Chris Burch On The Fusion of Tech and Fashion

The September 22nd, 2016 edition of Engadget features a article by Christopher Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The article discusses how technology and fashion grow together in tandem. Burch states that ” technology grows with the popularity of what one considers fashionable”. He reinforces his argument by giving specific examples of the relationship.

Christopher Burch goes back to the 1970s in his first example. He points to the appearance of the “boom box” and how that technology became a symbol for self identity. He goes further in showing how the boom box became interwoven into culture by its appearance in movie story lines. As the “boom box” evolves into the “walkman” and finally the “iPod”, Burch states, ” technology grows with popularity of what one considers fashionable.”

In the present day, Burch exposes how fashion can be interwoven with technology to make a product more appealing. For example, he states that it is not fashionable to wear bike protection. He points to two inventors who created a system that an individual can wear around their neck which would inflate in an accident ,thereby protecting the head. In this case technology has been modified to preserve fashion sensibilities. Burch also discusses how designers are using recycling technology to create fashion. He cites how one designer recycles inner tubes of bicycles to create jackets and t-shirts.

Christopher Burch believes the fusion of fashion and technology is just beginning. He describes how sports apparel is being designed to capture Kinetic energy to power an individuals mp3 player. Burch elaborates further showing how technology may need assistance from the fashion world to market a product. Google was concerned about the stigma of wearing glasses when they came out with Google Glass. This concern was laid to rest when a top fashion designer had her models wear Google Glasses on the catwalk. Instantly, Google Glass was fashionable.

Christopher Burch is no stranger to fashion or technology. Burch began his career in 1976 by designing “preppy sweaters” and selling them door to door to college girls. Eventually this enterprise would spread to retail stores and his company would exceed $140 million in sales. Burch would officially become a billionaire in 2013 when he sold his 28.3% stake in his ex-wife’s fashion brand for $650 million. As a venture capitalist, Burch has made large investments in technology. He has invested in Internet Captital Group, Aliph and Powermat. Chris Burch is a master at marketing himself as a brand, using speaking engagements, book deals and social media.

Hussain Sajwani: Respected Businessman and Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani, chairman, CEO and founder of the DAMAC Group is a well respected businessman and known philanthropist. Born in Dubai in 1956, Hussain graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics. His name is among the 100 most globally influential Arabs, and his leadership and vision has been the driving force behind the creation of many amazing properties and residential estates. He has pursued many different business opportunities and succeeded with all of them, but his greatest accomplishments have come with his time spent with DMAC. There he has been able to do what no one else in the Dubai Real Estate industry has.


One of Hussain Sajwani’s accomplishments has been to form a business partnership, over time, with Donald Trump. During this partnership that both have profited from, many exquisite and exclusive homes have been built. One of their greatest feats is a private gated island community that provides the highest of international standards for refinement and design. Hussain Sajwani has also worked with Mr. Trump to have his Real Estate complexes serviced with golf courses of the best quality.


Hussain Sajwani’s philanthropic endeavors are well known and he has changed the lives of many people from different walks of life who’ve suffered for various reasons. He believes in contributing to the better good of humankind and has donated millions of dollars to different charity organizations. One of these organizations is the UAECompassion campaign, which delivered aid to areas that were most effected by snowstorm Huda in the Levant region. It’s mission was to support refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. He also supported the UAE Red Crescent whose mission was to help suffering refugees. He also has donated to the London Business School to further education.


Hussain Sajwani learned plenty from his father about business and the issues a businessman faces in life. His father’s hard work and ambition inspired Hussain to become an entrepreneur and to create a business for himself. Hussain has taken the lessons learned from his parents and applied it to his own life in a unique way. He now passes on his own values and good morals along with his loving wife to his four children.



Who Would Benefit The Most Working With Equities First

Equities First Holdings is a leading alternative source of capital during the harsh economic climate. When the economic climate is not favorable, banks and other companies issuing fast working capital using credit solutions are better in preliminary. As a matter of fact, no one has better business development in a way that cannot be matched in the industry. For this reason, the use of stock-based loans has been adopted as the better option during the harsh economic conditions.

