to weave a growth ideology on the learners.

In consideration of the above, Stanford`s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) Center is teaming up with classDojo to help come up with resources that will aid in giving students a growth mindset they are doing this through a series of those classDojo animated characters that most learners can relate with. The research is trying to correlate what the students are learning plus how such changes after using the video.

Ideologically classDojo was a tool for behavior management; teachers could award learners points if they behaved well or demonstrated a new skill. Through various innovations, it is now possible for teachers to share videos, photos and also text messages with parents on how their children are faring on at school. Due to such innovations classDojo has become teachers’ favorite with half of all U.S. schools using it and other 180 countries across the globe.

The growth in popularity of classDojo has brought great excitement to Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) executive director Dave Paunesku. His team has mad the collaboration to ascertain how well classDojo works. This is done by analyzing the reaction of those teachers and learners who use the tool before and after they started using it.

The idea is not to just basically analyze how the video influences growth on learning PERTS is going an extra mile to ascertain the individual ability of a teacher to influence growth on a learner; this is done in order come up with the most effective tool that will be effective for growth in learners. They will look at what the teacher does and how what he/she changes as a result of incorporating the video. This research will also be able to ascertain the workability of classDojo.

classDojo has produced five additional videos that are readily available to learners and teachers freely. PERTS hopes to release the data of their research by March.


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