Is Ben Affleck Going To Direct A Batman Solo Project?

Batman is not just the actor who plays Batman. He is also going to be the man who directs Batman. Well, it seems he will in 2018 when the first solo Batman film of the D.C. Comics Cinematic Universe debuts. The directing rumors are not confirmed at present, but there is no reason to doubt Warner Bros. handing off directorial chores to Affleck. He proved himself a very capable writer/director on the film Argo.

What is very interesting about this rumor is the possible confirmation of a new Batman film. We know the Caped Crusader appears in (obviously) Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and both chapters of The Justice League. A Batman solo film was always going to be made. No one knew when.

If the rumors are true then the bat is out of the bag. Supposedly, Sam Tabar has heard that the title of the film is The Batman. Okay, that is not the most original of titles but the moniker gets the job done. The title heralds the arrival of a new film that returns the character to the original comic book roots and away from The Dark Knight interpretation of the Nolan/Bale films.

The question on everyone’s is “Will Jared Leto’s Joker appear in the film?” It is way to early to tell since we do not know what eventually happens in the two Justice League movies. Besides, the screenplay for The Batman is not even close to written.