Organo Gold is Revolutionizing Coffee

Today many are realizing the value of natural herbs in maintaining health and vitality and Organo Gold fulfills a host of needs. Simply put, Organo Gold is an herbal multi-product that uses the Ganodema Lucida mushroom (a fungus) that grows best in an environment on the wood of trees, live or fallen in Asia. It is a spectacular mushroom, not used in cooking but for its nutritional benefits. Organo Gold specifically uses the Ganoderma found in the Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou geographic region.

Traditional Chinse medicine has employed this herbal substance for centuries with remarkable success. Even modern pharmaceuticals cannot make claims of such long term results.

In Chinese the term “spiritual potency” is used to describe Ganoderma, in Japanese it is called the “King of Herbs”. As with other herbs used in Traditional medicine, the benefits are multiple, from body management to skin care.

Organo Gold has created multiple products from Ganoderma that suit the tastes and lifestyles of its customers, from coffee beverages and teas, to skin creams. It has also developed and entrepreneurial system that has opened up many doors to success for representatives and distributors of this remarkable and delicious product.

Bernardo Chua is the developer and moving force behind Organo Gold and its growing network of entrepreneurs. Bernardo Chua has based his work ethic on his Chinese/Philippine ancestry and his knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine.

Bringing the benefits of the Ganodema Lucida mushroom and his skills at marketing combined into a worldwide network of over one million entrepreneurial distributors who benefit from the all-encompassing Organo Gold marketing system has to offer.

Organo Gold member/entrepreneurs benefit from selling a host of genuinely beneficial products to eager customers and profiting from their own energy and skill-building from Organo Gold’s support network. Bernardo Chua’s expertise at Chinese herbals and marketing acumen have all combined into a successful formula that benefits seller and buyer alike.

Entrepreneurs such as Bernardo Chua are the rising stars in business in Asia, a monumental marketing environment for consumers and motivated individuals seeking to better their own lives and those of others. Organo Gold’s marketing model offers a path to business success for members and satisfaction for customers that few can match.

The Legacy of Levenson

Bruce Levenson is the previous owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. In addition to previously owning the NBA Team he also is a businessman as well as a philanthropist. Levenson will leave a legacy with his different career endeavors and work with the community.

Career History

Atlanta Hawks LLC

When Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson was the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC he was an owner and major operator of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team as well as the Philips Arena. He was also the Governor representative for the Hawks on the NBA Board.


In addition to the Atlanta Hawks LLC, Levenson also co-founded UCG, or the United Communications Group. The company was based in Maryland and was focused on different developments that were happening within the oil industry. Levenson and his partner created newsletters and databases to inform those in the field.


Levenson is also a large part of different organizations that give service to the public. One of these organizations is the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. as well as the Hoop Dreams Foundation. He was also the president of the I Have a Dream Foundation. This foundation specializes in helping low – income children have a chance at higher education.

He is also one of the founding donors to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Levenson gives funds to the program that teaches inner city students the lessons that have arisen from the holocaust. The program also trains these students to become tour guides.





Classrooms are Better with Classdojo

The classrooms around the country that have made the decision to use Classdojo have seen a lot of improvement in the way that they work and the attitude of the students who are a part of these classrooms. The Classdojo app has made a major difference in the way that teachers teach, the way that students learn and the way that parents are able to be a part of all of this while their student is in school. Whether it is being used in Kindergarten or in twelfth grade, the app is one of the best available for classrooms to be better.


Teachers may not be able to get the perfect lesson plans or get the best teaching skills from Classdojo but they are able to get the resources that they need to ensure that they are doing their best with teaching students valuable skills when it comes to the way that they behave in the classroom.According to, the app makes sure that teachers are able to reward their students which will encourage them to be better when they are in the classroom and will teach them valuable life skills for when they get older and out of school.


