Moving Home To Texas Allows For More Family Time For Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is one of the super doctors from Austin Texas that gave New York a try and wanted to return home. She gave New York a try by working with another doctor helping people with eye, throat and ear issues. She did some counseling and was instrumental in some speaking engagements. Jennifer made the decision to give up the big city life to move back home to her life she loved as a child. She packed up her sons and moved them back close to her parents and family. After she settled down there she went on to open her own satellite office to help others with things like Botox and Laser surgeries.


Jennifer is a single mother that knew in the eighth grade that she wanted to be a surgeon. She was successful in high school and in the sports that she played such as soccer. Jennifer is the daughter of a dentist and her mother is a surgical nurse. Being involved with a medical family gave her the inspiration she needed to become the woman she has become. She has won several awards such as the American Woman’s Association award and the American Society of Plastic surgery. She is also accepted as one of the best beauty surgeons in America. Jennifer has appeared in several publications such as Vive Magazine as Dr.90210 and the American Airlines Magazine. She is featured in many articles and magazines about surgery.


One of the features that Jennifer enjoys is appearing on television to talk about issues such as teen plastic surgery, and mommy make-overs. Jennifer Walden is also instrumental in answering questions about celebrity plastic surgeries. One of the things she likes to discuss and answer questions about is Vaginal rejuvenation. She believes men and women should receive a valid education about expectations and a woman’s body after menopause. She explains that woman wants to look or feel good about them. Tightening and noninvasive rejuvenation may be the answer to helping men and women deal with sexual dysfunctions. Men care about the way a woman looks and this is one of the issues that she discusses. Men do not believe a woman cares how she looks but she does. Helping men and women understand this sensitive issue may help them to have a better understanding of other issues.


Jennifer hopes by moving back to Texas that she will have more time to do the things she loves and more time for family.