President Diehl Of US Money Reserve Appears On CNBC

Big Changes In US Currency On Horizon

In case you haven’t been watching the news, there are some major changes that may be occurring in the US currency that is frequently used for commerce in the United States. On a recent episode of Squawkbox on CNBC, the President of US Money Reserve met with the show to make some major predictions and to give his professional opinion of where he thinks the US currency changes will take us in the near future. This post will outline what he said, and we will also briefly discuss US Money Reserve itself.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is one of the largest companies that specializes in the sale and trade of a special currency. That currency is precious metals. These are specific precious metals that US Money Reserve is dealing with because they are given directly from the United States government in the form of government issued coins. The main types of precious metals that US Money Reserve deals in are platinum, silver and gold. These metals do not loose their value like most currencies that are issued. US Money Reserve also employs a large department of qualified team members that are professional in the field of currency evaluation. They are consistently helping others with their decisions to invest in precious metals. Phillip Diehl is the President, and he has made some interesting assertions about the future of United States’ currencies.

The Future Of United States’ Currency According To US Money Reserve

On the hit television show, Squawkbox, the President of US Money Reserve was discussing the elimination of the penny, America’s smallest form of currency. The penny, according to President Diehl, is costing the United States more money to create than it actually holds in its own value, so the elimination would be a sensible move. Diehl has responded to criticism of this decision by asserting that a majority, 75 percent, of business today is completed by the means of online transactions instead of actual currency use.

I encourage everyone who is interested in investing or purchasing precious metals, and anyone who has anything to do with currency in the US to read the articles that contain the information.

Texas Elite Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery first got its beginning during World War One when it became vital to help solder’s in need of reconstructive repair. John Hopkins was the first to offer an established training program in 1924 centered around plastic surgery and has now become a necessary and popular medical option. It is nowadays utilized for all reconstruction whether it’s focused around improving one’s self, or in the event of birth disorders, burns, disease and injury.

If you have had a trauma or simply are looking to improve your appearance, Texas has some of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. Dr Jennifer Walden is among the elite plastic surgeons in TX. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and was raised in Austin TX. Dr Walden moved her busy practice from New York back to Austin, TX, where she could be close to her family and raise her twin boys.

While living in New York, Dr. Walden worked as an attending at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Plastic Surgery, and was as well appointed as clinical Instrutor of Plastic Surgery at New Yorks prestigious New York University Langone Medical Center. After returning to Texas, she opened Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center and has a fully accredited office operating suite. She besides owns a satellite cosmetic surgery clinic in Marble Falls at the Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Walden is considered a friendly and warm doctor who puts her patients first with her serene and relaxed behavior. Her offices as well as her operating room run smoothly and she has a long list of eager patients who wish to receive her professional and outstanding services.

Although plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are closely related to each other, plastic surgery centers around fixing, reconstructing, scar removal or other trauma related injuries. Cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing a person’s appearance. This can involve improving one’s appearance, symmetry or proportions. Cosmetic surgical procedure is used in several different medical practices as well as by plastic surgeons.

The Aggregate – New York’s Latest Real Estate Report

In its latest quarterly update, TOWN Residential has released its latest version of the Aggregate to provide analysis on the Real Estate market within New York City according to Virtual Strategy Marketing. From its inauguration in 2010, the Aggregate is a complete and thorough study of the residential real estate market that produces reports on a quarterly basis, reporting on the performance of real estate to prospective buyers and sellers. The results are collected from rolling sales data and compares quarter-over and year-over values, giving better insight on current and future market trends.

The release continues to show promising results for property owners, as the fourth quarter of 2015 showed an average sale price gain of 5.2% in spite of a slight lag in the late summer. Manhattan Condos showed the greatest increase with a nearly 20% gain in median sales price. The median price per square foot is now over $1500, an increase above six percent over the past year. The significant gains in real estate can be attributed to a healthy listing of new developments. There are nearly 8000 housing units within New York City apartments for sale currently on the market, with over half of those currently within Manhattan.

Overall the market shows a great outlook for potential buyers due to the large market of potential properties and the current upward trend in market price in these prime real estates. The results show that there is a healthy balance of one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom properties are all currently showing upward trends in the market. Moving forward in 2016, expect New York City to attract a wide range of buyers, that will leave sellers happy as well.

