James Dondero Discusses Investment Strategy

Highland Capital co founder James Dondero has recently talked about his investment strategy. As a finance professional, James believes that his strengths are evaluating debt deals, seeking turnaround opportunities and also staying on top of the latest trends in the financial industry. When it comes to evaluating debt deals, Dondero looks to invest in debt securities that will be highly profitable both in the short term and the long run. He regularly looks for debt securities that have potential to yield high returns and result in making substantial earnings on a regular basis. As well as evaluating debt deals, James also looks for deals that can result in a financial turnaround. This includes finding securities that may be going down in value now, but will likely begin rising in the near future. Another part of Dondero’s successful philosophy is keeping track of the most recent events that are taking place in the financial sector. With this philosophy, Dondero has been able to make his company Highland Capital one of the best in the industry.


James Dondero is the current co founder of Highland Capital Management. This firm he co founded has been in existence since the early 1990’s and has been able to establish itself as one of the top firms in the industry. After working in the finance industry for a number of years, James co founded his own company with Mark Okada. He looked to start a life insurance company and quickly built it into one of the leading firms providing life insurance. After a few years, Dondero wanted to expand the firm and make it a more well rounded financial services company. Over the next several years, James began introducing new services such as financial advisory, wealth management and asset management.


At the very beginning of his career, James worked for finance firms as a credit analyst. At this position, he would analyze credit and debt based securities and find out about their benefits and potential. Over the next few years, James Dondero would steadily advance to higher positions with more responsibility. These positions would also introduce him to more aspects of the finance industry as well. James Dondero’s employment career peaked when he attained the position of chief investment officer. At this position, James would oversee asset funds of over one billion dollars for major corporations such as American Express.



JustFab: online shopping company

Don Ressler is an American brand builder and entrepreneur. His first company was FitnessHeaven.com. As a result of his endeavors, Don was able to make over 1 billion USD in sales. He also raised over 100 million USD as capital that he would use to start internet companies. He later sold his company to Intermix Media in 2001. It was here where he met Adam Goldenberg, who was the company’s CEO and became very good friends.

When News Corporation got Intermix Media in 2005, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to start a company of their own, and in the year 2006, they founded Intelligent Beauty, an incubator platform for e-commerce brands. After establishing several beauty and health brands as the market leaders, they began to think of a new type of personalized online shopping experience.

Intelligent Beauty grew very fast, and in 2010 JustFab, currently TechStyle Fashion Group was founded. Don and Adam became the company’s Co-CEOS. TechStyle is an online fashion company on Crunchbase that carries a wide selection of handbags, jewelry, denim, and shoes. It offers an individualized shopping experience as per the members’ fashion preference. It is the mother of 4other online subscription retailer brands including FabKids, JustFab, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. Don Ressler established the company’s headquarters in El Segundo, CA because the environment was fun and centrally located.

In the year 2011, TechStyle Company, then JustFab, received a sum of 33 million USD from Matrix Partners, the United States venture capital enterprise. It later got an additional 76 million USD from Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover Ventures and
extended its services internationally to Germany, UK, Canada, and later to France and Spain.

In 2013, TechStyle acquired three fashion subscription companies namely; FabKids, a children’s fashion company in January, Fabletics, an athletic wear online retailer in July, and ShoeDazzle, an online shoe subscription in August at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/for-intelligent-beautys-a_n_1624707.html. The three companies have no association with TechStyle, hence operate as separate entities. Fabletics was the fastest growing brand of TechStyle as per 2015.

The company received its third and fourth funding round of 40 million USD and 85 million USD in 2013 and 2014 respectively. With a total capitalization of 250 million USD, the company sped up its steady-fast international growth and added new categories of products.

TechStyle’s membership costs 39.95 USD per month. The members are required to fill a fashion preference survey during the process of registration on Pando. By end 2011, the company had reached 5 million members. This number has grown to over 15 million.Don Ressler established its headquarters in El Segundo, CA because the environment was fun and centrally located.

