Classrooms are Better with Classdojo

The classrooms around the country that have made the decision to use Classdojo have seen a lot of improvement in the way that they work and the attitude of the students who are a part of these classrooms. The Classdojo app has made a major difference in the way that teachers teach, the way that students learn and the way that parents are able to be a part of all of this while their student is in school. Whether it is being used in Kindergarten or in twelfth grade, the app is one of the best available for classrooms to be better.


Teachers may not be able to get the perfect lesson plans or get the best teaching skills from Classdojo but they are able to get the resources that they need to ensure that they are doing their best with teaching students valuable skills when it comes to the way that they behave in the classroom.According to, the app makes sure that teachers are able to reward their students which will encourage them to be better when they are in the classroom and will teach them valuable life skills for when they get older and out of school.


If teachers are able to benefit from the app, so are students. They can feel great about what the app has to offer because it gives them a chance to get rewarded for doing good things. Depending on what the teacher has set up to earn points, students can even be rewarded for being a good friend to their other classmates. This is something that is much different than other apps and something that has changed the way that students are able to do different things depending on where they are at in the classroom. The points that they earn can then be traded in for real-life prizes in the classroom.


Parents are not left out of the benefits of Class dojo. They can communicate with the teachers who their students have. The app is set up so that parents can see what their children are doing on a daily basis. They can see whether or not the student has earned points and can see their progress each week. This allows them to get a glimpse into their life and to make sure that they are doing well in school. Gone are the days where parents need to ask students what they did that day.

Solutions for House-Cleaning Haters

There are so many reasons for people to hire a cleaning service. Maybe you work a job that requires long hours at the office. When you get home after a long commute all you want to do is relax. Or, it could be that you just hate house cleaning. All of those corners with cobwebs and dusty surfaces just make you cringe. Cleaning a toilet would be your undoing. Whatever the reason, Handy Home Cleaning Services is the solution to your problem.

One easy app on a smartphone allows you get the professional cleaning help you need. Just type in your zip code. Enter a starting time. Check how many rooms you would like to be cleaned and Ta-Dah! Your house will be cleaned when you get home. Since your credit card will be on file with Handy Home, you don’t even have to leave money out on the kitchen table anymore. They will take care of everything.

A professional cleaner will see your job listing. They will see the area, the starting time and the pay rate up front. No more guessing how much they will get paid. No more wondering if they will get paid. With Handy Home, when the job is completed the cleaner just taps their smartphone and the money is there, like an ATM.

This brilliant platform was created two years ago on techcrunch to take the pain from finding cleaning services. Clients can relax with the knowledge that Handy Home Cleaning Services has checked out references. They have scoured background checks both locally and nationally. They only hire a small fraction of the over 200,000 people that apply to freelance for them. Simply- they have the best of the best working in their employ.

Handy Home takes care of their professional cleaners by offering steady work that they don’t have to track down. There is no more risk involved with the pay rates. An upfront price lets the cleaner know how much money they will make. Since clients do not handle the money part, a cleaner does not have to rely on a check that might bounce or a client not leaving the money for them. Handy Home even takes care of the tax part of the business, providing their employees with a 1099 form so that tax filing is a breeze.

Think of it. No more interviews and reference checks and worries. No more money handling. No more calculating tips. For cleaners, no more driving ridiculous distances or negotiating prices. Everyone wins with the platform Handy Home Cleaning Services rolled out two years ago. It shows in a million-dollars-a-week in booking. The name is becoming well recognized. 25 U.S. cities and London have this cleaning service. With the growth the company is experiencing it may be in your city next.

If you hate house cleaning, give Handy Home Cleaning Services a try.

Handy Helping Consumers Find Professional Freelancers

When a person wants to hire someone for the job it can be a task to research people or companies that can get the job done. On the flip side a freelancer might want to know they are going to get full payment, or know that a job is legitimate. This is what Handy has brought together in a single app.

Handy is an app that both freelancers and people that need someone to handle a task can use to setup a price and time. This gives freelancers a choice in hours, when they will work, how much they require per hour, and all from within an app. The same is true for consumers as they can rest assured that each freelancer has had a full background check.

Handy on recode prides itself on making sure that consumers are protected from the beginning. To make sure this works all employees have a background check on the federal and county level assuring there is nothing missed. The vetting process also includes interviews to make sure a person is who they claim to be, and able to handle the services they will provide. Currently Handy only hires about 3% of the applicants that wish to join the service. This really pushes the boundaries to make sure that only the best are freelancers with Handy.

Consumers can also schedule from within the app as well as pay with the card on file. This allows a person to choose exactly when they want the task started; as well the tip and tax is included making it easy to see exactly what is being paid up front without worrying about hidden fees. Consumers will have far more control over every aspect of the job they need done and the cost. This makes sure the task that needs done is done in a professional manner and in a timely fashion.

Handy hit the market running with the founders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, taking a personal interest in every aspect of the company. In the early stages both Hanrahan and Dua would go with new cleaners to see what was important to them on site. This allowed the two to come up with things to better serve those that freelance through Handy. This has allowed Handy to create a better environment for their freelancers.

Ground Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners are the current investors which have helped raise 12$ million in its first two rounds of investments. This mixed with the sales numbers growing by 60% each month has really helped push Handy into the stratosphere. The 60% growth has continued for three straight months.

Handy currently operates in 25 cities within the United States, while operating in two cities in Canada. With hopes to expanded into even more cities in the future as they continue to grow and gain even more traction in each new city they launch operations in.