They Are Really Making Another Labyrinth Movie

You may or may not remember Labyrinth, a very quirky 80’s movie that was part fairy tale, part muppet movie, part David Bowie vehicle. The film was a flop but gained a massive cult following is a part of a generation’s childhood. Both Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie’s too-tight pants were part of the formative years of millions of people. Even Jon Urbana recently mentioned the influence this film played in his life when Bloomberg interviewed him.

So naturally you might think that remaking the film, or creating a modern sequel, is a no-brainer. After all, Transformers was a massive success. Star Wars: The Force Awakens brought grown men to tears (of joy).

It’s happening. A new Labyrinth film is really being made. And honestly, the idea is appalling.

Let’s think about this. David Bowie passed away. That means we don’t get the best part of the movie – Jareth, the Goblin King – at all. Are the film makers going to get someone else to try to fill his shoes? Impossible!

Second, Jim Henson is also dead. His puppets and sheer imagination was the other compelling thing about the film. The weird talking door knockers, the stink bog, that creepy tunnel drill, all of those things are from Henson. If you have ever seen the new muppet show, which obviously is made without Jim, you know that it just isn’t the same. The voices are weird, the puppets look too polished, and it’s missing that spark.

Does anyone really want to see a Labyrinth movie devoid of Henson and Bowie? At best it will be a pastiche. Some things should just be left alone.

Keeping The Spirit Alive

It has been years since the passing of Michael Jackson, a death that shocked and saddened the world. Not since the tragic passing of Princess Diana had the world expressed such a unified sadness at losing a person. Michael Jackson touched the hearts and lives of many, and continues to do so in unexpected ways.

Celebrity impersonators are perhaps looked at as a novelty however they create a much needed security blanket in times of loss. The world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator, Sergio Cortes, knows the joy and comfort he brings to fans of the King of Pop. For Cortes the loss of Michael Jackson meant no longer following in his footsteps but carrying his memory and persona on.

Sergio Cortes got his start as a Michael Jackson impersonator in his teens after dressing like Michael for photos, but his admiration of the singer started long before that. As a child watching the Jackson 5, Sergio’s mother commented how alike they looked; he favored the singer even more as he grew and developed a passion for the singer’s music and performance, leading him to begin grooming himself in the manner of the artist and perfecting dance moves and performance styles by the time he was a teen. His natural talent, strikingly similar looks and hard work has truly paid off and now that Michael Jackson has passed on his career is even more important.

With a keen sense of who the artist was and a passionate love for keeping him alive in spirit, Cortes continues to perform in venues across the world. Italy is the site of his latest tour, Human Nature Live, which is a live tribute to the late Michael Jackson that he performs some of the most famous hits. There is no greater happiness than keeping the spirit of Michael Jackson alive for Sergio Cortes.

Over 16,000 fans follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and Twitter; the performer acknowledges the importance of internet and social media in today’s world and encourages his fans to check in on where he is, what he is doing and to join him in celebrating all that Michael Jackson brought to the world. To see more about this artist visit his Facebook page and Twitter account, or be amazed at the uncanny likeness as you watch his performances on YouTube.

Sources: R7 News, DINO

Successful Finance Manager Kevin Seawright Defines Success In Terms of Family & Community

Kevin Seawright has served in both the private and public business sectors and is currently working as the CFO and Executive VP of the New Community Economic Development Corp. He started his career working in finance for the Baltimore government and after a decade he was able to combine his construction and financial experience to move into the private sector.

He is now very enthusiastic in his new role as CFO of Newark CEDC stating that they are at a critical stage where their efforts are going to change Newark and he is very happy and honored to be playing a central role in the positive shift of the city.

Angel investor Seawright has dedicated his life to helping urban cities develop and become more modern and revitalized. He says that adaption and staying positive is the number one way to do this, and it has certainly helped in Newark where they have approached the economic growth of the city by creating diverse communities and helping small business develop. In addition, they have implanted a summer employment program for students, developed city wide Wi-Fi access, and helped grow their railway and highway lines Seawright tells WorldClassMagazines.

One of the unique things about Kevin Seawright is that he doesn’t define success based on how much he has moved forward in his career, although it would be easy to call him a success. Instead, Seawright explains that success is measured by family. He considers himself successful because his relationship with his family is strong.