Fabletics Uses Reverse Showroom Techniques To Improve Sales

Fabletics, one of the nation’s leading fashion warehouses for the development of athletic and leisure clothing, has recently been discussed in a respected business magazine for the company’s proven ability to use reverse showroom techniques to improve company sales. Because the showroom technique, a process which involves consumers visiting multiple online stores to research a product with the intention of purchasing the product at a cheaper rate through an online company, was originally thought to diminish the sales of brick-and-mortar companies, many business experts were surprised that the new Fabletics brick-and-mortar stores were successful during their initial launch. According to representatives from Fabletics, the company has been successful in implementing reverse showroom techniques because of the early establishment of an online shopping website and the website’s ability to create substantial relationships and brand loyalty with consumers.

Early Establishment of Online Shopping Website
Representatives from Fabletics recently stated that the development of an online shopping website has helped to establish a reputable customer base for brick-and-mortar companies. According to data collected from the company’s physical locations, nearly 60 percent of customers who visit the stores have already paid for membership to the online shopping center and 20 percent of customers who are not members apply for membership at the physical locations. The company’s online presence has created a massive reverse-showroom effect that has caused the Fabletics physical locations to become largely successful.

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Kate Hudson Gushes Over Athletic Line Fabletics

Website’s Ability to Create Substantial Relationships
Fabletics representatives also discussed the online store’s ability to create substantial relationships between the company’s brand and its loyal customers. Through the continued use of the website, customers are able to build a reputable regard for Fabletics’ carefully designed athletic and leisure wear. Customers are now familiar with the quality with which the clothing is made and are more likely to shop in the physical locations.

Fabletics has been featured in several magazines that discussed the company’s ability to take a negative aspect for a physical store, show rooming, and turn it into a beneficial factor that actually increased the profits earned by the company. Fabletics has become one of the first physical stores to implement a reverse-showroom technique and experience positive results through its implementation. The success of this model will undoubtedly have an impact on the development of new stores by Fabletics as well as store developments by other companies. Fabletics representatives have stated that company officials will not be surprised to learn that new and upcoming companies are imitating this successful strategy for years to come. Fabletics is scheduled to continue the expansion of the company through the development of new brick-and-mortar stores across the United States. The company is expected to release news of the newest store launch in the Mid Western United States before the end of the coming year. Representatives have expressed the excitement that company employees and officials are experiencing with regard to the new openings. Business magazines have also expressed excitement to view further results of the reverse showroom technique in new Fabletics physical stores.

Follow Fabletics On: www.forbes.com/sites/paularmstrongtech/2016/11/16/how-kate-hudsons-fabletics-is-taking-on-amazon/#4b6d5edc2dfb

Reviewing The Contribution Of Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory To Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur is offering young entrepreneurs a platform where they can launch and manage their startups. The Swiss Startup Factory is a facility that is incubating ICT startups that are talented and aligned to the path of making a change in the world. Launched in 2014, the facility has to date incubated hundreds of startups that have grown into established companies across the country.


The Swiss Startup Factory offers upcoming entrepreneurs access to a pool of experienced and highly skilled professionals, who contribute to the development of the startups by offering a one on one mentorship session and tools for testing of the ideas. To avail the requisite infrastructure, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with universities across the country in a bid to get resources that can help the startups implement their ideas.


Digital business strategy

The business world has changed and over the years, more businesses have invested in making changes that are in line with the new requirements. Adapting to the digital environment and ensuring a business is always prepared for change enhances competitiveness. Through the digital business strategy provisions, the Swiss Startup Factory is allowing startups to strategize for the changes about to happen and the entrepreneurs are equipped with special skills to help them push their digital agenda.


Staffing and goal definition

Every business should have a goal and a staffing strategy that works in tandem with the goals. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, startups are equipped with skills that offer a definite approach to staffing and goal definition procedures that are aimed at strengthening the business. The role of staffing extends further to getting solutions to different problems that often lead to losses in a business.


Post-accelerator support

The Swiss Startup Factory offers an acceleration program that is included in the incubation period of three months. Once this period is over, startups are released to the market so they can implement the things they have learned in the process. However, a startup is not left to run without support for the first five months, reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers the post-accelerator support to oversee the implementation of different concepts acquired during the incubation period.


