Lime Crime: Innovation meets Success

With an ever growing fanbase and a social media platform unparalleled by competitors, Lime Crime announced their new and innovative additions. The company currently specializes in cosmetic beauty and lip care products. With products ranging in an assortment of colors, glosses, sparkle and shine, Lime Crime fans are patiently awaiting the new line of products set to be released in the near future.
This unique company dominated the internet and social media circuits every since its establishing in 2008. Just under a decade later, the company has solidified a steady growing fan base of true and unique cosmetic lovers. Granting consumers with a variety of colors to match their ever changing mood, the vegan and cruelty free company ranks top of the list for fresh and fabolous cosmetics.
Taking steps to improve its products, Lime Crime cosmetics differ from others in a variety of ways. Their Diamond Crusher lip glosses use a complete water based coating. This versatile products allow users to apply it directly over lip stick, adding shine and sparkle to the ordinary lip stick.
The Unicorn line remains Lime Crime’s signature collection. Offering over 5 total colors, the company’s expansion now includes over 100 different lip stick colors, types and variants.
Lime Crime also offers products for nails, hair, face and eyes. Each product uses its creative color patterns and innovative shine, allowing consumers to create their ultimate idea and standard of beauty.
The company’s hard work and efforts have earned them a variety of mentions in top fashion and cosmetic magazines. Staying true to their mission, Lime Crime has an outstanding history of charitable work. The company has supported a variety of organizations specializing in helping women, children and animals.