Thor Halvorssen Leads The Human Rights Foundation To New Levels of Success

In 2004, Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in a bid to make sure the problems he saw occuring in the world of human rights were being addressed. The Venezuelan born film producer has his own ideas about how best to address the issues facing the world and decided his own foundation was the best way of making sure the focus was firmly placed on those stuck in closed societies who could not escape the grip of tyrants and dictators from around the world.

Halvorssen does not see why every U.S. based human rights foundation must focus their attentions on problems within the borders of America or on U.S. territories and military bases. Instead, Thor Halvorssen has sought out the societies in the world that are causing the most harm to the citizens of individual countries.

Areas of the world that have seen much attention from Halvorssen and his small Human Rights Foundation team include a number of Latin American countries and the well known dictatorship of North Korea. Publicity plays a major role in the work of the Human Rights Foundation, but direct action has been taken in the past that has seen hacking campaigns take place against North Korean officials and various information has been smuggled into the country.

Thor Halvorssen believes education and knowledge is power for those who are looking for the best ways of assisting those stranded in closed societies. Halvorssen has used his position as a film producer to produce inspiring documentaries explaining how the world can be changed by a group of people, among the documentaries Thor Halvorssen has produced are those based on the Hugarian uprising of the 1950s and the use of humor to undermine the Communist regime of the Soviet Union.

The documentary work completed by Thor Halvorssen has been award-winning and allowed the Venezuelan film expert the chance to expand his range into fiction movies with major Hollywood stars. Halvorssen is now working with Bryan Singer on a science fiction movie after completing a science fiction short film before work began on the feature length movie.

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White Shark Media Offers Its Clients An Insight On How To Best Optimize Keywords On There Pages.

Optimizing keywords for a Webpage has been tricky task for many business with online WebPages. Good keyword optimization is very important in improving ranking WebPages online. White Shark Media, is a leading online marketing services provider for SMEs worldwide came forward to offer guidance to its clients on how they can write good WebPages for their websites. This White Shark Media strategy has so far proved to be fruitful for most clients who have used it in the market. Most of this clients were able to boost their website visibility up to 60% of the total specific keyword searches. This firms SEO strategy put alot of emphasis on keyword usage in the titles, meta descriptions and body of the WebPages.

The White Shark Media SEO strategy that was put on points out how keywords should be distributed on a web page. According to that article, a title of every Webpage must contain a keyword. This will help search engines and internet users identify the information on the website. Also, it is important for the headline of a Webpage to contain the keyword. This will enable internet users easily identify the keyword they are searching for with the topic of discussion in your Webpage.

White Shark Media also insist that its clients the power of keyword use in the meta description. This firm says that businesses should have a good meta description with a well placed keyword. This is because most internet users choose the website to view based on the meta description. The keyword should also appear at least three to four times on the Webpage content. A good Webpage has its information complimented with images. For good keyword optimization, images and files on a Webpage must be named using keywords. This will help the Webpage be easily identified by search engines especially when an internet user is searching for images.

White Shark Media also says that business should be careful to avoid overusing the keywords on their WebPages. A good Webpage has a fair use of keywords to allow room for delivery of the intended information well. White Shark Media says that clients and business who follow the said guidelines will be able to extensively increase their SEO rankings and in turn increase their website’s traffic. This firm says it ids also important for SMEs to seek professional online marketing services from trusted firms for better results.

White Shark Media is the best global firm that offers small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) the best online marketing solutions. This firms offers solutions that help SMEs get the best out of their AdWord accounts and online marketing platforms. White Shark Media is supported by a team of highly experienced and professional staff that go ahead to ensure that their clients are best served.

How the New Real Estate Buyers Differ from the Past Corporate CEOs

A recent article published by Mansion Global revealed the entry of a new breed of buyers in the real estate market, who are different from the typical corporate CEOs. Dolly Lenz, a real estate expert in NYC properties, described the new buyers as tech savvy young, often purchasing their first real estate unit worth millions of dollars and well-informed. Further, their objective is attaining and sustaining a lifestyle that is both convenient and comfortable for themselves.

Unlike the past CEOs real estate agents were used to, the new buyers are either millennial top personalities in sports, entertainment, music or tech entrepreneurs. As such, this contributes to the disparity in tastes and preferences between past CEOs and the new breeds of buyers. Subsequently, real estate agents, especially in the NYC properties market have had to develop their survival mechanisms to accommodate the new customers such as communicating with their clientele via social media platforms like WhatsApp.

