The Spiciest Wolf


For a die-hard yuri anime fan, it is rare to find a character that breaks the usual saturation of character tropes. Females often range from the volatile tsundere to the saccharine deredere. Not to say that cookie cutter personalities aren’t enjoyable, they thoroughly can be, but once in a while it is pleasant to find someone refreshing. Here enters Holo the Wise Wolf of Yoitsu from Spice and Wolf (Ookami to Koushinryou) which was adapted into 2 seasons in 2008 and 2009. An anthropomorphic wolf deity fully aware of her brilliance, she has no qualms with using her womanly wiles among humans. Armed with a quick wit, she is most endearing when engaged in playful banter with her travel companion, Lawrence.  Definitely one of the better sci fi anime.

Another shining point of her is when she uses her intelligence to improve upon the deals Lawrence strikes with other traders. His successes can often be attributed to her rapid understanding of modern times despite existing for hundreds of years. Though she possesses strength both mentally and physically, she does have a soft side. Holo’s proneness to jealousy and desire to be doted upon add to the realism of her character. Over the course of the series, she takes down her walls as she grows to trust Lawrence to comfort her vulnerable emotions. With such depth in character, there is no shortage of flavor in this spicy wolf.