The Shea Way: A Natural Beauty

There is no doubt that most people following a beauty routine have utilized a product called “shea butter” at least once. Purported to have healing properties for things like skin dermatitis, sunburn and insect bites, natural shea butter also provides a vast host of benefits. Unlike most chemical moisturizers on the market today, shea butter is a natural source of skin care. Eu’genia Shea is a company that understands the value of shea butter and has been making great strides in the formulation of gentle and effective products for everyone.

EuGenia Shea was created with a few things in mind: A Ghanaian midwife’s best kept beauty secret and those in Africa working diligently to raise shea trees. The company itself was formed through the love of Eugenia Akuete, president of the Global Shea Alliance and is now operated by family. Eu’genia Shea gives 15% of its profits back to its workers but also pays above market wages and provides paid training. This business structure is a prime example that caring for employees results in affordable, high-quality products.

Using shea butter has been the secret of those deemed perpetually beautiful. The butter is crafted from the seeds of shea trees. Products of extremely great quality will have the following characteristics: a soft beige color that easily melts at room temperature and a unique scent that dissipates 10-20 minutes after application. The natural moisturizers in shea butter compare to those of the skin’s sebaceous glands, meaning that it is safe for everyone. Reportedly, shea butter accelerates wound healing, as anti-aging, anti-free radical and micro-circulation elements due to the presence of Vitamin A and E. To increase the capabilities of its products, Eu’genia Shea adds organic Shea, Baobab, Moringa and other fruit and plant derived oils. Plus, this adds a spreadable butter quality for easier skin absorption.

When it comes to a beauty and health routine, shea butter should be considered an essential component. Shea butter, like the products offered from Eu’genia Shea, not only moisturizes skin and scalp, it wards off sunburn. Budget-friendly, natural, and so effective it could be magical, shea butter is a certain winner for those seeking healthier, youthful skin.

Texas Elite Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery first got its beginning during World War One when it became vital to help solder’s in need of reconstructive repair. John Hopkins was the first to offer an established training program in 1924 centered around plastic surgery and has now become a necessary and popular medical option. It is nowadays utilized for all reconstruction whether it’s focused around improving one’s self, or in the event of birth disorders, burns, disease and injury.

If you have had a trauma or simply are looking to improve your appearance, Texas has some of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. Dr Jennifer Walden is among the elite plastic surgeons in TX. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and was raised in Austin TX. Dr Walden moved her busy practice from New York back to Austin, TX, where she could be close to her family and raise her twin boys.

While living in New York, Dr. Walden worked as an attending at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Plastic Surgery, and was as well appointed as clinical Instrutor of Plastic Surgery at New Yorks prestigious New York University Langone Medical Center. After returning to Texas, she opened Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center and has a fully accredited office operating suite. She besides owns a satellite cosmetic surgery clinic in Marble Falls at the Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Walden is considered a friendly and warm doctor who puts her patients first with her serene and relaxed behavior. Her offices as well as her operating room run smoothly and she has a long list of eager patients who wish to receive her professional and outstanding services.

Although plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are closely related to each other, plastic surgery centers around fixing, reconstructing, scar removal or other trauma related injuries. Cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing a person’s appearance. This can involve improving one’s appearance, symmetry or proportions. Cosmetic surgical procedure is used in several different medical practices as well as by plastic surgeons.