Nine9 Takes the Entertainment Industry By Storm

Nine9 is a talent service firm that has changed the way models and actors are portrayed by the entertainment industry. Nine9 Talent Agency was founded by Anthony Toma, an entrepreneur and businessman with several businesses across different industries including entertainment, service, and retail. Toma has been working with influential industry leaders in the entertainment industry and is passionate about creating opportunities for all who have the ambition, willingness, and heart of believing and investing in themselves.

The Origin of Nine9

According to Toma, the concept of Nine9 was initiated when he was dealing with groceries. He was searching for franchising opportunities in the food business. This is how he found a franchise involved in acting and modeling. The offer was from Orlando, Florida. Toma bought the franchise there, invested in learning everything about the trade, and later expanded his franchise ownership to 26 franchises countrywide. Although the franchise had investors, it eventually went under.Anthony  Toma was forced to keep the idea alive by developing his own company in 2003. The company goes by the name “Coral Reef Productions Inc” and is now operating as Nine9. See Photos .

How Do You Come Up with Ideas

When asked how he came up with ideas, Anthony Toma says that he begins by forming questions that might hinder or show weaknesses in his idea. The next step is to take the ideas to his team, present the ideas to them, and ask them to show the weaknesses in these ideas. The final step is to bring the idea to life by posting it online, publicizing it, running some tests, and finally launching it. Nine9 at LinkedIn .

About Nine9

The mission of Nine9 is simple: 99% of actors and models are not backed by an agency that represents their best interests. Nine9 helps aspiring actors and models make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. This firm offers the 99% with the opportunities, tools, and support they need to start and take their careers to the next level. The firm is based on the belief that power comes in numbers, and that 99% is superior to 1%. for more .


EOS lip balm is the bomb

EOS lip balm is really great. It smells delicious and leaves my lips super soft. There are so many different flavors. There is honeysuckle, coconut milk, blackberry nectar, lemon twist, vanilla bean, sweet mint, tangerine and fresh grapefruit. Each flavor smells just like the name and the lip balms come in different colors. EOS is a very popular brand now; its organic, petroleum free and has great nutrients for lips. There is jojoba oil as well as shea butter and vitamin E. EOS is so unique because it’s the only mainstream lip balm that is the shape of a circle. But now there is EOS in a stick form, like most lip balms come in.

This lip balm is so smooth and the circle ball it comes in is smooth too. It’s rich in antioxidants and will have your lips feeling great. It’s very rare to find lip balm that’s organic and has this many vitamins, Check this on, thats why I love EOS. I can easily say that my favorite flavor is summer fruit. It smells very sweet and leaves my lips nice and moisturized. The best thing about EOS is the stylish container it comes in. There are pink ones, blue ones, teal ones, so many.  Go straight to this related link.

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5 90s Movies That Perfectly Captured Being a Teen Girl


  1. Clueless


Though very few people were as wealthy as the main characters, girls everywhere could still relate to their problems. Gossip, matchmaking, crushes, and being underestimated are all key themes of this film. Its over-the-top feel has given this movie a cult following and allows even moody teens to laugh at themselves.


  1. 10 Things I Hate About You


One of my favorite 90s teen movies, this coming-of-age film focuses on two sisters’ conflict with their father over their love lives. They want to be independent and date, he wants them to stay little girls forever. Based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, this movie perfectly captures that tough transition into adulthood.


  1. Now and Then


Focused on the younger teen set, this film flashes between puberty and the present for a group of 4 female friends. Covering issues from growing breasts and kissing to divorce and death, this movie captures every part of the rocky years between childhood and adulthood.


  1. The Virgin Suicides


Heavier than the feel good movies on this list, this movie captures the depression and anxiety that plagues many teens. After their sister’s suicide, a family of girls is kept under close surveillance by their parents. Their experiments with sex and secret communications with neighborhood boys give this movie a dark, dreamy quality.


  1. Slums of Beverly Hills


Lesser-known than many 90s teen movies, this film is still relatable for girls in all eras. It follows 70s teen Vivian, who is constantly moving with her father and brothers as a result of a dire financial situation. This dark comedy tackles issues like buying a bra, losing your virginity, and menstruating.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Greg Finch

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery that specifically deals with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgery is typically used to treat spine diseases, sports injuries, and other musculoskeletal trauma. Below are just a few of the top Orthopedic procedures.

Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Lumber spinal fusion is an orthopedic procedure that is typically performed on the lower spine. It is used to help join two or more vertebrae together. The surgery is often performed to help relieve pain and pressure on the spinal cord.


A laminectomy is a procedure that is used to remove a portion of the vertebral bone called the lamina. A laminectomy is most commonly performed to help treat spinal stenosis. During this surgery the lamina of a vertebra is often removed or trimmed in order to help widen the spinal canal and make more space for the nerves.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is a very minimally invasive procedure that is used to treat a variety of different conditions including torn cartilage as well as repairing rotator cuff tears. The procedure requires very small incisions and often offers a very fast healing time.

These are just a few of the many different Orthopedic procedures that orthopedic surgeons such as Dr. Greg Finch perform. Dr. Greg Finch is a orthopedic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery. He spent over two years working with some of the top doctors in the world performing various spine surgeries throughout the United States as well as Germany and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Greg Finch trained at the Auckland medical school in 1991. In 2001 Dr. Greg Finch gained his FRACS which stands for Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Since then he has performed a variety of different procedures on patients all over the world. Some of his top services include spinal fusion as well as cervical spinal surgery. He is known as one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the world.


James Dondero Discusses Investment Strategy

Highland Capital co founder James Dondero has recently talked about his investment strategy. As a finance professional, James believes that his strengths are evaluating debt deals, seeking turnaround opportunities and also staying on top of the latest trends in the financial industry. When it comes to evaluating debt deals, Dondero looks to invest in debt securities that will be highly profitable both in the short term and the long run. He regularly looks for debt securities that have potential to yield high returns and result in making substantial earnings on a regular basis. As well as evaluating debt deals, James also looks for deals that can result in a financial turnaround. This includes finding securities that may be going down in value now, but will likely begin rising in the near future. Another part of Dondero’s successful philosophy is keeping track of the most recent events that are taking place in the financial sector. With this philosophy, Dondero has been able to make his company Highland Capital one of the best in the industry.


James Dondero is the current co founder of Highland Capital Management. This firm he co founded has been in existence since the early 1990’s and has been able to establish itself as one of the top firms in the industry. After working in the finance industry for a number of years, James co founded his own company with Mark Okada. He looked to start a life insurance company and quickly built it into one of the leading firms providing life insurance. After a few years, Dondero wanted to expand the firm and make it a more well rounded financial services company. Over the next several years, James began introducing new services such as financial advisory, wealth management and asset management.


At the very beginning of his career, James worked for finance firms as a credit analyst. At this position, he would analyze credit and debt based securities and find out about their benefits and potential. Over the next few years, James Dondero would steadily advance to higher positions with more responsibility. These positions would also introduce him to more aspects of the finance industry as well. James Dondero’s employment career peaked when he attained the position of chief investment officer. At this position, James would oversee asset funds of over one billion dollars for major corporations such as American Express.



Tim Armour’s Presents His Argument For Active Investing

Tim Armour, the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, recently presented his case against Warren Buffett’s argument that most investors are better served by putting their money into a low-cost, passive index fund that follows the S&P 500. Mr. Armour says that active investing does have its place, although he agrees that many of the actively managed funds are mismanaged as well as having too high of fees.

However, he also explains that there are active funds that make a great investment choice. You can find active funds that feature low fees and don’t trade excessively, which indirectly drives up costs. He said the trick is to find a fund where the manager has parked a large part of their own money in it; this incentives them to do the best job possible.

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While Tim Armour is the top executive at Capital Group, he continues to work as an equity portfolio manager . He also often writes about financial markets and his take on how to invest. His commentary has appeared in places like A subject that he often writes about is how no one has to settle for average returns. He has said that investors need to identify fund managers who “earn their keep” and can consistently beat the market with the funds they operate.

Tim Armour has also said that another thing to identify when picking a fund manager is those who do their due diligence and put in the work on finding promising investments. He has said that too many fund managers get lazy and that’s why they fail to beat the market.