Another way that he measures success is by how much a person contributes to the community that surrounds him or her, and once again he can easily claim success in this matter as well. He mentioned that Newark CEDC specializes in offering loans to small business owners who are just getting started who otherwise would be turned down by other local banks. His company on the other hand specializes in offering loans to SMEs so that the economy of Newark continues to move upward.

He says that his ability to be successful has been a culmination of all of his life experiences. He has learned that being straight forward while also being flexible and analytical is the best way to conduct business. Plus, since he is motivated to change the lives of people in Newark he stays motivated to continue to offer the best that he can to the community.

At the end of the day however, it is his daughter that keeps him happy. He enjoys watching her play basketball and is thrilled that she is doing well in her studies.  Follow Kevin on Twitter to see more information about him.

Coffee Can Now Not Only Give You Energy But Make You Even Healthier

Ask any coffee drinker and we’ll all tell you coffee is nature’s panacea. Not only does it give us just that right amount of an energy boost to keep us refreshed and productive in the morning, more and more research is coming out suggesting that it can have a variety of health benefits too. It’s packed with antioxidants, aids in burning fat, helps prevent liver disease, reduces the risk for certain cancers and type 2 diabetes and even gives us some of the essential nutrients we need to survive! How can coffee get any healthier than that you ask?

With the forming of ORGANO, thats how. Research and development teams from both the Organo Gold corporation and Coffee Connoisseur have come together to blend the energizing qualities of the coffee bean with the ancient health giving properties of ganoderma, or reishi mushroom. Led by ORGANO’s founder and CEO Bernardo Chua, they are working on advancing not only the enjoyment of coffee throughout the world but also the health of all those who drink it.  Wikipedia has a lot of information about what Bernardo has done in his career up until now.

This reishi mushroom has been known by many names throughout the ages (Latin: Ganoderma Lucidium, Chinese: Lingzhi) and has been used for thousands of years across the world for its therapeutic and healing properties. As an important and most-sought after ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this fungus has often even been harvested to the point of near-extinction! In reading its traditional description as ‘the great healer’ it was easy to see that the medicine men and women of ancient times had a great deal of respect for its ability as an adaptogen, or a non-toxic substance that helps our bodies adapt to stress more easily, as well as an immune system strengthener.

There is an impressive and ever expanding body of research backing up these amazing effects! Even though the reishi mushroom is not very well known in the United States and the West it is in fact one of the most studied substances on the planet. Recent research has verified its anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and immune-stimulating properties so much so that doctors in China and Japan often use it along side, or even instead of, mainstream medical care depending on the severity of the case.

Now thanks to the development of reishi healthy coffee by visionary Bernardo Chua we can all take advantage of these health benefits every day. Mr. Chua’s has become famous across the health world for his commitment to making a quality reishi extract available to the public since 2004. Bernardo Chua is also known for expanding the company into Turkey recently.  Throughout his career he has headed many companies focused on educating people about the merit of using reishi mushroom and has been able to expand the availability of this powerful healer to millions of people who did not have access to it before.

With his creation of ORGANO, Mr. Chua has made it both easy and convenient to take this wellness tonic daily, right in one of our favorite drinks. And by making a variety of flavors such as black, latte and mocha coffee, as well as a variety of other beverages including hot chocolate and tea, it is now a more propitious time than ever to ingest the ‘great healer’ of the ancients.

Why George Soros thinks 2016 is like 2008


The financial crisis in 2008 was one of the worst economic issues of our time. In a recent prediction, Goerge Soroshas said that 2016 reminds him a lot of that year. In this recent article by Bloomberg, George Soros has warned people to prepare for the coming crisis. This has a lot of implications for people who are in this situation. In 2008, there were thousands of people who lost their jobs and life savings. Over a long period of time, George Soros has had a good track record when it comes to predicting economic events. If you are someone who likes to prepare for the worst, learning what he said about the recent economic news is something that is worrisome.

2008 Economic Collapse

The economic collapse in 2008 was something that many people were not expecting. However, looking back on the situation it is no wonder that something bad happened. There were many different economic issues according to Bloomberg going on at the time in the United States and other countries. With all of these things happening at one time, it is no wonder that the entire economy was brought to its knees. Those who are looking to learn from the past need to take a few notes from 2008. The bad thing is that George Soros was one of the few people who were talking about how bad 2008 would be before it happened. This is why so many people are now worried that George Soros is saying that 2016 could be bad.