No one can deny that the country is not in an economic crisis. Furthermore, the economic condition is also characterized by the increase in commodity prices. For this reason, the use of stocks to get money is the next best thing in the market. The harsh economic situation has also been worsened by the exit of Britain from the European Union. Over the past few years, Equities First Holdings has been adopted as the better option in the use of stock-based loans. During an economic crisis, companies and rich individuals seek the use of stock-based loans because the use of credit to secure loans is mitigated by banks and other financial institutions.

During the harsh economic crisis, many other options exist to obtain finance. However, the use of loans through banks has limited use. For this reason, people are prompted to look for better options to secure finance during the period. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has been traced as the best company in this line of duty. For the company, they always engage in the issuance of fast working capital to those who want to use their stocks as collateral. It is also one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital. For this reason, you can get better business through the use of stocks as collateral.

Troy McQuagge Honored For His Leadership

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. In the prestigious One PlanetSM Awards, McQuagge was named as the CEO of the year. The One PlanetSM Awards honor professional excellence, innovation, new products, leadership, corporate social responsibility and organization performance in every industry in the world. Any organization from around the world (new start-ups, public or private, large or small, profit or non-profit) is eligible to submit nominations.



McQuagge’s 30-plus years of experience in the Insurance industry have strengthened his leadership skills, sharpened his “business brain,” and made his company very profitable. Before he became the CEO of USHEALTH in 2010, McQuagge served as the president and CEO of Health Markets Agency Marketing Group. While working there, the company made an astonishing $1 billion worth of total volume sales. After joining USHEALTH, McQuagge rebuilt its captive distribution agency. The company has consequently made record profits for the years following McQuagge’s appointment.



Tryo McQuagge said it was an honor to receive the award and that it meant a lot. He lauded his team at USHEALTH Group, Inc. for their continuous efforts and hard work. He also stated that the award was a testament to their commitment to solving the affordability issue for their customers in the health sector. He also mentioned his company’s commitments to provide clients innovative coverage for their ever-changing health care needs.



About McQuagge



McQuagge is a highly-experienced insurance and sales expert. He can thrive in a competitive business that includes startups, turnarounds, and developed companies. He has the capability of delivering workable solutions to tough and complex problems and has been overseeing the growth in sales at USHEALTH Group. He also sits on the board of directors.



McQuagge’s earned his B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida. After graduating, his career kicked off when Allstate Insurance Company hired him . He then joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies, Inc. (UICI) in 1995. After two years, he was promoted to the position of president for UGA which is an insurance agency for UICI. In 2006, private equity investors bought UICI. After this purchase, McQuagge was tasked with the duty of overseeing sales and all marketing processes of the new firm. His stellar performance as the Health Markets Agency Marketing group’s CEO saw it named as the sales organization of the year in 2007.


Film Careers With Purpose: Thor Halvorssen’s Career

Many people who decide to be a filmmaker do so for many different reasons. Some people want to be famous. Others want to tell good stories. Then there are some who want to use film in order to influence the world. Thor Halvorssen is one of those people who want to make films that influence the world and take it in a direction that is more harmonious. One thing that he understands about people and entertainment is that what they see in the media does have a lot of influence on their behavior. Therefore, he is working on ways to bring that influence towards something positive.

Thor Halvorssen is very passionate about human rights. As a matter of fact, he has set up the Human Rights Foundation with the purpose of fighting for the rights of others. He is aware of many different countries that are run a lot differently than the more free countries. There are a lot of underdeveloped countries where people are living in horrific conditions. The dictatorship in those countries often take away the humanity of those that are suffering. What is even sadder is that a lot of people are born into this. Therefore, they have no idea that there is a better life.

Given his connections and involvement in the film industry, he has celebrities that are involved in the fight for human rights. Thor himself travels to different countries that are in violation of human rights. He works as an activist with the intention of getting rid of authoritarian rule. He has also shown that he is willing to sacrifice his life in order to make a difference. He understands that any forms of punishment he takes is nothing compared to what the people in these countries go through on a daily basis.

Two Great Places To Get Married

George Street Photo and Video Locations is a house of professionals that focus on weddings. They have studios in almost every state, including North Carolina and California. Here are some settings that will fit any wedding photo need.