Find more about Tim Armour at

Nine9’s Inspiring Success Stories

Nine9 is a company that brings the best talent to the right casting directors. Those in need of professional actors and great personalities for anything show business related can use Nine9 to cast for those jobs. Working with Nine9 means putting your career in the hands of the right people who can lead you in a direction that you want, whether it’s acting, runway, or modeling. Nine9 is the right person to go to if you want to succeed and grow efficiently. See Photo Here.

John L. is a man who landed roles left and right after joining the company. He landed a supporting role in an online TV show, and he has been excited to work on that. He also received multiple auditions and even an extra role within two months of being part of the site. Nine9 Blogs .

Caden B. is a guy who succeeded within weeks of joining this company. He has been cast in multiple places as an extra and continues to get more work being a background actor. It is opening up doors for him that he otherwise wouldn’t have ever seen come through. Glassdoors Reviews for Nine9 .

The site is primarily a place for actors to find jobs and castings. In an instant, an actor can look through their database and look for jobs that fit their type. If you feel like you fit the role needed, you can submit and Nine9 will be there to support you. The people who work on the site will work you personally with workshops, headshots, and all that other fun stuff to help you get prepared for anything to come your way. Those in need of looking for actors can post what they want and what they are looking for in regards to the roles they need to fill. Nine9 is the one agency that can benefit everybody. for more.

Lime Crime: Innovation meets Success

With an ever growing fanbase and a social media platform unparalleled by competitors, Lime Crime announced their new and innovative additions. The company currently specializes in cosmetic beauty and lip care products. With products ranging in an assortment of colors, glosses, sparkle and shine, Lime Crime fans are patiently awaiting the new line of products set to be released in the near future.
This unique company dominated the internet and social media circuits every since its establishing in 2008. Just under a decade later, the company has solidified a steady growing fan base of true and unique cosmetic lovers. Granting consumers with a variety of colors to match their ever changing mood, the vegan and cruelty free company ranks top of the list for fresh and fabolous cosmetics.
Taking steps to improve its products, Lime Crime cosmetics differ from others in a variety of ways. Their Diamond Crusher lip glosses use a complete water based coating. This versatile products allow users to apply it directly over lip stick, adding shine and sparkle to the ordinary lip stick.
The Unicorn line remains Lime Crime’s signature collection. Offering over 5 total colors, the company’s expansion now includes over 100 different lip stick colors, types and variants.
Lime Crime also offers products for nails, hair, face and eyes. Each product uses its creative color patterns and innovative shine, allowing consumers to create their ultimate idea and standard of beauty.
The company’s hard work and efforts have earned them a variety of mentions in top fashion and cosmetic magazines. Staying true to their mission, Lime Crime has an outstanding history of charitable work. The company has supported a variety of organizations specializing in helping women, children and animals.

Adam Milstein Talks About “Inspired By Israel”

Adam Milstein is one of many Jewish Americans that have impacted the world through innovative ideas and patriotism towards their motherland of Israel, and now he wants to hear from others about what Israel means to them and the people they believe are changing the world. So he and his wife Gila are hosting “Inspired by Israel,” a video competition event that the Milstein Family Foundation, 12Tribe Films and StandWithUs have put together. Last year the video “Superman’s Got Nothing On Israel” took home the $8,000 grand prize and was posted on several notable Israeli media sites. At this time Adam Milstein, his wife Gila and several other judges are reviewing 80 entries and allowing others to vote on them at before narrowing the entries down to 10 finalists.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel in 1952 and has spent his career in the military, building construction and is currently a real estate broker at Hager Pacific Properties. He helped start this company not long after obtaining his MBA from the University of Southern California and becoming interested in commercial real estate investing. He’s helped finance acquisitions and presided over property administration of hundreds of commercial and residential properties in Illinois, Texas and California. But Milstein is probably most known for the philanthropies he and his wife Gila have started through their family foundation.

The Milstein Family Foundation’s target groups include Jewish American families, community leaders and political activists. The three core values of the Milstein Family Foundation including being actively involved with every group they support, impacting all target groups at each stage of their life and bringing together leaders to reach common goals. Through Sifriyat Pijama B’America the Milsteins have helped families learn the ancient Hebrew language and various customs of the Jewish heritage.

Adam Milstein is also the Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a group that works to maintain unity between Israel and the US through various community events. Other foundations he has chaired include StandWithUs, Hillel International, Israel on Campus, Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships and AIPAC. He made the Jersualem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews just this last year.