If teachers are able to benefit from the app, so are students. They can feel great about what the app has to offer because it gives them a chance to get rewarded for doing good things. Depending on what the teacher has set up to earn points, students can even be rewarded for being a good friend to their other classmates. This is something that is much different than other apps and something that has changed the way that students are able to do different things depending on where they are at in the classroom. The points that they earn can then be traded in for real-life prizes in the classroom.


Parents are not left out of the benefits of Class dojo. They can communicate with the teachers who their students have. The app is set up so that parents can see what their children are doing on a daily basis. They can see whether or not the student has earned points and can see their progress each week. This allows them to get a glimpse into their life and to make sure that they are doing well in school. Gone are the days where parents need to ask students what they did that day.

Moving Home To Texas Allows For More Family Time For Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is one of the super doctors from Austin Texas that gave New York a try and wanted to return home. She gave New York a try by working with another doctor helping people with eye, throat and ear issues. She did some counseling and was instrumental in some speaking engagements. Jennifer made the decision to give up the big city life to move back home to her life she loved as a child. She packed up her sons and moved them back close to her parents and family. After she settled down there she went on to open her own satellite office to help others with things like Botox and Laser surgeries.


Jennifer is a single mother that knew in the eighth grade that she wanted to be a surgeon. She was successful in high school and in the sports that she played such as soccer. Jennifer is the daughter of a dentist and her mother is a surgical nurse. Being involved with a medical family gave her the inspiration she needed to become the woman she has become. She has won several awards such as the American Woman’s Association award and the American Society of Plastic surgery. She is also accepted as one of the best beauty surgeons in America. Jennifer has appeared in several publications such as Vive Magazine as Dr.90210 and the American Airlines Magazine. She is featured in many articles and magazines about surgery.


One of the features that Jennifer enjoys is appearing on television to talk about issues such as teen plastic surgery, and mommy make-overs. Jennifer Walden is also instrumental in answering questions about celebrity plastic surgeries. One of the things she likes to discuss and answer questions about is Vaginal rejuvenation. She believes men and women should receive a valid education about expectations and a woman’s body after menopause. She explains that woman wants to look or feel good about them. Tightening and noninvasive rejuvenation may be the answer to helping men and women deal with sexual dysfunctions. Men care about the way a woman looks and this is one of the issues that she discusses. Men do not believe a woman cares how she looks but she does. Helping men and women understand this sensitive issue may help them to have a better understanding of other issues.


Jennifer hopes by moving back to Texas that she will have more time to do the things she loves and more time for family.

Reviewing The Contribution Of Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory To Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur is offering young entrepreneurs a platform where they can launch and manage their startups. The Swiss Startup Factory is a facility that is incubating ICT startups that are talented and aligned to the path of making a change in the world. Launched in 2014, the facility has to date incubated hundreds of startups that have grown into established companies across the country.


The Swiss Startup Factory offers upcoming entrepreneurs access to a pool of experienced and highly skilled professionals, who contribute to the development of the startups by offering a one on one mentorship session and tools for testing of the ideas. To avail the requisite infrastructure, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with universities across the country in a bid to get resources that can help the startups implement their ideas.


Digital business strategy

The business world has changed and over the years, more businesses have invested in making changes that are in line with the new requirements. Adapting to the digital environment and ensuring a business is always prepared for change enhances competitiveness. Through the digital business strategy provisions, the Swiss Startup Factory is allowing startups to strategize for the changes about to happen and the entrepreneurs are equipped with special skills to help them push their digital agenda.


Staffing and goal definition

Every business should have a goal and a staffing strategy that works in tandem with the goals. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, startups are equipped with skills that offer a definite approach to staffing and goal definition procedures that are aimed at strengthening the business. The role of staffing extends further to getting solutions to different problems that often lead to losses in a business.


Post-accelerator support

The Swiss Startup Factory offers an acceleration program that is included in the incubation period of three months. Once this period is over, startups are released to the market so they can implement the things they have learned in the process. However, a startup is not left to run without support for the first five months, reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers the post-accelerator support to oversee the implementation of different concepts acquired during the incubation period.