The Glass Box located in Raleigh North Carolina is on fifth floor of a luxury building near downtown. The bright white suite is spotless and has a private balcony outside. The lattice ceilings and strong hardwood floors create a feeling that will make you want to stay forever. This is a small place for photos or weddings with around fifty people.

The Tsakopoulos Library Galleria in Sacramento California is a mix of modern structure and old time beauty. As soon as you enter, you feel like a king and queen from their indoor balconies on the upper floor. The ringed crystal chandeliers make the place great for morning shots and the winding staircase with the drapes make it great for night. TO book a professional service, please visit


The rise in alternative investments has consequently led to alternative credits. Highland Capital management is one of the companies that started alternative credit management and it has developed for its great work in the sector. It specializes in credit services such as long only funds and separate accounts, credit hedge funds, special and distressed situation private equity. It also takes part in alternative investment like short/ long equities and in emerging markets only not in large scale as it does with the credit investments.



The company was formed by the initiative of Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1990 to form a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation who specialized in fixed income markets. In 1993 the company evolved into Protective Asset Management Company where the founding partners had a shareholding of 40% and the rest was under the insurance corporation. The two purchase the Protective Life’s shareholding in the late 1990s and changed the company name to Highland capital Management. A few years later, it launched the very first commingled bank loan fund and listed an alternative investment 40 Act platform. The company now has more than 180 employees and holds more than $18 billion worth of assets. It has its headquarters situated in Dallas with branches in Singapore, New York City, Seoul and São Paulo.



Most recently, the company made great returns from their energy stocks after the price of oil hit the bottom. Gregory, chief investment officer is grateful that none of their chosen partners cut their dividends after their purchased energy stock shares. The most surprising thing was that master limited partnerships provided them with low double digit or high single digit dividend return in the scenario. Gregory admits that the next best investment lies in the health sector where companies are competing to produce drugs that are less addictive.



Highlands Capital Management does not only seek to cater for its clients only but for the whole community. It takes its social responsibility very seriously and invests in more than financial markets. Through volunteerism and financial donations to both local and national non-profit organizations, the company hopes that it can be the voice of change for the community.


Equities First Lending Matches Clients with Stock-based Loans Tailored to address their Needs

In today’s dynamic financial marketplace, people in need of capital have access to numerous financing options. Even those with poor credit history or in need of urgent funds can utilize their shares as collateral to acquire loans at competitive rates. Equities First Holdings is a powerhouse when it comes to loans that are collateralize by stocks. Loans collateralize by stock include share-based lending and margin lending. The similarity of these two lending options is that they allow individuals and firms to utilize stock as collateral.


The loan-to-value ratios of stock-based lending are approximately 75 percent while for margin loans the ratios are from 20 percent to 50 percent. Borrowers of margin loans may be instructed to use the money obtained for a particular purpose. On the other hand, stock-based loans are non-purpose, implying that the proceeds can be utilized for any reason. The interest rates for traditional margin loans tend to vary while those of stock-based ones are fixed.

Advantages of stock-based loans

  1. A hedge against market fluctuation

Taking share-based loans offer a chance for investors to navigate through tough market fluctuations. This loan allows the borrower to minimize his or her risk in a declining market.

  1. Non-recourse feature

The non-recourse aspect associated with stock-based loans enables a borrower to abandon a share loan any time she or he wishes. Even when the share’s value declines, the borrower will comfortably retain the initial loan proceeds.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings (EFH) delivers innovative solutions to executive and affluent individuals in need of non-purpose capital. The firm concentrated on developing a product that supplies ample liquidity at flexible terms via a safe and transparent process. Its novel approach to stock-based loans has resulted in over 635 successful transactions to date. The company’s unique method of financing offers many of its customers with a lower cost of capital and ideal financing terms compared to the conventional financial alternatives.

EFH operate internationally via regional offices in Hong Kong, South Africa, London, Bangkok, Sydney, Singapore, and Perth. It provides financial arrangements customized to suit the needs of borrowers. EFH specializes in capital allocation, alternative finance solutions, as well as financial services. The Indianapolis-headquartered lending heavyweight opened its doors back in 2002. In 2013, the company released a statement to its clients, announcing a double-digit growth and global expansion. EFH has been experiencing a 30 percent annual rate of growth since its establishment over 15 years ago.