2016 Prediction

The George Soros prediction for 2016 is something that many people are worried about. A lot of the basis for his prediction is the fact that China is so weak right now. China has long been one of the most important engines of economic growth around the world. However, in recent months they have really seen a slowdown in growth. In addition, George Soros thinks that economies around the world are going to have to adjust to low interest rates for a long time. This is something that is worrisome to many people who watch the financial markets. Low interest rates are good for people who borrow money, but there is an entire generation of savers who have not been able to save as much money as they could have simply because interest rates are so low.

Time will tell whether George Soros is right again on his economic prediction. There are many people who are worried about what he has to say on the subject simply because he has been right in the past. Anyone who doubts how good he is at economic predictions should read his work from the past. Over the long term, George Soros has a good track record when it comes to looking at economic data and making a prediction for the future based off of it.

BMG’s Vice President And His Journey

The vice president of BMG, Marcio Alaor, has come a long way from where he first began with the company. When he started out with his BMG relationship, he was shining shoes for the executives of the bank. During his time shining shoes, he always dreamed about becoming one of the executives and knew that if he worked hard enough he would be in a position that was similar to that. The dreaming that he did gave him the opportunity to see what he could do and also gave him the opportunity to find out what he needed to do to become an employee of the bank. He set about with his work on becoming a part of the bank, according to his blog.

Dr. Wilmar, who had his shoes shined by Marcio Alaor, saw that the young man had a lot of potential and saw that he took pride in the shoe shining work that he did. He wanted the man to be a member of his team but he didn’t want to offer him too much off the street and overwhelm him. After learning about the dreams that Marcio Alaor had, he knew that he would be the best fit for someone to work at the bank. Dr. Wilmar offered Marcio Alaor an job as an entry-level employee of the bank.

According to, through his time at the bank, Dr. Wilmar somewhat mentored Marcio Alaor. He saw the potential and wanted to make him one of the executives. He trained Alaor in what he needed to do and gave him all of the advice that would get him to where he is at today. The advice that he got from Dr. Wilmar combined with his strong work ethic allowed Marcio Alaor the opportunity to rise through the ranks of the company and be in the position that he is in today.

While looking for people to hire at the bank, Marcio Alaor does not always keep his eye out for degrees or impressive resumes. The people that he is more likely to hire are people who have a work ethic similar to the one that he always possessed. He makes sure that people are able to work hard and dedicate themselves to the work that they are doing. For this reason, he ends up having a large staff of people who are able to provide a great deal of work to the bank.

Memories and the History of BMG’s Executive, Marcio Alaor.

During Santo Antonio do Monte’s 33rd Agricultural Exhibition, which also went by the name Expose Samonte, the Food Court known as Marcio Alaor was opened in honor of the BMG executive: Marcio Alaor. He is known for leading the famous bank BMG, which is an institution that has more than eighty-five years of experience locally. The award that was presented to him emphasized the services he had given to his hometown, his support for the residents of the city, and his outstanding professional growth that he has achieved due to hard work. Dr. Wilmar Father is a close friend of Mr. Marcio, and she is the one who realized his potential to become one of the greatest men in Brazil.
According to, Wilmar knew Marcio when he was still a shiner. She used to send him clean clothes every week for him to shine. She always knew that Marcio needed the money, and that is why she gave him jobs each week. Mr. Marcio continued to work hard to become BMG’s bank executives. He followed Dr. Wilmar’s advice, and he always studied, learned, grew, and he finally broke the world. He is now vice president at Banco BMG, which is one of Brazil’s biggest financial organizations. Mr. Marcio is now one of the best businessmen in Brazil’s economic sector.
Marcio continues to appreciate his origins, the city of Santi Antonio do Monte and his fellow countrymen. He is known for encouraging promoting rural growth.
During the Expose Samonte event, people were full of emotions. According to Mr. Marcio, the provision of the board attributing his countrymen’s gratitude was a symbol of the city’s affection and friendship. This showed Mr. Marcio’s roots and gratitude towards his beloved land. He took this opportunity to strengthen more support for the city, activities that generate economic and social progress, and the growth of the rural economy.
In his speech’s conclusion, Mr. Marcio, and the BMG Bank underscored their belief in the potential of the city. He further said that he and the bank would be there for the sake of countrymen’s interest. After all, that is how such a position curbs one’s cravings after goals become a reality. Such a position makes people like Marcio a benchmark for humility and accomplishment in your city.

You can follow him on Twitter.