George Soros Offers Advice To The European Union On How It Should Handle The Ukraine And Global Economic Crisis

Billionaire philanthropist founder of Open Society Foundation and business person has been very active in helping Ukraine through its reformation process. George Soros, who has been supporting democratic reformations all over the world, says that this time he decide to concentrate his efforts on Ukraine. He goes on to say that he was inspired by the reformists in this country who since 2014 have been trying to bring positive changes. George Soros says that Ukraine was previously under the bad leadership of politicians who used power to enrich themselves. He congratulates the new reformist leaders in the country for trying to mend the countries systems and get rid of corruption. He said that he has started the Ukrainian Foundation under the Open Society wings to help the country in its reformation agenda. George Soros stated that he plans to use this new foundation to source funds that will help the country through reformation.

George Soros went ahead to ask the European Union on to show its support for this country. He says that his recent experience in Ukraine has made him realize how the new leaders in the country are desperate to institute reforms. He added that the support of the European Union would help the country stabilize. George Soros asked the European Union lead by Chancellor Angela Merkel to intervene and stop the Russian aggression on Ukraine. He says that the European Union should unite in support of Ukraine and provide a bad blood breaking solution for the peace of the two countries. The leading Open Society activist says it’s high time for the European Union to start supporting initiatives that will make it stronger in the face of the numerous crises it is in. He says that by resolving the Ukrainian crisis and bringing peace between Russia and Ukraine, the union will be able to prevent further division of the union. This will also give it an opportunity to concentrate on the other remaining problems it is facing.

George Soros says that the European Union should gear up itself and resolve the Ukrainian crisis before the looming global crisis gets worse. He says that the European Union has to be extremely cautious on what steps it is taking in relation to the current economic crisis. He says that the union’s Euro is already in a bad state globally. The Euro has been losing its value steady over the recent past and Britain one of its stronger economies has been trying to get out of the union. George Soros says that if Britain moves out of the union, then the Euro will be significantly affected. But according to this reputable business person, the British exit won’t be a big issue if the remaining European Union members will have united. He says this will prevent the looming market crises that share the same characteristics with the 2008 crisis from graduating to a worse state and collapsing the union.


An in-depth look at iFunding and it’s Founder William Skelley

iFunding is the known leader in real estate investing, which provides the user with a marketplace that enables the connection of thousands of institutions and accredited retail investors with real estate operators that seek out financing. The iFunding platform is a secure platform that provides the customer with access to very high quality commercial projects. This is all performed on a web platform with added detailed reporting as well as a service team that is available throughout the process in order to answer any questions that might arise. CrunchBase indicates that iFunding offers a number of great retail investments which include office, multifamily, retail, industrial, land and hospitality. There are a number of reasons why people should consider investing in real estate. These are, there is an opportunity for competitive risk-adjusted returns, high tangible asset value, attractive and stable income return, diversification of their portfolio and inflation hedging. Once the customer invests through the iFunding platform it both manages and creates a Single Purpose Vehicle LLC. This vehicle aggregates all funds contributed by the many investors interested in the opportunity. The iFunding platform invests through this entity on the behalf of the customer. Customer often ask if there are risks involved and the team at iFunding believes that the essential end goal of investing is to receive a strong return relative to the risk taken. There is risk in any investment but thanks to the iFunding platform this risk is minimized. Real estate is an attractive investment as there is a balance of income, capital appreciation and risk management. iFunding and its team of professionals have had over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry this provides the customer with assurance that the due diligence process performed on each listing allows them to maximize returns while minimizing risk to a bare minimum.

William Skelley is the chairman and CEO of iFunding. He attended the Hobart College from 1994 to 1998 where he completed his college education. After his graduation he decided to become an executive intern working for Mitt Romney at the Bain Capital Firm.

From there he moved into consulting at his family business, Skelley Associates which he did for 4 years and then moved on to consulting for another firm known as Olympus. Here he remained for 3 years working in the greater New York City area.  William Skelley wrote an FAQ for iFunding to help explain how this crowdfunding platforms work.   Check out the Facebook for platform updates.

