Greg Secker’s Expertise In Foreign Exchange And Financial Trading

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur. He has built a distinguished career in the field of foreign exchange and financial trading. Secker is also an accomplished international speaker and philanthropist. Greg owns Learn to Trade, an international company that offers education on trading. In addition, he runs SmartCharts Software, a technological trading company and Capital Index, a brokerage firm. He is also the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, a charitable organization that zeroes in on improving the quality of life in communities across the world. After graduating from the University of Nottingham, Greg was recruited by Thomas Cook Financial Services. Later, he went to manage a new Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), focusing on foreign exchange. VTD pioneered online real-time Forex trade where customers received real-time quotations on major foreign exchange transactions.

Later, Greg Secker was appointed to serve as the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation, a leading investment bank. Here, he interacted with trading experts. This way, he was able to advance his trading skills. The experience and knowledge that he gained from the institution helped him to establish Learn to Trade, which he founded after leaving Mellon. Over the years, Greg Secker has been traveling to different parts of the world to offer trading lessons in seminars and workshops. The company has received various accolades from renowned organizations like the London Excellence Awards, World Finance Magazine, Global Banking & Finance Review, and Sunday Times First Track 100 Awards.

Greg demonstrated his superiority in technology through SmartCharts trading software that scans and identifies trade set-ups for a user, thus allowing one to trade easily. The shrewd entrepreneur has spoken on various international platforms where he has shared the stage with renowned personalities such as Sir Richard Branson, Dr. De Martini, and Robert Kiyosaki. Greg’s early success motivated him to start giving back to the society. Through Gregory Secker Foundation, he has supported various initiatives, including Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust. The organization supports life skills, education and leadership projects through programs like Early Childhood Development Program, Christmas Basket Brigade, Youthful leadership Summit and Flying Trader Project. Recently, Secker supported an organization working towards supporting victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines

Karl Heideck: Leading Pennsylvania Litigator

Leading Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck

Leading Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck

A litigation attorney focuses his or her practice on representing clients in lawsuits. Oftentimes, a litigation attorney will focus on one area of the law. For example, a litigation lawyer may represent clients in regard to personal injury, business, or medical malpractice matters.

Oftentimes, a person makes the decision to become a litigation attorney while still in law school. As a result, a law student will focus on courses to prepare to become a litigator that include evidence, civil procedure, and courtroom practice.

In addition a law student may also elect to participate in a moot court program. A student who wants to become a litigation attorney may elect to be part of a law school’s clinic program. Through a law clinic, a student is able to represent actual clients under the supervision of a licenses attorney.

Karl Heideck is a respected litigation attorney, with a practice based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Heideck obtained his law degree from the Temple University School of Law. Before attending law school, Heideck obtained an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College. While at Swarthmore, he studied English literature and language, with an emphasis in letters.

In addition to representing clients as a litigator, Karl Heideck also practices in the areas of employment, products liability and commercial litigation. He is also well-versed in representing clients in regard to regulatory compliance and risk management.

Heideck also has a strong background in legal research and writing. Legal research and writing is extremely important to an attorney involved in a litigation practice.

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The USHEALTH Group And Their Commitment to Customer Service

The USHEALTH Group insurance company has taken home yet another reward. This time, they have won a reward for having the best customer service team in the industry and this has allowed them to make sure that they are providing all of their clients with the options that they need. For the USHEALTH Group, there are a lot of things that they can do to make things better and to offer their clients everything that they need for insurance. When it comes to the options that they have, the USHEALTH Group insurance company provides insurance for families, individuals and even groups. They want to make sure that they are giving people everything that they need to promote their services. This has also given them the chance to do more with what they have so that they can see the differences in the major options that are available to them.


Despite the fact that it is now harder than ever to get good health insurance at an affordable price in the United States, the USHEALTH Group is able to provide it to people. They want to make sure that they are doing what they can to offer everyone the things that they need. It is something that has set them apart from some of the other companies so that they can make all of the right choices with their insurance options. Despite the fact that the USHEALTH Group has continued to offer great health insurance options, they also want to make sure that their customers are as satisfied as possible.


People who have USHEALTH Group know that they plans have many different options. People can choose to customize what they are doing with the plans which makes it easier to get the exact coverage that they need. They are also able to get the options that they want whether they have a family or not. While other insurance companies can make it difficult to insure families, the USHEALTH Group knows that it is necessary to provide health insurance coverage to everyone who is in the family and lives with the person who is insured.

The OSI Group Continues its Global Expansion

OSI Industries is a company that specializes in processing and distributing food worldwide. Despite maintaining its headquarters in Aurora, Chicago, the company has regional offices in other countries in six different continents. The company has its presence in one of the following nations. United States, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, China, and Germany. It also has offices in Brazil, Austria, Australia, and Brazil. The company began with two workers 110 years ago. This has changed as the company has managed to grow into a 20,000 employees company. The company is known for its bonuses and good food packages to its employees.