Mike Baur

Born and raised in Fribourg, Mike Baur is a professional whose career has brought light to many aspiring entrepreneurs. He started as a banker and worked for almost 20 years. In 2014, Mike Baur made a bold move that saw him enter the world of entrepreneurship. He formed the Swiss Startup Factory, which has for two years now been offering support to startups within Switzerland.



How the New Real Estate Buyers Differ from the Past Corporate CEOs

A recent article published by Mansion Global revealed the entry of a new breed of buyers in the real estate market, who are different from the typical corporate CEOs. Dolly Lenz, a real estate expert in NYC properties, described the new buyers as tech savvy young, often purchasing their first real estate unit worth millions of dollars and well-informed. Further, their objective is attaining and sustaining a lifestyle that is both convenient and comfortable for themselves.

Unlike the past CEOs real estate agents were used to, the new buyers are either millennial top personalities in sports, entertainment, music or tech entrepreneurs. As such, this contributes to the disparity in tastes and preferences between past CEOs and the new breeds of buyers. Subsequently, real estate agents, especially in the NYC properties market have had to develop their survival mechanisms to accommodate the new customers such as communicating with their clientele via social media platforms like WhatsApp.

The young and tech-savvy buyers are commonly interested in aspects such as location when picking their ideal property for purchase. Consequently, the ideal property ought to be located near close facilities such as bars, restaurants, and cafes. Cities boasting of properties with such features such as Atlanta, Portland, and Ore have witnessed an increment in this type of clients.

Town Residential

Town Residential ranks ups as one of the most sought after real estate firm that deals with luxury residential NYC property. It leverages on its seamless execution and exhilarating foundation of world-class customer services, which is facilitated by a highly qualified team of Representatives. Town Residential, New Development Division specializes in all aspects pertaining top-notch new development services, which comprise of pre-development such as marketing, branding, and planning as well as market research and analysis.

Town Residential also credits its success to the expertise and experience of its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Heiberger. Through his able leadership, he has steered Town Residential into a top firm in NYC properties sector with more than 500 licensed Representatives as well as industry leading specialists located within its seven neighborhood offices, which are strategically located. Since its inception in December 2010, Town boasts of over $9.5 billion worth of transactions and a strong commitment to redefining the manner by which a real estate firm ought to deliver its services and operate.

InnovaCare Health: Helping Clients to reap the Maximum Benefits from Medicare Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans and Physician Practice Service
Medicare Advantage Plan is an insurance plan offered by private companies that are licensed by Medicare. When a client joins Medicare Advantage plan, they are still able access hospital insurance and medical insurance.

Medicare Advantage plans are designed to provide all services covered under the original Medicare. The only difference is that they may cover extra services such as dental care, eye care, and other benefits unavailable under the original Medicare plan.

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by different private companies. Subsequently, the companies may impose varying charges and rules while providing the Medicare Advantage services. The Advantage plans, however, operate under strict rules outlining when a client may be given a referral or be required to visit another facility.

Types of Medicare Advantage plans
Due to the difference in rules governing Medicare Advantage plans, they are classified into different programs based on the services they offer. For instance, Health Maintenance Organizations refer to the private companies that are paid by the government to provide medical insurance to citizens.

In Medicare preferred provider organization, a client pays fixed copay when seeking medical services from health providers affiliated with the Medicare Advantage plan. If you request for services from other health facilities that are not affiliated with the scheme, the costs may be higher.

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In Private Fee for Services, a client can get Medicare Advantage services in different ways. The program of InnovaCare Health can provide more services on Medicare prescription drug coverage. More benefits, such as eye checkup and dental services, may also be provided.

Since different Medicare plans provide coverage using different rules governing how and when one receives a service, clients should always seek professional advice from a Medicare Advantage plan expert before deciding on the type of plan to enroll in. Moreover, rules may differ across insurance companies that provide Medicare Advantage plans.

InnovaCare is a leading Medicare Advantage plan provider. They offer standard and cost friendly services using advanced medical technology. The company also runs other Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. Their services are designed to provide outstanding results that suit the unique needs of each client.

