Success of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC, a healthcare staffing company that specializes in finding experienced, ethical and high valued staff for chiropractic offices and hospitals. They are experts in selected staff to fill open positions in the field of different type of medical jobs, physical therapy jobs, customer services and many other healthcare open positions. Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) focus on taking the guessing out of the game for clients, and strive to find the best possible employee for the position. With that being said, they also offer background checks, professional consulting and employee training. The company that uses HCRC to fill their open positions will find the best possible match and HCRC Staffing will eliminate the hassle experienced through the hiring process.

Resume indicates that Brian Torchin is a chiropractor who has many years in the healthcare settings of owning your own medical practice. He understands and realized very quickly that companies are driven through patients and their overall satisfaction. On Twitter Brian implies that patients are more likely to come back if the staff is friend, welcoming and the services rendered are excellent. He urges a comfortable setting in the healthcare place and values the importance of maintaining that type of environment. Torchin currently lives in Pennsylvania and serves as the president of HCRC Staffing where he oversees the offices in Philadelphia, Delaware and Florida. The rapid rise of success with the company has expanded its services worldwide to include Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia.

The Healthcare Recruitment Counselors along with Torchin are available at night and on weekends for easy, friendly customer service care. They understand how valuable your time is and how important it is for your practice to run efficiently. They understand that without patients, the practices would fail and it’s important to have excellent staffing to ensure that each part of the business is running smoothly. Their services ensure that each client will be satisfied and work hard to find the right staffing for your business. If you choose to take advantage of any of their other services besides staffing, they can offer professional consulting that will allow your business to increase to an all new level as well as run background checks making sure that each employee has a clean record. Torchin is being named at the number one recruiter in the USA and is valued as being honest and professional with the highest of integrity.  There’s more about Brian on his profile.

Dick DeVos Ventures into the Liquor Business

Owner of the Windquest Group, Dick Devos has decided, through his Grand Rapids-based holding company to purchase the Coppercraft Distillery. This purchase will be a great leap towards soaring more profits for the Windquest businesses which already include Reserve Wine and Foods, The Stow Company, Neurocore and Boxed Water. This is an addition to numerous other investments in different firms. For a man who left the comfort zone of his family’s company, Amway (Read more about their business:, to start his own business venture, Dick is doing well in his life. The success story of his which can be read from his bio on New Netherland Institute can attest to this fact. 

Windquest has been listed as the “registered agent” of Coppercraft Distillery, a Holland Township company at 184 N. 120th Avenue. This is in accordance to the Liquor Control Commission records. It should be noted that being in the registered agents’ list does not confirm ownership of the entity. However, according to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the position is designated to accept documents on behalf of the entity.
The first step in the process that will require approval of the sale of the company is approval of license transfer by the Liquor Control Commission which was done on 20th of January.

A source from Windquest put in that it may be early to be sure about the acquisition. This is particularly because the transfer of a liquor license is a tedious process and may take the state a period of up to six months before they approve it. The current owner of the distillery, Walter Catton, who opened it in late 2013, also added that he could not talk about a possible deal with Dick Devos at the point since he has been looking for an investor to expand the operations of his distillery. The distillery is nine thousand square feet with a 50-seat tasting room. Catton expresses his excitement to Mlive and The Grand Rapids Press about how the story about the distillery is going on. As the purchase of the distillery by the Windquest Group awaits confirmation, the distillery is building up its inventory for the Tulip Time Festival.

Coppercraft Distillery distributes to over one hundred locations across Michigan. These locations vary from restaurants to party stories. This is in addition to the clients they supply to in Colorado and Illinois. Catton’s idea of expansion was to increase the distillery’s distribution network and also add a kitchen to the tasting room so that they could cook up appetizers to serve with the cocktails. The kitchen which is expected to open for Holland’s big festival that runs from 7th to 14th May is meant to attract more people to the tasting room. 

Learn more about Dick’s life, charitable foundation, political leanings and successful career on his LinkedIn profile.

Luxury Real Estate In New York Is TOWN Residential

Big things are expected out of the real estate market in New York City in 2016. Closings transpiring this year, the fruition of condominium project sales of the past few years, and the rental marketplace heating up in Manhattan and Brooklyn, things look promising!


Here are some of the predictions for premium real estate holdings in new York City: market predictions for 2016:


1.There is a direct correlation associated with higher interest rates and a downtown in property prices. After years of the Fed teasing the real estate sector on its decision as to whether to raise or not raise the interest rate, there’s no denying that rates will start to inch upwards. Rates up, buyer desire down. It’s that simple.


2.Transactions will continue, but seemingly be more tedious and difficult to bring all parties together and close. Buyers are more finicky, reading every word of the contract instead of a mere glance and pushing the envelope by asking for more givebacks from the seller. Get resigned to more questions, more visits from buyers as the process seemingly dragging on.


3.Responsive pricing strategies will dictate as to who sells and who doesn’t. Sellers that are motivated will facilitate a quicker sale.


4.Though they are getting older, Baby Boomers are still a respected sector that should not be ignored. They still have plenty of cash and often in need of a secondary home to be near the kids and grandchildren.


5.With a downturn in the market, buyers are eager to catch a bargain and will look at the premium or preferred neighborhoods, instead of markets they would normally pursue in a strong market.


TOWN Residential is New York City apartments for rent most distinguished name when it comes to luxury real estate. They provide clients with flawless service, supported by an incomparable roster of dedicated, professional real estate representatives. TOWN Residential is the source for your luxury residential sales and leasing agreements.


Offices are strategically located throughout the city for customer convenience to facilitate a collaborative effort amongst buyers, sellers and representatives of TOWN Residential.