OSI Group grows through the acquisition of other smaller companies. The latest company to be acquired by the OSI Group is the Hynek Schlachthof Gmmbh of Germany. This deal was concluded on 17th March 2017. This new acquisition is a slaughter business that specializes in beef. This new acquisition is located in Frankfurt area. Like any other acquisition by the OSI Group, the management of this company will be retained as well as their employees. Other businesses that have been acquired by the OSI Group include Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. These are business found in Europe and is seen as a move to expand its global and European expansion. The OSI Group has a habit of signing a confidentiality agreement that hides the financial details of their acquisitions. Visit the site to know more about OSI Group food and catering.

The OSI Group has managed to expand by maintaining top executives at the helm. These are the people who run the day to day operations of the company, and they include Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer and the chairman. The vice chairman and chief operating officer of this company is an individual called David McDonald. Bill Weimer is the chief financial officer of the company. Other notable people within OSI Group include Stefan Chen and Brent Afman.


By Increasing Its Online Presence, Honey Birdette is Likely To Make a Big Reap

Over the last one year, Honey Birdette recorded a very high percentage increase in their online sales originating from the United States. This development prompted the firm to come up with a more customer-oriented online platform for their U.S.-based clients. The e-commerce US site launched recently focuses on giving the US customers a more sophisticated experience with more improved benefits, such as free shipments for goods that are over 50 dollars, faster deliveries, a wider selection of the products, and simplified return process.


Since its inauguration in 2006, Honey Birdette has seen an expansion from its first retail shop in Brisbane, Australia to open 55 stores across the country. It has also opened retail stores in the UK with the initial opening being at Westfield White City, Covent Garden, and Leeds’ Victoria followed soon after. Honey Birdette has plans underway to increase its retails stores count to 40 in the UK. Ten of these stores are at the final stages in premium areas, such as Newcastle, Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, and Leeds. The firm hopes to achieve this by the close of next year and is also looking at opening more in the U.S.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is an Australian-based lifestyle firm that designs high-end fashions for women undergarments. Eloise Monaghan unveiled the company, and it is headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales. With their unique, innovative products, Honey Birdette has grown to become a leading brand across the globe.

Over the years, Honey Birdette moved from retailing offline to an online platform that saw their sales rise rapidly. In the year 2011, the firm joined forces with Asia-Pacific’s well-known retail group, BB Retail Capital to market and raise awareness for their products. Since then, Honey Birdette has been growing its retail store at a fast rate with even more potential to expand.

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Using Securus Technologies to Allow Criminals to Incriminate Themselves

One of my jobs as the lead investigator in murder cases is making sure the guilty party is held responsible for their actions. These cases are never alike, except for the fact that the killers all think they have the perfect alibi and will find a way to game the system. I was working on such a case where it appeared this suspect may just walk free.


The suspect in a murder was sitting in jail, and as the trail drew near, the prosecutor knew they have very weak evidence to support the case and the defense attorney may just rip huge holes in the case and let this guy walk free. Despite him admitting to the murder and having been found to be in that place when the murder occurred, unless the murder weapon was found, he was gonna walk.


Around the time of the trial, Securus Technologies had just installed a new inmate communication system in the jail, and it would prove to be the key to me getting this case closed. Even though we were always able to monitor calls in the past, the LBS software allowed us to listen to these calls in a completely different way. One day we were alerted by the software this inmate was actually talking to a family member and speaking about something pertaining to the case.


In the past, he never uttered a word, but you could hear the anxious tone in his voice as he was trying to explain to his sister about going to a location and getting something for him. After growing frustrated with her, he said something that tipped us of he needed her to find the weapon he hid and get rid of it. We put a tail on her and when she led us to the weapon used in the murder, the case was done.


Bruce Bent II Says Money Market Funds Safe Harbor For Your Cash

Bruce Bent II is an innovative entrepreneur who graduated from Northeastern. His father was accredited as the inventor of money market fund. Bruce R. Bent II learned a lot while growing up in the financial industry.

Money market funds continue to be a smart repository for cash. But why should you care about these funds? The yield and the safety of MMFs makes them appealing. First, money market funds almost always offer a higher return than savings accounts, and they produce a greater yield than bank CD’s. They also routinely beat out the yields of even the best bank money market accounts.

As short-term rates rise, investors with money market funds can benefit because the fund managers are continually adding new debt to their portfolios, which in turn carry higher yields. And then there’s the liquidity. Yep, you can dispose of the funds quickly, making it an ideal place to store cash.

Now take a look at the risk. Due to the short term investment, it significantly reduces the interest rate risk and the risk of default. This has been a sound solution for the wealthy looking to invest in a large number of short-term investments and distribute the borrower’s risk very widely. According to Bruce Bent II, more individuals need to take advantage of money market funds.

Investors can write checks off their money market accounts and you can get the highest yield by seeking out those funds with the lowest expenses. Bruce Bent II suggests looking at the different types of funds, like taxable money markets, which provide very high yields and tax-free funds, which help you skip the federal taxes. There are also specific funds for states which help investors bypass state taxes.

