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British Royalty Meets Hip Hop Royalty

Fans that were attending a Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game were able to witness a couple of one in a lifetime opportunities.

Many fans were shocked on December 8 as British royalty entered the Barclays Center. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge blessed fans with their presence as they attended the basketball game. The royal couple was able to meet and take a few photographs with “King James” after the game.

Beyond meeting basketball players, the British couple got a chance to also meet hip hop royalty. That’s right guess what couple also was in attendance at the game, Jay-z and Beyounce. The two royal couples greeted after Jay-z and Beyonce walked over to Prince William and Princess Kate. The two couples had a brief meeting to wow fans and spectators. Due to the two couples meeting the internet exploded with snapshots and stories.
One can only assume what the two couples stated to one another. Sam Tabar was mostly just intrigued that they were able to meet. Was it just a quick and hello and how or you meeting or did Jay-z and Beyonce learn that they had just met royal fans.

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