Omar Boraie Contributed to the Medical Field

In order to enhance the field of precision medicine and to promote its importance, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established within Rutgers University.

According to Newswise, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was founded, program which is also part of Rutgers University’s chair challenge. The business magnate, philanthropist and financial expert Boraie, also as an incentive, will donate over $1.5 million in order to support the academic program. Endowed chairs are known in the world of academia for their importance. According to NJ Biz, thanks to endowed chairs, universities can support and improve academic disciplines. The Omar Boraie is also part of 18 programs. Such programs were possible because of a donation of more than $50 million on behalf of an anonymous donor.

Genomic science has throughout the years been influencing medical doctors and scientists. In fact according to, precision medicine is quite new. In the case of cancer, precision medicine allows oncologists to treat tumors on a genetic level. It is about utilizing a tailored approach. Many medical professionals throughout the United States have opted for precision medicine and particularly next-generation gene sequencing. However, Rutgers Cancer Institute was the first of its kind in New Jersey and the first to treat cancerous tumors through methods involving genomic sequencing. According to Boraie, Rutgers Cancer Institute has made radical improvements in the field of cancer research. Individuals with rare or hard-to-treat cancers, for instance, have been benefiting from precision medicine. Boraie,, who also has a rigorous background in chemistry, hopes that other affluent individuals will also contribute to this type of cancer research in the future. The businessman also hopes that people from around the world will also benefit from precision medicine.

Robert S. DiPaola, the director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, is thankful of Boraie’s contribution. His monetary donation will bring lasting benefits in the field of cancer research. The physician, scientist, researcher, director, and professor Shridar Ganesan was named for the prestigious chair. Dr. Ganesan, who also came from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, is honored by the nomination. According to Ganesan, conventional treatments for cancer are not that effective. Cancer is more of an accumulation of diseases and precision medicine can provide more efficient tailored therapies. Boraie’s contributions will provide benefits to the field of genetics and bring new understandings of cancer biology.