Currently, Bruce Bent II is the Vice Chairman and President at Double Rock Corporation. He is an experienced executive providing professional guidance in financial management and needs assessments, as well as process improvement and operational streamlining.

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Avi Weisfogel Explains Good Dental Health On Visits

How many people enjoy going to the dentist? The visits to the dentist are necessary to good dental health. Healthy teeth can be the start of a healthy body. It is important for people to understand how easily tooth decay can affect your bodies health. Tooth decay not only causes mouth pain but also bad breath. A person with a rotten tooth may experience a bad taste in their mouth. They can experience pain and discomfort when chewing. They can also get very sick if the tooth becomes infected.

Infection can travel from a decayed tooth into the blood stream. Most people do not understand how important it is to keep their mouth healthy. Most people take their teeth for granted. Brushing and flossing are just the beginning to a healthy mouth. Dentists such as Avi Weisfogel, spend many hours during the week, explaining how important it is to have regular dental checkups. Workshops and instructional seminars are just some of the ways Avi informs the public about good dental health. He travels around on the Operation Smile bus offering his services for a minimal price. He visits with another dentist to provide updates on new procedures and equipment. He performs weekly dental consults in his office at Old Bridge Dental.

Operation smile needs the help of donations to keep helping less fortunate people get the dental help they need. Children born with facial deformities and cleft palates are dependent on go fund me and organizations such as Operation smile. Without these organizations, the children may go on without the help they need. Operation smile is part of the group of individual dentists or oral surgeons that travel the NJ and surrounding areas. Avi started a go fund me in January of 2016. The donations help with videography and photography. It helps provide the bus, the gas, and the supplies necessary to run the Operation Smile mission. People donating to the cause can help many people live a better life.

New York and New Jersey are the two areas that are most important to Avi Weisfogel and his practice. Patients can visit him at the Old Bridge Dental or the Dental Sleep Masters in the area. If he is not in one of those places you can probaly find him at a NY sporting event.

Beneful: Wholesome Ingredients For Your Dog!

Per serving of Beneful dog treats, they typically have as low as 4 calories or as high as 97.6. The product with the lowest calorie count on the Beneful website, is Beneful Incredibites: Meaty Minis.

They are made with chicken being the first ingredient, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, among other nutritional ingredients. The treat with the highest calorie count are the Healthy Smile Dental Twists (Large), designed to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup in larger dogs. Coupons for Beneful dog treats can be found at: “where you can save $3 on your next Beneful dry food recipe with real meat being the #1 ingredient!” The highest rated dog treat product on the website are the “Baked Delights Snackers,” they have a total of 53 reviews, an average of about 4.8 stars.

They are described as a super-savory, super snackable, oven baked treats with a soft center and made with peanut butter and cheese flavors. And they only have 23.8 calories per piece! For puppies, it is recommended to give them something a little softer until they reach maturity. Costumers would recommend the tender beef Break-N-Bites! Beneful treats are also great for senior dogs, especially the dental treats, which have been proven to help fight tartar buildup. Tartar and bacterial buildup in the mouth is a huge factor for tooth decay and bad breath! The most highly recommended flavor of dog treat is either chicken or beef, both are pretty well tied. The most popular treat on the site are the Break-N-Bites Crunchy: Chicken. They are new and highly rated by customers. Overall, all treats seem to be made with wholesome ingredients that any dog would love!


Healthy Beautiful Lips with EOS Lip Balm


In the past, lip balm purchasing was complicated. It involved scanning the aisle of the stores for Chapstick, a small container of lip balm. Chapstick lip balm had a clinical cylindrical tube and contained an ingredient list on the container. For courageous people who wanted to try something new, the cherry and mint flavors were available on both Walmart and Target. That makes it a total of three types of the same Chapstick lip balm.

Introduction of EOS Lip Balm

All that changed seven to eight years ago when EOS manufactured a lip balm. The product gained prominence when beauty gurus like Cosmo Editors and Allure stocked it in various colors and flavors including honeydew and grapefruit. The selling point was marked by celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian, who regularly applied EOS lip balm in events.


With the EOS products always earning space in fashion and beauty articles and blogs, EOS lip balm ranked top in the industry. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. That is what this lip balm is about. Although the company is not open to the profits generated and strategies for expanding the business, recent interviews with the Fast Company indicated that the firm is worth $250 million. This figure makes it the number two top selling lip balm in the country. According to business reports, EOS Lip balm will make about $2 billion. See,

About EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balms feature excellent flavors packed with antioxidants containing vitamin E. They also have shea butter, jojoba oil and are free of paraben. The natural lip care products are safe for the lips especially now that they are hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to most lip balms, EOS is perfect as it has no allergies. It is also dermatologist tested hence soft, smooth lips with beautiful finishing. For healthy looking beautiful lips, choose EOS lip balm!