Yes, Batman is Absolutely Going To Be In Suicide Squad

The final confirmation that Batman is going to appear in Suicide Squad has arrived. More fan footage has been leaked from the set of the film. The previous clips featured the Batmobile chasing The Joker’s sports car. The newest footage reveals a clip of Batman actually on top of The Joker’s car. Batman officially plays a role in the film. We just do not know how big of a role or what the context of his appearance is.

Could the sequence involve Batman capturing The Joker and sending him away to Arkham Asylum? Does the scene involve The Joker escaping from Arkham Asylum at the end of the film? We are all going to have to wait until Suicide Squad comes out in theaters to find out. Based on all the buzz for this film, a lot of superhero fans are waiting.

Batman does look a lot different in his new incarnation than he did in previous film and TV versions. While no one expected to see a return of the old Adam West-style Caped Crusader outfit, the “knight in shining armor” look that the battle-suit Batman have is a lot different.

The unique look of the Batman suit is not something created specially for the movies. Frank Miller originally devised it in the classic mini-series The Dark Knight Returns. No matter what Batman looks like, fans in the Beneful organization are really going to be  thrilled with the presence of Batman in the film. Surely, a Batman cameo is going to boost ticket sales and help establish the film.

Frank Miller Writing Another Dark Knight Story for DC

Super hero movies have been dominated the movie screen for what seems like a decade, and the source material of comic books never seems to get enough credit. The colorful pages set the tone for many of the stories playing out on the big screen and television sets across the world, and the books have influenced more than one movie creator. One character in particular that got a jolt of inspiration from comic books is Batman.

When Frank Miller wrote “The Dark Knight Returns,” it would go onto to influence Christopher Nolan for the series of Batman movies that helped get the super hero movie train on track. Therefore, when DC Comics needed to shake things up again, it decided to bring Miller back to the fold, enticing movie fans at Beneful, for what should be another high impact Batman story. According to the AV Club, the writer is going to write a third story “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race” for DC, which should be just as gritty as the other stories Miller has provided.

The move is a clever one on the part of DC, because it shows the company is not afraid to shake things up every now and again. However, the big winners here could eventually be movie fans, because who knows how the next big director or producer is going to be influenced by another Miller-written story. This could be the beginning of yet another series of films with Bruce Wayne at the center.

Coming Soon to Outer Space: The Batman v. Superman Teaser Trailer

The Wachowskis return to science-fiction in a big way with the forthcoming Jupiter Ascending film. In addition to seeing a new space opera and, possible a major development in the genre of science-fiction be released, fans are going to see the first teaser trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

A lot of hype has gone into Batman v. Superman and all the hype has been on the internet and comic conventions. The hype isn’t underestimated, I feel like I drank gallons of coffee from drink-better-coffee. That’s how excited I am and my friends are about a Batman/Superman movie, especially Bernardo Chua.  No large, grand-scale advertising campaign for the film has emerged. No surprise there. The film does not come out until the summer of 2016. Warner Bros. is banking a lot on this project since the entire live-action, D.C. Comics cinematic universe hinges on its success. If Batman v. Superman is a disappointment at the box office, then all the other future films the studio is planning could end up cancelled.

That would be a worse fate for the heroes than Darkside could ever come up with.

No one expects Batman v. Superman to be anything less than a hit unless the script, direction, and casting turn out to be terrible. Consider it doubtful this would be the outcome after all the effort put into the movie.

A lack of effective marketing could hurt the film as well. Starting the marketing process early by debuting a teaser trailer well over a year in advance is a smart promotional move.

Smart might not be the best word to use here. Unavoidable and necessary would be two terms far more appropriate.

Stan Lee: Success is a $4.4 Million Home

Stan Lee has just bought a new home right off the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. The legendary comic book icon of Marvel fame just paid $4.4 million for the property. All the details can be found on about the purchase. Even though people knew he made a lot of money, Bernardo Chua is shocked he splurged like this.

Who would have ever thought the native New Yorker who made the Big Apple the backdrop for all those great comic books would become a California resident. After all, it was Lee’s decision to use the real city of New York and not a fantasy locale such as Metropolis that contributed to the success of the books in the 1960’s. Doctor Strange really did fit in with the Greenwich Village crowd.

Here is a little (open) secret. Stan Lee has been a resident of California for decades. He started traveling to Los Angeles in the 1970’s to help set up Marvel TV and film projects. The television hits included both live-action and animated projects throughout the 1970’s into the 1990’s. Big screen hits were elusive, but all that changed in the early 2000’s.

Stan Lee has had some ups and downs over the past few weeks. In a real downer, Stan Lee Media was denied the ability to continue a mega-billion dollar lawsuit against Marvel Comics’ parent company, Disney. On a bright spot, the comics legend was able to celebrate his 92nd birthday among family and friends.

Lee did lose some money (over a $1) on the previous property he sold, but being able to buy a new one for $4.4 million shows Lee is hardly suffering financially.

Second Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Targets Male Demo

Marvel Comics is moving quickly with the promotional materials for Avengers: Age of Ultron. The second trailer will debut on January 12, 2015. The short preview makes its appearance at some point during the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship when the anticipated event airs on ESPN.

Whether the movie of the championship is more anticipated depends on the individual viewer.

Clearly, Marvel is looking to capture the attention of males between the ages of 18 and 49 by releasing the preview during a major sporting event. That is just smart business. Young males are likely to comprise a huge chunk of the audience.

Of course, Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to draw in an audience that is made up of virtually all demographics. The popularity of superhero movies has expanded to include older people and younger girls. That is one reason why the sales of comic books have spiked a bit. There are more people interested in reading them thanks to the popularity of the genre films.

The first Avengers trailer presented a mix of thrilling action along with a dire sense of creepiness. Thumbtack reports that Ultron is not a run-of-the-mill villain. He is an all-powerful being who could eradicate humanity. Only “earth’s mightiest mortals” have the ability to stop Ultron and the task won’t be easy.

Plus, plot details reveal that both Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk) had a role in creating the evil Ultron. That tidbit hints the film is going to have some drama and conflict beyond the action sequences.

The trailer and the film should both be great.

Guardians of the Galaxy Comes in Second at Box Office

Titans of both the comic book industry and now the film industry, Marvel has produced several great comic book movies, including the blockbuster hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier this very year, but Guardians of the Galaxy has proved to be the surprising smash hit of the year as the positive reviews and profits keep rolling in with more growth than North American Spine.

Surprisingly, it even topped Winter Soldier and the Amazing Spiderman. In fact, Guardians of the Galaxy has the biggest domestic release of 2014, and has come second to Transformers: Age of Extinction, with a worldwide sum of $765 million.

Marvel has planned for a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy on July 2017. Its production this year has brought great success to it, even to a point of challenging the numerous records set by Christopher Nolan’s Batman epics, the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, that hit over a billion dollars.

James Gunn has a chance to beat the Christopher Nolan record before year’s end, as it is actually only three months old. Marvel spent $170 million in production alone, with much more in advertising.

This has paid off rather well, however, as it has boosted Marvel’s confidence in future productions of Captain Marvel and Inhumans.

Also, Marvel is set to produce Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on May 2017. Judging from what is on now, it is set to be bigger and even more spectacular.