U.S. Money Reserve Upgrades Its Website


The largest dealer in precious metals coins issued by the United States Mint has improved its website and added new features to help customers, according to an article published on CBS 19’s site.

U.S. Money Reserve’s new site includes a new gallery of coin photographs. The new design enhances the experience of investing in precious metals using coins. And new content educates consumers on the benefits of precious metals coins issued by the government.

The new site’s storefront according to CBS 19 offers the best precious metals products, so they can be invested in safely and securely even in the middle of the night. It provides live, active competitive pricing for gold and silver bars and bullion. Money Reserve sells coins that are certified by the Professional Coin Grade Service (PCGS) as well as products reserved exclusively for Money Reserve customers.

People new to investing in precious metals can request the free gold information kit and visit the site’s Knowledge Center. They’ll learn more about the enduring value of gold, silver and platinum. They’ll also learn the terminology connected with the minting of coins and grading coins. And how to best purchase them. They also have a section where visitors can keep track of all news related to precious metals and coin investing. That’s The Full Headline News Room.

Using Client-Connect Advantage, Money Reserve can help people with one-on-one advice about their investing. They can also inform customers about special offers that are only offered offline. Plus Money Reserve representatives can answer questions recording online purchases and security.

Money Reserve gives one of the best risk-reversal assurances in the precious metals industry with its BuyBack Guarantee. For up to 30 days, they will buy certified coins back at the market price. Not only that, they provide some of the fastest insured shipping available.

They also now offer a Precious Metals IRA, a form of Self-Directed IRA. The law requires you open the account with an institution which will hold the assets in trust on your behalf. You make deposits the same as any other IRA, which means they are currently limited to $5,500 annually unless you’re over 50 years old, in which case you can deposit up to $6,500. Money Reserve’s Precious Metals IRA requires a $10,000 minimum, so you’ll have to transfer funds from another IRA account. Make sure you do it “from custodian to custodian” to avoid any taxable consequences. Once you do that, they credit you $250 for initial deposit and storage fees. You can learn more by requesting their free Precious Metals IRA Information Kit.

U.S. Money Reserve has been in business for over 10 years. They have over 300,000 happy customers. The president of Money Reserve is Philip N. Diehl, a former director of the United States Mint.

Statue to Commemorate Pearl Harbor to be donated by the United States Reserve

The United States Navy Memorial Foundation and the United States Reserve have raised money to go toward a Lone Sailor statue. The statue will be bronze and will be put in Pearl Harbor. The statues is dedicated to all the men and women who have served, currently served or will serve in the Sea Services. It represents respect, devotion to duty and honor. Yahoo released an article recently that covered the story and gave some additional details about the statue and where the money came from.

Much of the money according to was raised through the United State’s Money Reserve’s effort to sell the 75th Pearl Harbor anniversary coins. The coins came in gold and silver and were meant to commemorate the events of December 7, 1941. The money was then donated to the United States Naval Memorial Foundation. The statues that the funds are being raised for was created by a United States Navy Memorial official sculptor, Stanley Bleifeld. The statue has two parts. The first part is the sailor and the second part is his cleat and sea bag. The sailor weights about 1 thousand pounds and is 7 feet tall. The cleat and sea bag weight about 7 hundred pounds. And a special addition to the piece will be the base of the statue. It will be made from steel off of the U.S.S. Arizona.

The United States Money Reserve is a private distributor of platinum silver and gold. It is one of the largest in the world and is based in Austin Texas. However, it is actually a Delaware state registered corporation. It was founded in 2001 and produces both United States and foreign government-issued gold, platinum and silver legal tender products.

Dr. Sergio Cortes’ Recommendations To Prevent Zika Virus

The Zika Virus has the potential to cause extremely severe complications for unborn babies. The World Health Organization sees this virus as posing a very serious threat to unborn babies. However, people are often deceived by it’s surprisingly minor symptoms in healthy adults. Doctor Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian doctor that has done research on the virus. He has recommendations to help keep pregnant women safe from the birth defects that it can cause. Unfortunately, the virus itself cannot be treated, and it is impossible to effectively prevent the birth defects. However, one can take measures to avoid contracting the virus itself.

