In 2009, the world suffered the loss of the decade when the world’s number one pop superstar Micheal Jackson passed away. Many of us wondered what would become of his songs the legacy he had left behind. Michael Jackson had taken his fans hearts by his smart dance moves, heart melting voice and electric live performances. Many thought they would never see this again, but they were wrong, Sergio Cortes will keep Michael’s fire burning. Sergio would make sure that we would still be able to see the famous moonwalk and the anti-gravity lean again.

Sergio Cortes is a splitting resemblance of Michael Jackson. He is more than just a look alike since he literally adopted Michael Jackson’s lifestyle, from clothing, voice, dance moves and behavior. Having been born in Spain, as a young child he was a big fan of the group Jackson 5 with a special interest to the youngest brother. This was after his mother helped him discover they looked alike. After this discovery Sergio Cortes followed Michael Jackson’s life keenly and never missed any song or news about the group that showed on TV. He started imitating what Michael Jackson from singing, dancing to clothes and performed in front of his friends. He did this repeatedly and before he realized small crowd’s were building up around him whenever he performed.

His breakthrough came one day as he was performing where he got noticed by a journalist. The journalist made him pose as Micheal Jackson and took pictures of him which he later posted in on the internet. The photos went viral and brought him out to the face of the world.He started getting invited to concerts and events to perform as Michael Jackson. Through the years he has been doing this in South America. He earns his living through impersonating Michael Jackson. He has perfected on it after doing it for so many years.

Back then when Michael Jackson was still alive, he met with Sergio Cortes and they spend some time together. After Michael’s death Sergio fully assumed the role of performing as Michael Jackson all round the world he has visited lots of cities around the world to deliver the thrill of Michael Jackson. He gives the fans a true memory of his it really felt to watch a Michael Jackson performance. Sergio Cortes acknowledges through this Facebook fun page that being an artist of great talent in dancing, singing and acting is not easy especially when you are to be exactly like someone else.

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Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Uncanny Resemblance To A Legend

Take a quick visit to the Facebook fan page of Sergio Cortes, you will not believe your eyes at the uncanny resemblance to the king of pop Michael Jackson. He dresses and walks just like the king of pop. He talks and sings exactly like Michael Jackson. He even dances and composes songs like MJ reincarnated. Trying to mimic the superstar might appear easy for someone with his exact looks, but Cortes tells us is actually is a very challenging task.

Sergio Cortes says on his profile pages that being a celebrity impersonator is quite difficult. The reason that Cortes appears to have an easier journey than others is because not only does he live and breathe everything Michael Jackson, he feels it is his obligation, honor, and privilege to bring his talents to Michale Jackson fans worldwide.

The absolute incredible likeness between Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson gives him the ability to be able to perform around the world at different talent shows and musicals. Take a look at his videos on his Facebook profile page to get a small sampling of his incredible abilities.

Sergio have well over 16,000 fans following him on Facebook. It’s through these social media outlets that he can showcase his Gog-given skills, speak one-on-one with the fans and accept many business proposals he is offered to perform.

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The amazing similarity between the Sergio and Michale can not be understated. Sergio was thrown into that spotlight back when he was just a small boy. He had an uncanny look that resembled little Michael Jackson who was touring the world with his brothers in the Jackson 5. When his mother suggested that he take a picture of himself, it set in motion a course of events that would define who Sergio Cortes is today. Sergio goes on toe say that, “I remember back then paying attention to how Michael would dance and sing, how he carried himself both with the media surrounding him and his brothers and his growing group of loyal fans.

“Michael Jackson has had a lasting impact on my life for the long-term, “says Sergio Cortes. With help from Jackson’s fans, Sergio learns to overcome pain associated with losing his childhood idol, and move forward keeping that spirit alive.


“One Life To Live” Looks For Online Streaming Switch

The soap opera, “One Life To Live” was canceled by its network a number of years ago, but the fans of this ground breaking drama have been hoping its return to the screens will be faster than they could have imagined. The soap opera initially made a fast return to the screens with new episodes being broadcast via an Online streaming service that made this one of the first to make a return after cancellation. Despite the legal problems that have paused the continuation of “One Life To Live” on a streaming service the drama is hopes to return in the near future.