The quality of services provided comes from the organization’s top leadership comprising of the president, Rick Shinto and Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Richard Shinto has worked in various health care organizations gaining sufficient experience in clinical medicine. Similarly, Penelope Kokkinides is a healthcare expert specializing in government programs.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20141002006266/en/InnovaCare-Subsidiary-MMM-Healthcare-Acquires-FirstPlus-Medicare

Mike Baur Taking the Swiss Entrepreneurial Lead

Mike Baur grew up in Fribourg Switzerland with a passion for banking. As a teenager his goal was to join the traditional private banking sector that Swtizerland is so famously successful in. When it came his time to enter into a career this is the route he took, starting at UBS as a commercial banking apprentice. Eventually he was able to move up in the banking world and became an executive board member at one of the larger private banks in Switzerland. However, in 2014 he chose to leave his banking career to start his entrepreneurial path. Together with his two other partners (Max Meister and Oliver Walzer) he was able to start the Swiss Start Up Factory. Now today the Swiss Start Up Factory is the number one independent privately financed ICT startup in Switzerland. The Start Up Factory focuses on helping entrepreneurs who are breaking into the digital field. The team helps these entrepreneurs, within a 3-month accelerator program, that pushes them to develop the best companies they can. By supplying upcoming entrepreneurs with an office space to use, financing help, grants, and other startup amenities they have been very successful in their pursuit to craft great Swiss companies.

Now some may ask why Mike Baur left the private banking sector after 20 years of experience to found a startup accelerator. In an interview with Founder Stories, he makes it apparent that he did this because of his entrepreneurial spirit. Baur wants to use his business passion and financial expertise to help make a company that can create successful startups in Switzerland. He feels that it is very important to guide the next wave of youthful businesses in the right direction through hard work and a successful plan. Hence the reason that he chose to include the word factory within his company’s name. He wanted to make it apparent that this would be the goal of the Swiss Start Up Factory from the start. Baur’s values seem to shine through the company as they continue to help more and more startups through hard work and a great mentoring team.

Reinvention Makes the World a Better Place

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions, but they also say if you want to invent something really good, take something that everyone already likes and make it better. That is exactly what Bernardo Chua did with healthy beverages, and what he hopes to do with Tea, Coffee, and other beverages.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Bernardo learned early on the value of hard work. His dedication and ability to work hard helped him build a multi-million dollar international company. Not only did he learn hard work early on, but also he learned the valuable health benefits of the herb ganoderma lucidium. With the addition of the herb, drinkers have seen greater levels of wellness, balance and prosperity.

Bernardo saw the benefits of the ganoderma lucidium herb and was able to reinvent beverages that people liked to make the drinks even better and healthier. In creating and developing his multi-million dollar company, he started with only three employees to get his start-up Organo Gold going. Now Organo Gold operates in 35 countries and employs thousands.

Bernardo and his company have won many awards because of the amazing health benefits of adding ganoderma lucidium to different drinks. He has also won the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award several years in a row. Bernardo has also won the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year at least half a dozen times.

He and his company through a foundation started by Organo Gold called the OG Cares Foundation sponsor enriching the lives of young men and women everywhere and how they can improve their lives and prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through speeches and mentoring the OG Cares Foundation teaches hard work, determination, and business skills, the same traits Bernardo learned growing up in the Phillipines.

Before Bernardo started his own company Organo Gold, he came to the United States in California to run Gano Excel USA in 2003. By 2008 he had started building Organo Gold, and in a few short years has built it into the international company that it is now.  Read more about Bernardo on LinkedIn, and be BitsyLink has a great story on the man for further reading.

The Critical Happenings of Kyle Bass Concerning Biogen

According to Biocentury.com report, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board instituted IPR (inter partes review) petition from Kyle Bass’ Coalition for Affordable Drugs challenging a patent over multiple sclerosis drugs – Tecfidera dimethyl fumarate from Biogen Inc (NASDAQ: BIIB). IPR is a technique for testing the patent legitimacy of U.S. before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Speculative stock investments financial specialist Kyle Bass established Coalition for Affordable Drugs (CFAD), which battles various licenses recorded with the USPTO. The CFAD has tested licenses of a few pharma organizations including Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ: JAZZ), Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ: CELG), and Acorda Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ACOR).