The Zika Virus has a serious impact on the brains of developing babies. In fact, it is known to cause microcephaly in babies. This is when the head and typically the brain does not grow to full size. When an infant is born with this condition, they often suffer very serious cognitive impairments. Also, the Zika Virus is thought to lead to Guillian Barre Syndrome. This also can cause cognitive problems that can be extremely severe.

According to Dr. Cortes, the virus is transmitted via mosquito bites. When an infected mosquito bites a person, one can become infected with it. The virus isn’t transmitted from one person to another. In order to catch the Zika Virus, you have to be bitten by an infected mosquito. This makes it possible for a person to avoid the Zika Virus, if they avoid being bitten by an infected mosquito. According to Doctor Cortes, to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, pregnant women always should try to stay inside when mosquitoes seem to be most active. When pregnant women do have to go outside, they should make every effort to wear protective clothing. He also recommends that pregnant women use effective bug repellents to keep the mosquitoes away.

In addition, Sergio Cortes feels strongly that illnesses in pregnant women must be taken seriously. The symptoms of the Zika Virus are usually pretty minor in the infected person. Often times, they will simply dismiss the symptoms as an ordinary, routine illness. However, it is critical that a pregnant woman immediately go to a doctor, when they notice any possible symptoms associated with the Zika Virus.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is also alarmed at how widespread the Zika Virus is in Brazil. The virus hasn’t been in Brazil for very long. In fact, it has only been infecting people in Brazil since last year. In the past, the Zika Virus existed only in specific regions within Africa. However, it likely has already caused birth defects in numerous Brazilian infants. One baby is thought to have died from Zika Virus related complications. There have also been two adults that appear to have died from the Zika Virus, but Sergio Cortes says this is exceptionally uncommon.

Geoge Soros Steps up to Hillary’s Corner

With the Iowa caucus behind them, the political race for presidential candidacy inches forward for either party. But it’s Hillary Clinton that seems to be riding high on a wave of momentum, partly supported by billionaire George Soros.
Super PAC Priorities USA Action received $6 million in donations in December of 2015, the biggest single sum from Soros or any donor for that entire year. With it, Soros has committed $8 million throughout the last year to support of groups that are working to help the former Secretary of State become the 45th President of the United States.

Along with Forbes billionaire George Soros’ support, Priorities USA Action has collected a total of $41 million in funding, and now sits on a fund $36 million to carry out operations for as long as their candidate remains in the race. But while his support is substantial he isn’t alone. Herb Sandler and Donald Sussman, both from the world of banking, donated a combined $3 million. Haim Saban, from the world of film and television, donated $3 million along with his wife Cheryl. Even Working for Working Americans, a union-allied super PAC, dropped $1.5 million to back Clinton.

However, even with all these donors in the mix, this remains something of an unexpected move for Soros. The donations to Priorities USA and American Bridge 21st Century, both receiving $1 million a piece early on in 2015, was more conventional of his more recent political spending habits. Though often seen as a ready financier for political causes that have a home in the Democratic party, Soros’ readiness to spend has never been as high as it was in 2004 when he spread $20 million around several organizations with the expected goal of keeping President Bush from office for another four years. The eventual Bush victory and compounding criticism of Soros’ involvement made him reluctant to be as active in following election years.

During the last big election in 2012, Soros only contributed $1 million in funds to help President Obama achieve his second term in office by way of Priorities USA. And while his monetary contributions of any amount seem to suggest his support of the president in question, new emails shed light on his true feelings at the time. Through correspondence made available by the State Department, Soros and Hillary exchanged electronic correspondence where he expressed regret for not supporting her 2008 campaign as strongly as he’d wished, finding that they shared much more ideological commonalities than he had previously suspected.

After fleeing Hungary in 1947, Soros traveled through Europe and the UK before building a life in the United States and settling on a home and career that was firmly rooted in New York. Since 1974 Soros has been active in philanthropic causes concerning human rights abuses and government transparency, and now heads the Open Society Foundations which carries on this crusade.