There are many popular individuals who have made their mark in the world of acting and got their start in the acting profession with roles in “One Life To Live”. An actress who has been making a name for herself in the TV and movie industry is Crystal Hunt, who made her name appearing as Stacy Morasco in the daytime drama. Hunt had already found success as an actress on the rival soap, “Guiding Light” before making the move to “One Life To Live”.

Over the course of her career the Crystal Hunt has moved from starring in a range of drama’s as a child to appearing as an adult in “One Life To Live” and a number of other dramas. Hunt has moved on like many of her fellow soap stars from the drama to make their way from the New York based soap opera to Hollywood. Crystal Hunt has recently been seen in the role of Lauren in “Magic Mike XXL”, which has been one of the most critically acclaimed comedy drama movies of recent times.  Crystal also has many more credits on IMDb.

The end of “One Life To Live” not only marked the move to an Online streaming service in one of the first productions designed specifically for streaming, but also marked the end of the production of soap operas in New York. “One Life To Live” marked many changes in the production of television and also brought to a close a specific period of time in daytime television.

Beneful’s Great Product Mix Of Dog Foods

Beneful is one of the most highly and closely trusted brands of dog food today. Many people prefer Beneful over other brands of dog food because they get much more value for their money. Beneful is actually a little bit pricier than most competitors’ dog foods, but Beneful contains so many more quality ingredients that it is much more worth dog owners’ money to go with Beneful. Like most other dog foods, Beneful comes in a variety of flavors and forms. Beneful dry dog food has special blends that cater to the needs of older dogs who need more nutrients and better ingredients to keep them growing like other dogs should be, this is called Beneful Playful Life. There is another type of food called Healthy Puppy that helps young dogs grow to their highest potential. Incredibites are another of the many dry dog foods by Beneful. This blend of food includes a mixture of hard and soft dry kibbles that dogs love. Very few other brands have a similar mixture that has a varying degree of kibbles, with Beneful providing yet another innovative blend of dog food in their product line. There are nine different products on Amazon in the Beneful Chopped Blends family, which are wet dog foods with chunks of meat and vegetables, garnished with various spices and herbs. Chopped Blends can be purchased in aluminum cans and resealable plastic tubs that are very easily stored away in the fridge. Chopped Blends are the most popular type of wet dog food on the market according to a few independent reviewers because of the morsels of quality ingredients available nowhere else. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are intended to help clean a dog’s mouth. Everybody hates dog breath and many people do not like to be around dogs because of the bad smell that their breaths carry. Dogs like the taste of these dental treats because they are meant to taste good. Those who want to feed their dog treats opt for Beneful Baked Delights. These dog treats are available in a number of different flavors to fulfill every dog’s tastes.

U.S Money Reserve Reveals Plans of Supporting Capital Area Food Bank of Texas


Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve announced its plans to start a crowd funding campaign in a bid to offer help and material support to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The Capital Area Food Bank is an initiative that helps in provision of hunger relief in Texas. The U.S. Money Reserve has been actively involved in matters of charity work and activities that enhance objectives of social responsibility. This article was published on Digital Journal
The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has collaborated with about 300 agencies in over 21 counties across Texas with the view to offering hunger relief. In 2010, the firm gave more than 25 million pounds of food. In the year before, they donated 31 million pounds. The major objective of the CABF is to cater to more families that are in need of relief food. The CABF has been offering its services for thirty years. Over the years, the entity has spread its service area to 19,064 square miles.
CrowdRise is an online platform that assists firms and individuals to raise funds for noble causes. By using Crowdrise, firms are able to supersede their target and can use the extra amount raised in furthering their organizational goals. The U.S. money Reserve is confident that through the platform they will raise more tones of food for the CABF. This information was published on Crowdrise
Gold market veterans formed the U.S. Money Reserve. They wanted to provide counsel to people who were interested in investing in precious metals. The firm is the leading distributor of government issued coins. The firm has a team of over 100 skilled professionals that work in different divisions to enhance the goals of U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve has satisfied clients by assisting them in picking high value coins. The firm provides an array of products ranging from platinum and gold to silver coins.