Mike Baur

Born and raised in Fribourg, Mike Baur is a professional whose career has brought light to many aspiring entrepreneurs. He started as a banker and worked for almost 20 years. In 2014, Mike Baur made a bold move that saw him enter the world of entrepreneurship. He formed the Swiss Startup Factory, which has for two years now been offering support to startups within Switzerland.



Goettl Air Conditioning Gives Back to Community

Goettl Air Conditioning owner, Ken Goodrich, believes that “giving back to those in our community who need help is our obligation” and Ken Goodrich has made good on his word. When septuagenarian Jim Stiller’s air conditioning quit working and a water line burst in his home a few months ago, it was Goodrich’s companies, Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber, that stepped up to help repair Siler’s home.

Before the repairs, Siler was hospitalized several times with health issues caused by the summer heat of Las Vegas. With no running water or a/c in his home, he was forced to endure 115-degree outdoor temperatures to collect a bucket of water for his daily needs. Then he would open the windows of his home in order to bear the oppressive heat.

A recent widow, Siler, couldn’t afford to pay for repairs while living on a fixed income. So employees from Goettl Air Conditioning, along with employees from The Sunny Plumber and members of the Bishop Gorman football team, donated their time and about $8,000 of services and materials. The companies repaired Siler’s plumbing and air conditioning while the Bishop Gorman football teammates, including Goodrich’s 16-year old son, worked to make Siler’s home safer by removing debris and repairing stairs and railings. Now Siler is much more comfortable living in his home.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a heating and air conditioning company servicing the Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California areas. Since 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning has specialized in providing residential and commercial customers with quality HVAC service and installation. Along with their outstanding customer service, Goettle Air Conditioner employees are highly skilled and trained to repair and install air condition and heating as well as improve a home’s air quality and energy efficiency. Goettl Air Conditioning has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The Midas Legacy Is Out To Help People Live Healthier and Protect Their Futures

The Midas Legacy is a company located in Florida that works to help people achieve their goals in life. A large number of people that come to them are entrepreneurs who are looking to find success and financial independence, which takes a lot of management skills to sustain over the long term. But this is not all, the Midas Legacy also looks to help people in other ways than just finances, such as their overall happiness and health, as the sense of self is quite important to feel successful as well. It is quite unique for a company to be concerned with all aspects of a persons life, rather than just the money aspects.

The Midas Legacy helps new entrepreneurs make proper business decisions as well as financial ones. Working through the steps and ensuring each client finds a good understanding of how to run a business means they have a higher chance at success, and it also means they will be able to help other people, through advice and jobs. Even though many of their clients are entrepreneurs, the company happily accepts any kind of client, regardless of what it is they are hoping to achieve. The Midas Legacy is always happy to work with those who want to achieve their dreams and are willing to be creative with their ideas.

They work to not only give people the answers and achieve their goals for them, but to help them learn how to motivate themselves and become more successful with their own abilities in the future. This is why all of the experts at the Midas Legacy encourage their clients to come up with their own ideas and the path that they want to take, while the company acts as a mentor to guide them.

The Midas Legacy always has the best plans in order and is ready to help people start achieving their goals today, so anyone who wants to benefit from this opportunity should take the time to see what they fully have to offer. There is no better time than today for someone to start improving their life.

Goettl Air Conditioning Helps People Who Need AC

In a recent incident located in Las Vegas, man who was struggling to deal with the massive amount of work that his home needed was helped by the Goettl Air Conditioning company and a local plumbing company in order to allow him to live safely in his home. The man, who is located in Las Vegas, was living without reliable air conditioning and had a major Plumbing problem in his home as well. Because of the fact that the repair work was going to cost more than $8,000 for him, this was something he was not able to afford. This is when the Goettl Air Conditioning company as well as a local plumbing company came to his Aid and fixed everything for him out of the goodness of their hearts.

