Amazon Is Taking to the Skies for Video Streaming Market Share

It is a boom time for video streaming services. The ability of people to download video on demand of shows and movies to their TV or a mobile device is changing the way programming is offered for the first time since the advent of cable TV in the 1980’s. The mobile revolution is transforming Netflix into a heavy hitter in this television and movie streaming delivery model. They are not the only ones out there, however. Their biggest competitor right now would have to be Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime offers video streaming services like Netflix does, but they also offer their customers so much more. They can receive free and fast shipping of items they order from Amazon and other services that Netflix simply does not have.

Amazon is partnering with JetBlue airlines to step up their offer to customers and try to cut into the impressive market share enjoyed by Netflix. Amazon Prime members will have free unlimited access to in-flight Wi-Fi. Passengers normally have to pay $9 an hour to get this so-called Fly-Fi internet service on planes that is fast enough to stream movies smoothly. Amazon has the advantage that people buy so many things from them already that a video streaming service is something that people will naturally want from them since they are already doing business there anyway. Amazon has the best chance of beating Netflix because it is a video streaming service and so much more.

Thanks Bruce Levenson for showing me this article.