The report indicated that Bass tested U.S. Patent No. 8,399,514, which caters the utilization of 480 mg of dimethyl fumarate in treating various sclerosis and with an expiry date at 2028. PTAB found that earlier craftsmanship presented by the coalition gave “persuading proof” to come with suitable units to treat immune system illnesses, the report highlighted. By October 2015, CFAD has recorded 33 petitions for IPR, with some of them having various petitions against a similar patent, and there have been 17 organization choices by the PTAB, as per a report on PTABWatch. Out of the 17 foundation choices, ten petitions have been declined while seven have been allowed, for a disavowal rate of roughly 59 percent, the PTAB report included.

The choice to dismiss a survey of the licenses’ legitimacy comes as the pharmaceutical business raises worries about flexible investments difficulties to medication licenses that are expected to bring funds by lowering the stock costs. In February, Bass started to document surveys to wipe out medication licenses through his Coalition for Affordable Drugs, utilizing a strategy referred as Inter Partes Review. After a survey of the primary Ampyra patent that was recorded on Feb. 10, Acorda’s stock cost dropped by 10 percent. Acorda’s legal advisor Gerald Flattmann of the law organization Paul Hastings said he was “highly satisfied” by the choice to refute a trial on the two licenses.

In their article on UsefulStooges.com, Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler, he has said huge organizations were dishonorably expanding patent security using faulty methods, for example, changing packaging or dosage, to keep the prices of the drug high. On Monday, the patent office couldn’t help contradicting Bass that the Ampyra licenses were not new or were clear as compared with the former ones, thus, ought to never have been conceded in any case. The choice means the licenses won’t be further examined, which could have prompted to cancellation. The audits started in 2012 as a major aspect of the America Invents Act, as a quicker and less demanding approach to dispense with low quality licenses. Drug firms have as of late requested Congress to keep speculative stock investments from propelling the surveys.

An in-depth look at iFunding and it’s Founder William Skelley

iFunding is the known leader in real estate investing, which provides the user with a marketplace that enables the connection of thousands of institutions and accredited retail investors with real estate operators that seek out financing. The iFunding platform is a secure platform that provides the customer with access to very high quality commercial projects. This is all performed on a web platform with added detailed reporting as well as a service team that is available throughout the process in order to answer any questions that might arise. CrunchBase indicates that iFunding offers a number of great retail investments which include office, multifamily, retail, industrial, land and hospitality. There are a number of reasons why people should consider investing in real estate. These are, there is an opportunity for competitive risk-adjusted returns, high tangible asset value, attractive and stable income return, diversification of their portfolio and inflation hedging. Once the customer invests through the iFunding platform it both manages and creates a Single Purpose Vehicle LLC. This vehicle aggregates all funds contributed by the many investors interested in the opportunity. The iFunding platform invests through this entity on the behalf of the customer. Customer often ask if there are risks involved and the team at iFunding believes that the essential end goal of investing is to receive a strong return relative to the risk taken. There is risk in any investment but thanks to the iFunding platform this risk is minimized. Real estate is an attractive investment as there is a balance of income, capital appreciation and risk management. iFunding and its team of professionals have had over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry this provides the customer with assurance that the due diligence process performed on each listing allows them to maximize returns while minimizing risk to a bare minimum.

William Skelley is the chairman and CEO of iFunding. He attended the Hobart College from 1994 to 1998 where he completed his college education. After his graduation he decided to become an executive intern working for Mitt Romney at the Bain Capital Firm.

From there he moved into consulting at his family business, Skelley Associates which he did for 4 years and then moved on to consulting for another firm known as Olympus. Here he remained for 3 years working in the greater New York City area.  William Skelley wrote an FAQ for iFunding to help explain how this crowdfunding platforms work.   Check out the Facebook for platform updates.