You’ll Love These Videos If You’re Into Charity

Jon Urbana has a natural eye for color and interesting composition, as evidenced by hundreds of blog photos of some of the web’s most beautiful food shots, and a video below featuring his artwork where he juxtaposes statues with urban nights, creating thought provoking photos.

He also believes in using his business skills to benefit charity, as he has created a donation page for Earth Force, a non-profit organization that helps youth become in tune with the importance of caring for the environment. You can find out more at about how to give to this worthy cause.

Jon Urbana is no stranger to outdoor sports, as a former lacrosse star player for the Villanova Wildcats and later as a coach. He is sharing his love of sports through his Next Level Lacrosse Camp, that has brought the joy of playing in the outdoors to many children in hopes of preparing them to compete for scholarships at Queens College, as well as to encourage them to be environmentally aware. You can find out more about his Next Level lacrosse camp at and on In his spare time, Jon also enjoys dabbling in electronic music, using his unique creativity to blend sounds.

In addition to his photography, videography, musical style and sports talents, Mr. Urbana is also a businessman, as he is co-founder of Ellipse USA, a company that produces aesthetic IPL and laser solutions.

With all of his interests and activities, it is hard to believe he finds time to make music, coach youngsters at his lacrosse camp, produce mesmerizing photos and videos and run a company. He is truly a modern day Renaissance man.