The young and tech-savvy buyers are commonly interested in aspects such as location when picking their ideal property for purchase. Consequently, the ideal property ought to be located near close facilities such as bars, restaurants, and cafes. Cities boasting of properties with such features such as Atlanta, Portland, and Ore have witnessed an increment in this type of clients.

Town Residential

Town Residential ranks ups as one of the most sought after real estate firm that deals with luxury residential NYC property. It leverages on its seamless execution and exhilarating foundation of world-class customer services, which is facilitated by a highly qualified team of Representatives. Town Residential, New Development Division specializes in all aspects pertaining top-notch new development services, which comprise of pre-development such as marketing, branding, and planning as well as market research and analysis.

Town Residential also credits its success to the expertise and experience of its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Heiberger. Through his able leadership, he has steered Town Residential into a top firm in NYC properties sector with more than 500 licensed Representatives as well as industry leading specialists located within its seven neighborhood offices, which are strategically located. Since its inception in December 2010, Town boasts of over $9.5 billion worth of transactions and a strong commitment to redefining the manner by which a real estate firm ought to deliver its services and operate.

Spectacular Event Spaces And The Taralluci E Vino Experience

Often times, when the question of restaurants with great event space comes to mind, few important factors are considered: great food, a good backdrop which justifies the celebration and an excellent service that offers the enjoyment of a time. These factors tend to influence the choice of an event space and restaurant considered suitable for the desired experience. In a situation where a better option is available, it is not enough to settle for the good.

Gramercy Tavern Restaurant

Established in 1974 by Danny Meyer in a historic landmark structure and located at the Gramercy Park. The Gramercy Tavern is one of America’s cherished restaurants known for its unparalleled services in welcoming guests with warm hospitality to enjoy America’s contemporary cuisine. For two decades Chef Michael Anthony has served boldly seasonal menu which consists of sumptuous dishes that show the restaurant’s affiliation with purveyors and local farmers.

The restaurant is also seen to provide two pleasant dining experiences as a Dining Room and a Tavern. While the Tavern serves a casual menu in a walk-in setting and provides daily a four-course menu at dinner, the Dining Room offers fixed prices and a very tasty menu. The restaurant’s event space provides a classic spot for a private party.

China Blue

This is a new spot located in Tribeca with beautifully furnished interiors which shows a contrast between a classic and lofty downtown space and the jazz age Shanghai we often imagine. It is composed of ornamental lights, old fashioned touches and bookshelves made of dark wood and lined with elegant flea market items. The event space is divided into partial rooms which provide great space for private events as the spaces can accommodate a party of any size.

Taralluci E Vino

Situated in Union Square, Taralluci E Vino provides two elegant event spaces that are very suitable for any occasion or event. With Chef Ricardo Bilotta who creates a very inspirational menu to everyone’s admiration through a blend of modern culinary methods and traditional Italian cuisine.

Being an intimate room, the Mezzanine provides a perfect avenue for a small and private gathering of 30 or a cocktail party for 80 guests. The room is well sophisticated and warm which makes everyone feel even more at home. It is also equipped with a bar and a lounge area, furnished with unique mirrors, antique cabinets and artworks, gorgeous custom bricks with a state of the art wine cellar.

Taralluci’s elegant and spacious 6th Floor Loft can be used for any type of event, be it a bussiness meeting of 50 participants or a birthday party of about 120 invitees. Same as the Mezzanine, it is furnished with a lounge area, a bar, good looking custom tables, spectacular and antique mirrors and stunning chandeliers. Taralluci’s impressive wine selection reflects a unique commitment to seamlessly executed events by offering excellent services and unparalleled hospitality that are very much central to the Taralluci E Vino experience.

Not only is the space very beautiful, the coordinating staff and workers at Taralluci are also very impressive and beyond helpful in planning events and occasions, they work with you for months helping you plan your event so that on the actual day your expectations will be floored and your guests will get remarking on how wonderful and delicious everything is. Surely, Taralluci E Vino assures you of a thrilling experience for any upcoming event ranging from a dinner party to a wedding party.

