Simple Makeup Hacks

Instead of spending a lot of money on makeup products, there are a few items around the house that you can use to apply everything from foundation to eyeshadow. Fake eyelashes might be around the house in mysterious places. THe easiest way to store them is in a medicine container. This is ideal to keep all of the different types of lashes that you wear during the week for various events separated for each day so that you know what to wear.


A ruler can be used to find the straight line on the face when you’re creating eyebrows. This will give you an idea as to where the brows should go once you find the straight lines from the eyes to the nose. If you want to make perfume last longer, add a bit of Vaseline on the wrists. The perfume will stick to the product, making it linger on the wrists for a longer time. This is ideal if you know that you’re going to be out all day. the Vaseline can help to keep the skin from drying out as well.


According to Wengie, Tame your eyebrows with hairspray. Apply the spray to a toothbrush to make it easier to get onto the brows without getting on the rest of the face. Pigments of eyeshadow that are at the bottom of the container can be added to clear nail polish for a new color that you can use. All you have to do is put a small amount of the shadow in the bottle, shake and apply.


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