Las Vegas HVAC Contractors Help Man in Need

The Goettl Air Conditioning company has been around for quite some time now and allows people to get great working air conditioning in their home at very convenient prices. Many people who do not have air conditioning suffer through the heat of the summer months. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it might be a good idea for you to work with professionals like the ones you will find that the Goettl Air Conditioning company so that you can get superior air conditioning that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Many people have been hiring the Goettl Air Conditioning company simply because of their expertise and budgeting options that allow people to have great work and air conditioning that does not break the bank.

Another wonderful thing about the Goettl Air Conditioning company that many other air conditioning businesses do not have his inability to work with their clients on an individualized basis. This enables you to feel confident knowing that the work is being done by a professional team of experts who have years and years of experience in the HVAC industry. If you ever have any issues with your air conditioning or heating system at home, you will want to contact the Goettl Air Conditioning company so that they can come in and get the project finished for you. You will find that this benefit you greatly and allows you to live in a home that is comfortable and cool no matter what the temperature outside happens to be like at the current moment. This is especially good for people who are living in extremely hot climates.

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Big Growth Plans At Seattle Genetics

Vice President Joe Biden visited the Puget Sound area’s top cancer drug research company: Seattle Genetics. This company is publicly traded as SGEN on the NASDAQ and is growing quickly, putting Seattle even more firmly on the genetic engineering map. The company is based in nearby Bothell and has plans to grow big by developing several new drugs. This entails hiring many more people in the Seattle area.

The CEO of Seattle Genetics, who is also the founder, Clay Siegall, has announced intentions to hire 120 new employees during 2016. This highlights the central role Seattle Genetics has taken in the emerging area of cancer research. They are the inventors of a cancer treatment drug called Adcetris. The drug is very promising and over 70 clinical trials. The hope is that it will cure some types of lymphomas. The most important trial is an advanced Phase 3 use of Adcetris for front-line drug treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma.

That one drug will have the largest effect on the company, overall in 2016, according to CEO Siegall. Lymphoma cancers are the main target for Adcetris. The $226 million the company made in 2015, from a combination of U.S. and Canadian sales, more than validates the work they are doing in this vital area.

A more generic version of the drug is produced by Takeda Pharmaceutical, a partner with Seattle Genetics. They will only sell that type in markets outside Canada and the United States. Siegal indicated the company is now in various stages of development on a dozen new drugs, not including Adcetris.

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Bruce Levenson And Company Files Lawsuit Against AIG For Breach Of Contract

Recently, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the former ownership group of the NBA franchise, has filed a lawsuit against two of the prominent insurance companies in the nation. While the lawsuit directly implicates New Hampshire Insurance Company, court documents suggest that AIG is also involved. As such, these charges are related to the payment of Danny Ferry, the former General Manager of Atlanta Hawks.
Regarding the lawsuit, it is notable that ABHE oversaw Atlanta Hawks until April 2015, when it was sold to the current management. As the former owner of Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson is among the filers who feel betrayed by AIG as the company has repeatedly ignored requests from him to pay insurance claims regarding the employment contract of the former General Manager, Denny Ferry. As the head of ABHE, Bruce Levenson of the UCG understood that a long-term employment contract with his associates, such as Ferry, could prove risky if he decided to sell his company. Based on his assumption of the risk, Bruce Levenson insured the employment contract with New Hampshire Insurance Company.

Actually according to Forbes, Ferry was hired in 2012 by Bruce Levenson for an $18 Million contract for six years. The sale of Atlanta Hawks meant that Danny Ferry could not be compensated fully for his duties. Logically, his decision seemed practical as Atlanta Hawks was sold to a new management before the six year contract expired. As a result, the former General Manager of Atlanta Hawks, Danny Ferry, was entitled to payout from the insurance company.

While Danny Ferry and Atlanta Hawks reached an agreement to settle the compensation, they also want the insurance company to pay an undisclosed sum, which was a part of the agreement. However, both AIG and New Hampshire Insurance Company are not responding to legal claims. Therefore, the law firm representing former stakeholders of ABHE filed filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Fulton County on Sept. 13 against the insurance company for breach of contract and insurance in bad faith.