Kabbalah Centres are Focus Centers of Kabbalah Wisdom

There are over 40 Kabbalah Centres around the world today, and the first one was established in 1922 in Israel. Kabbalah Centres make it available for people to come together to study the principles of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that has been in the world since before the Jewish faith was formed. Early Kabbalahists would study and gather in small groups. Today, Kabbalah Centres provide a common place of study where members can come together for dinners and participate in volunteering events.
Karen Berg believes that volunteering in the community is significant for the student, but also in the needs of the community. Karen and Rav Berg were the founders of the Kabbalah Centres in the United States. They studied for a decade at the first Centre in Israel. In the 1980’s, they brought the essence of Kabbalah to the U.S. and established a Centre in New York City. In time, this Kabbalah Centre was moved to San Francisco, and several more have been founded including one in Utah and one in Los Angeles.

When the Internet spread worldwide, the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles began Kabbalah University, which offers courses, meditations and much more about the principles of Kabbalah online. Kabbalah is not a religion, but an ancient wisdom. Instructors are trained to teach students practical principles that help them make better decisions in their everyday lives. Classes are also designed to bring out the joy that they believe is in each human being.

Kabbalah means “to receive,” and Kabbalah Centres offer many opportunities for individuals to receive Kabbalah spirituality to create a better way of life. The Bergs translated many of the ancient Kabbalah documents into over 40 languages so that the ancient beliefs would be available for the students. The Centres also provide instructors who have studied the Wisdom and principles of Kabbalah intensely for years. The main focus of the beliefs is on the Creative Light and becoming closer to it in your characteristics and habits. For more information go to

Why Switching to LED Lighting Bulbs May Be the Best Option for You

Gooee created the world’s first full-stack operating system platform to connect lighting manufacturers to the IoT. One of their lighting systems includes LED bulbs, which has the impressive lifespan of over 20 years. Over the last few years, Gooee’s LED lighting bulbs have definitely made significant changes.

Rather than searching for the watts that you need, with LED bulbs, the brightness is determined somewhat differently. Though many people believe that the wattage is the brightness of the bulb, in reality it actually measures how much energy the bulb draws. For LEDs, the watts are not very helpful in determining how bright the bulb is since their job is to draw less energy. An LED bulb with 8 to 12 watts is actually comparable to a 60W incandescent bulb.

When choosing the best bulb for your convenience, it is important to find the right color. The popular colors available for LEDs are: soft white, warm white and bright white. Warm white and soft white both produce more of a yellow hue. Bright white bulbs will produce a whiter light, just like ones labeled daylight.

While the prices of LED bulbs are a bit more expensive than incandescent bulbs, you will be saving money in the long run. LED bulbs consume one-sixth of the energy of incandescent bulbs and they last up to 25 times longer. If you replaced a 60W with an LED equivalent, you will save about $130 in energy costs. Impressively, LED bulbs have taken it even further with Wi-Fi connected bulbs. This means you can operate your light from your smartphone. LED bulbs are definitely taking lighting to a whole new level.

Modernization of School Relationships

ClassDojo has raised more than twenty-one million dollars in a Series B venture. This is aimed at funding technologies that connect students’ parents and educators hence consistent communication about student’s activities in school.

They are able to communicate throughout the year and even throughout a normal school day. Parents are able to be apprised early of what their kids are experiencing and not being surprised by incidents during once-a-semester parent-teacher meetings.

According to co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the company started operating officially in 2015; they are using the capital to grow the team while figuring out the features and contents that can be helpful to the users of the application.

Teachers use ClassDojo to create a schedule of activities that are known to parents. They can snap and send videos and photos to guardians showing off student activities and latest projects.

When the idea of ClassDojo came up in 2011, the founders realised that there are several education technology businesses creating grade books, digital curriculum and testing platforms. The only missing application was the one that would create a community and culture among students, teachers and parents.

ClassDojo’s main competitors are from edtech companies like FreshGrade, Nearpod, Remind and kickboard. Currently, it is being used by educators in over hundred thousand schools ranging from charter and private to the largest public schools in the United States. They are now focusing on distributing the app to more parents and students.

The founders declared that they would never dare to make revenue off user’s data. All kids are entitled to their privacy. Instead, they have created premium content and features that parents would pay to use.

The investors of the app see it as an analogous to a messaging and social network platform such as Snapchat and Facebook, although the application is for educational purpose. The app enhances the chances of a kid’s success in life by instant correction whenever a fault occurs. You can easily imagine parents using the app due to their love and care for their children. They can also buy content like videos, yearbooks, lessons and discussion guides for home use.