In Order To Live; the Tale of a Young Korean Girl

“In Order To Live” is a young girl’s tale of the experiences she had to undergo to know the true meaning of freedom. There are many stories written in history books about different countries. Indeed, several cover the North Korean story. However, there is nothing more enlightening than a personal story in a victim’s words.

Yeonmi Park has been in the media many a times telling her story and the atrocities facing the North Korean people, but in her book “In Order To Live” she reveals details never told before. The book sheds light into the darkest corners of the ongoing situation in North Korea. It is a story of deceit and betrayal in the most inhumane ways known to man.

North Korea is the only remaining true dictatorship. Details of the regime are quite scarce and books like “In Order to Live” are an enlightening to the rest of the world and a blessing in disguise to the people of North Korea. Secretly, these people wish someone could tell their story, and that is what this book does.

Yeonmi Park does not shy away from telling the world about all the crimes against humanity taking place in North Korea. From starvation and diseases to inhumane conditions in prison labor camps, the list is simply endless. The majority of people are too scared to come out and speak while others are brainwashed and made to believe that the oppressive dictator can know what they are thinking. “In Order to Live” is a story of grief and horror. In Yeonmi Park’s public talks, Yeonmi keeps some details to herself, but in an effort to free herself from her past, she gives all details of her harrowing experience in the book.

Yeonmi Park was born in 1993, in Hyesan, North Korea. From a tender age, she did not know the meaning of life neither did she have the slightest clue on what life meant. She was born to a prisoner, and at only 13 years, she had to flee her motherland. This was her only chance of survival. The escape itself was not as easy as they had to cross a patrolled border into China, risking death.

When in China, Yeonmi Park came face to face with pure human evil. Thinking she had left the worst behind, she had to endure human trafficking and slavery. At one time, she subjected herself to slavery so that her master could buy her parents as well and reunite them as a family. Life was not getting any easier, and soon she lost her father to cancer. Yeonmi decided slavery was not her life and with her mother in tow, they crossed the Gobi desert into South Korea.

In South Korea, Yeonmi found a safe haven to start over. She is currently a junior student at Dongguk University in Seoul. In a bid to liberate her people, Park has become a Human Rights activist. Her full story is in her book, “In Order to Live.”

Status Labs Offers Creative Solutions

Status Labs President & Co-Founder, Darius Fisher was recently named One of PRWeek’s Innovation 50. Status Labs, is an online reputation management firm based in Austin, Texas, with a location in New York as well. Status Labs image management works with clients and offers creative solutions to meet clients needs and PR goals.

Using Facebook at work can hurt your career. Fisher adds that “likes” and comments you make on Facebook pages have currently no privacy settings. They appear on friends newsfeeds as stories, and can appear in Google searches for your name. This can cause a variety of work-related problems, from losing a client who disagrees with a post you wrote or when a potential employer who may find your self-expression on Facebook distasteful. On Facebook business page, he also says it is a bad idea to vent your opinions about the 2016 presidential candidates, there is a possibility of offending others with your controversial comments.

Fisher advises that you need to take extra steps to get your home address or phone number removed from these “data brokers” like Spokeo, PeopleSmart, Intelius, Pipl, Zoominfo, and Whitepages. These are just a few but there are a dozen at least out there who make it their business to sell this information to anyone who pays for it.

Fisher also advises that everyone should register their domain privately so it is not accessible on ICANN WHOIS database. Fisher also stresses that settings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be all set to private. In fact, he goes further to say that nothing is private on social media because a friend could always repost it for everyone to see.

Passwords should be changed frequently. Programs that supposedly save your passwords can be hacked too, so it is always a wise idea to write it down somewhere and keep it safe in a desk drawer.

Fisher also advises that one should Google your name and see what people find about you especially if they’re considering hiring you for a job or checking you out before a first date. You want to make sure you are logged out of Chrome or Gmail or anything else that customizes your search, then clear your browser history.