Who Would Benefit The Most Working With Equities First

Equities First Holdings is a leading alternative source of capital during the harsh economic climate. When the economic climate is not favorable, banks and other companies issuing fast working capital using credit solutions are better in preliminary. As a matter of fact, no one has better business development in a way that cannot be matched in the industry. For this reason, the use of stock-based loans has been adopted as the better option during the harsh economic conditions.

No one can deny that the country is not in an economic crisis. Furthermore, the economic condition is also characterized by the increase in commodity prices. For this reason, the use of stocks to get money is the next best thing in the market. The harsh economic situation has also been worsened by the exit of Britain from the European Union. Over the past few years, Equities First Holdings has been adopted as the better option in the use of stock-based loans. During an economic crisis, companies and rich individuals seek the use of stock-based loans because the use of credit to secure loans is mitigated by banks and other financial institutions.

During the harsh economic crisis, many other options exist to obtain finance. However, the use of loans through banks has limited use. For this reason, people are prompted to look for better options to secure finance during the period. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has been traced as the best company in this line of duty. For the company, they always engage in the issuance of fast working capital to those who want to use their stocks as collateral. It is also one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital. For this reason, you can get better business through the use of stocks as collateral.

Equities First Lending Matches Clients with Stock-based Loans Tailored to address their Needs

In today’s dynamic financial marketplace, people in need of capital have access to numerous financing options. Even those with poor credit history or in need of urgent funds can utilize their shares as collateral to acquire loans at competitive rates. Equities First Holdings is a powerhouse when it comes to loans that are collateralize by stocks. Loans collateralize by stock include share-based lending and margin lending. The similarity of these two lending options is that they allow individuals and firms to utilize stock as collateral.


The loan-to-value ratios of stock-based lending are approximately 75 percent while for margin loans the ratios are from 20 percent to 50 percent. Borrowers of margin loans may be instructed to use the money obtained for a particular purpose. On the other hand, stock-based loans are non-purpose, implying that the proceeds can be utilized for any reason. The interest rates for traditional margin loans tend to vary while those of stock-based ones are fixed.

Advantages of stock-based loans

  1. A hedge against market fluctuation

Taking share-based loans offer a chance for investors to navigate through tough market fluctuations. This loan allows the borrower to minimize his or her risk in a declining market.

  1. Non-recourse feature

The non-recourse aspect associated with stock-based loans enables a borrower to abandon a share loan any time she or he wishes. Even when the share’s value declines, the borrower will comfortably retain the initial loan proceeds.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings (EFH) delivers innovative solutions to executive and affluent individuals in need of non-purpose capital. The firm concentrated on developing a product that supplies ample liquidity at flexible terms via a safe and transparent process. Its novel approach to stock-based loans has resulted in over 635 successful transactions to date. The company’s unique method of financing offers many of its customers with a lower cost of capital and ideal financing terms compared to the conventional financial alternatives.

EFH operate internationally via regional offices in Hong Kong, South Africa, London, Bangkok, Sydney, Singapore, and Perth. It provides financial arrangements customized to suit the needs of borrowers. EFH specializes in capital allocation, alternative finance solutions, as well as financial services. The Indianapolis-headquartered lending heavyweight opened its doors back in 2002. In 2013, the company released a statement to its clients, announcing a double-digit growth and global expansion. EFH has been experiencing a 30 percent annual rate of growth since its establishment over 15 years ago.

President Diehl Of US Money Reserve Appears On CNBC

Big Changes In US Currency On Horizon

In case you haven’t been watching the news, there are some major changes that may be occurring in the US currency that is frequently used for commerce in the United States. On a recent episode of Squawkbox on CNBC, the President of US Money Reserve met with the show to make some major predictions and to give his professional opinion of where he thinks the US currency changes will take us in the near future. This post will outline what he said, and we will also briefly discuss US Money Reserve itself.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is one of the largest companies that specializes in the sale and trade of a special currency. That currency is precious metals. These are specific precious metals that US Money Reserve is dealing with because they are given directly from the United States government in the form of government issued coins. The main types of precious metals that US Money Reserve deals in are platinum, silver and gold. These metals do not loose their value like most currencies that are issued. US Money Reserve also employs a large department of qualified team members that are professional in the field of currency evaluation. They are consistently helping others with their decisions to invest in precious metals. Phillip Diehl is the President, and he has made some interesting assertions about the future of United States’ currencies.

The Future Of United States’ Currency According To US Money Reserve

On the hit television show, Squawkbox, the President of US Money Reserve was discussing the elimination of the penny, America’s smallest form of currency. The penny, according to President Diehl, is costing the United States more money to create than it actually holds in its own value, so the elimination would be a sensible move. Diehl has responded to criticism of this decision by asserting that a majority, 75 percent, of business today is completed by the means of online transactions instead of actual currency use.

I encourage everyone who is interested in investing or purchasing precious metals, and anyone who has anything to do with currency in the US to read the articles that contain the information.

BMG’s Vice President And His Journey

The vice president of BMG, Marcio Alaor, has come a long way from where he first began with the company. When he started out with his BMG relationship, he was shining shoes for the executives of the bank. During his time shining shoes, he always dreamed about becoming one of the executives and knew that if he worked hard enough he would be in a position that was similar to that. The dreaming that he did gave him the opportunity to see what he could do and also gave him the opportunity to find out what he needed to do to become an employee of the bank. He set about with his work on becoming a part of the bank, according to his blog.

Dr. Wilmar, who had his shoes shined by Marcio Alaor, saw that the young man had a lot of potential and saw that he took pride in the shoe shining work that he did. He wanted the man to be a member of his team but he didn’t want to offer him too much off the street and overwhelm him. After learning about the dreams that Marcio Alaor had, he knew that he would be the best fit for someone to work at the bank. Dr. Wilmar offered Marcio Alaor an job as an entry-level employee of the bank.

According to exame.com, through his time at the bank, Dr. Wilmar somewhat mentored Marcio Alaor. He saw the potential and wanted to make him one of the executives. He trained Alaor in what he needed to do and gave him all of the advice that would get him to where he is at today. The advice that he got from Dr. Wilmar combined with his strong work ethic allowed Marcio Alaor the opportunity to rise through the ranks of the company and be in the position that he is in today.

While looking for people to hire at the bank, Marcio Alaor does not always keep his eye out for degrees or impressive resumes. The people that he is more likely to hire are people who have a work ethic similar to the one that he always possessed. He makes sure that people are able to work hard and dedicate themselves to the work that they are doing. For this reason, he ends up having a large staff of people who are able to provide a great deal of work to the bank.