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BMG’s Vice President And His Journey

The vice president of BMG, Marcio Alaor, has come a long way from where he first began with the company. When he started out with his BMG relationship, he was shining shoes for the executives of the bank. During his time shining shoes, he always dreamed about becoming one of the executives and knew that if he worked hard enough he would be in a position that was similar to that. The dreaming that he did gave him the opportunity to see what he could do and also gave him the opportunity to find out what he needed to do to become an employee of the bank. He set about with his work on becoming a part of the bank, according to his blog.

Dr. Wilmar, who had his shoes shined by Marcio Alaor, saw that the young man had a lot of potential and saw that he took pride in the shoe shining work that he did. He wanted the man to be a member of his team but he didn’t want to offer him too much off the street and overwhelm him. After learning about the dreams that Marcio Alaor had, he knew that he would be the best fit for someone to work at the bank. Dr. Wilmar offered Marcio Alaor an job as an entry-level employee of the bank.

According to, through his time at the bank, Dr. Wilmar somewhat mentored Marcio Alaor. He saw the potential and wanted to make him one of the executives. He trained Alaor in what he needed to do and gave him all of the advice that would get him to where he is at today. The advice that he got from Dr. Wilmar combined with his strong work ethic allowed Marcio Alaor the opportunity to rise through the ranks of the company and be in the position that he is in today.

While looking for people to hire at the bank, Marcio Alaor does not always keep his eye out for degrees or impressive resumes. The people that he is more likely to hire are people who have a work ethic similar to the one that he always possessed. He makes sure that people are able to work hard and dedicate themselves to the work that they are doing. For this reason, he ends up having a large staff of people who are able to provide a great deal of work to the bank.