Omar Boraie Contributed to the Medical Field

In order to enhance the field of precision medicine and to promote its importance, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established within Rutgers University.

According to Newswise, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was founded, program which is also part of Rutgers University’s chair challenge. The business magnate, philanthropist and financial expert Boraie, also as an incentive, will donate over $1.5 million in order to support the academic program. Endowed chairs are known in the world of academia for their importance. According to NJ Biz, thanks to endowed chairs, universities can support and improve academic disciplines. The Omar Boraie is also part of 18 programs. Such programs were possible because of a donation of more than $50 million on behalf of an anonymous donor.

Genomic science has throughout the years been influencing medical doctors and scientists. In fact according to, precision medicine is quite new. In the case of cancer, precision medicine allows oncologists to treat tumors on a genetic level. It is about utilizing a tailored approach. Many medical professionals throughout the United States have opted for precision medicine and particularly next-generation gene sequencing. However, Rutgers Cancer Institute was the first of its kind in New Jersey and the first to treat cancerous tumors through methods involving genomic sequencing. According to Boraie, Rutgers Cancer Institute has made radical improvements in the field of cancer research. Individuals with rare or hard-to-treat cancers, for instance, have been benefiting from precision medicine. Boraie,, who also has a rigorous background in chemistry, hopes that other affluent individuals will also contribute to this type of cancer research in the future. The businessman also hopes that people from around the world will also benefit from precision medicine.

Robert S. DiPaola, the director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, is thankful of Boraie’s contribution. His monetary donation will bring lasting benefits in the field of cancer research. The physician, scientist, researcher, director, and professor Shridar Ganesan was named for the prestigious chair. Dr. Ganesan, who also came from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, is honored by the nomination. According to Ganesan, conventional treatments for cancer are not that effective. Cancer is more of an accumulation of diseases and precision medicine can provide more efficient tailored therapies. Boraie’s contributions will provide benefits to the field of genetics and bring new understandings of cancer biology.


Rick Shinto’s Pioneering Leadership Makes InnovaCare Health the Industry Leader

InnovaCare Health is a top rated provider of quality managed health care plans and physician practice services primarily in North America. At the top of the InnovaCare leadership is the current CEO and President, Dr. Rick Shinto. Prior to InnovaCare, Mr. Shinto served as the President and CEO of Aveta Inc., the same outfit before it restructured to become InnovaCare in 2012.

Rick Shinto has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare and clinical medicine and a renowned author of several peer-reviewed journals and articles published on the need to address limitations in health care through managed network providers. This means he has been at the forefront of integrating innovative and better solutions on to the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Rick Shinto has been recognized as one of the top 25 minority healthcare executives and bagged the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012. His keen understanding of medical provider networks has catapulted him to the top leadership of managed healthcare programs having held the top post in former assignments such as PMC Medicare Choice, MMM Healthcare, and NAMM. Rick Shinto’s latest achievement is being recognized with the “Access to Caring Award” as part of “A Tribute to Caring” at the Western University of Health Sciences, California.

Under his leadership, InnovaCare has enjoyed swift growth in clientele seeking affordable health services, especially among the underserved communities on Known as an empathetic and considerate man, he enjoys spending time with both clients and their families educating them on good health while helping them get their loved ones feel good.

Rick Shinto enjoys providing stellar leadership with like-minded and talented colleagues such as his Chief Operations Officer Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Penelope similarly has over 20 years’ experience in similar positions in healthcare provision having held the same title at Centerlight Healthcare and previously Touchstone Health in the same capacity. The pair creates a compelling case to make affordable health plans easier to access in a sustainable manner. Their teams of professional health services providers are able to understand the needs of local communities and create viable products to address the unique circumstances facing them.

The increased clientele numbers at over 250,000 are the proven results that are redefining healthcare uptake, and North America is warming up to their charms catapulting the company performance to the top. Additionally, with such experience and motivated leadership, it is easy to see why InnovaCare Health is fast becoming the only choice for clientele looking for well-managed services.