The Official 990 Sells Homes From a Sellers Perspective

One of the most innovated ideas I have seen in quite some time is the 990 Company’s approach to real estate sales and marketing.

While not necessarily a new idea, the founder of the 990 Sells Homes, Gary Hague, first introduced the concept of working with owners to help them sell their homes for a flat selling fee of $990 back in 1988. More recently however, the concept has been expanded on and offers great new opportunities to real estate firms in helping them to grow their listing portfolios. But I also see the 990 Company concept offering great opportunity to the home seller as well, especially one that has the time, resources and ability to market his or her own home. I’ve done all the research and there really is no downside to the 990 Company approach for the home seller, that I can see, and the reward can be substantial.

Under the traditional method of home sales, I would list a home with my agent at the standard 6% commission rate. The home would of course be listed on MLS for other agents to view and on occasion my realtor would hold an open house. If the house sold for $250,000 I would have to relinquish $15,000 of my home sale earnings to pay the sales commission.

On the other hand, if I were to run my own open house each weekend, market my home through social network channels and whatever other means I might choose and if I were to find my own buyer, one unattached to a real estate agent, then for a flat fee of $990, my realtor would handle the sales transaction and I would pocket the balance. Of course, I still have the option of selling my home through the traditional channels if an agent were to bring me a buyer. There really is no down side to this arrangement that I can see.

Since its recent founding, Greg Hague’s revolutionary sales and marketing concept has grown the 990 Company to over 1,100 agents. Greg understood that any sale completed under the 990 Company format would have a small financial reward however, he saw that the marketing potential of his concept would by far outweighed the fiscal losses that would be realized by the small number of $990 flat rate sales that would transpire.

A life filled with successes, Gary received his real estate license at age 18 and after cutting his teeth working for the family business, ventured off on his own. He has since engaged himself in a number of ventures including a luxury properties real estate firm and founding his own law group.

Bruce Levenson: American Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman most known for his business successes and his co-ownership of The Atlanta Hawks. Bruce and his business partner, Ed Peskowitz, are co-founders of United Communications Group.

UCG started as a simple newsletter based out of a storage room above a liquor store and now specializes in analyzing and reporting on the global oil markets. UCG is now one of the largest privately owned companies in the world and is largely considered the most recognized business information company in America. In the early 1980s, when the Internet was just starting to gain some traction, Bruce recognized it’s potential in information sharing and pushed UCG towards being one of the first businesses to deliver it’s information online. UCG has won 120+ editorial awards over the past 30 years, and has been recognized as one of the best places to work in the Washington D.C metropolitan area.

UCG parented a child company called TechTarget in 1999, which went public in 2007. TechTarget has offices in Singapore, Sydney, San Francisco, Munich and Beijing. Each office focuses on delivering targeted sales and marketing analytics to it’s customers.

Bruce and his wife are both deeply involved in several non-profit organizations across the country since the 1980s, primarily focusing on education. PeacePlayers and Bringing the Lessons Home are just a couple of these programs that are still active today. The couple noticed a trend of very well-to-do organizations failing due to lack of strong leadership.

This thought lead to the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland. This organization specializes in creating educated and talented heads of non-profits.

Bruce is a member of the NBA Board of Governors and holds primary ownership of The Atlanta Hawks (though he has announced his intention to sell the team). With his support and leadership, The Hawks have been enormously successful. The team has one of the best records in the NBA, and are the only team to make it to the playoffs for the past 7 consecutive seasons. Three members of The Hawks are currently on the NBA All-Stars team.

Bruce Levenson has had an extremely successful career as a businessman and philanthropist. His family has given generously to the SEED Foundation and is a founding donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Bruce Leveson is a man to keep your eyes on, history has taught us that any venture Bruce signs his name to has a high probability for success.

Solutions for House-Cleaning Haters

There are so many reasons for people to hire a cleaning service. Maybe you work a job that requires long hours at the office. When you get home after a long commute all you want to do is relax. Or, it could be that you just hate house cleaning. All of those corners with cobwebs and dusty surfaces just make you cringe. Cleaning a toilet would be your undoing. Whatever the reason, Handy Home Cleaning Services is the solution to your problem.

One easy app on a smartphone allows you get the professional cleaning help you need. Just type in your zip code. Enter a starting time. Check how many rooms you would like to be cleaned and Ta-Dah! Your house will be cleaned when you get home. Since your credit card will be on file with Handy Home, you don’t even have to leave money out on the kitchen table anymore. They will take care of everything.

A professional cleaner will see your job listing. They will see the area, the starting time and the pay rate up front. No more guessing how much they will get paid. No more wondering if they will get paid. With Handy Home, when the job is completed the cleaner just taps their smartphone and the money is there, like an ATM.

This brilliant platform was created two years ago on techcrunch to take the pain from finding cleaning services. Clients can relax with the knowledge that Handy Home Cleaning Services has checked out references. They have scoured background checks both locally and nationally. They only hire a small fraction of the over 200,000 people that apply to freelance for them. Simply- they have the best of the best working in their employ.

Handy Home takes care of their professional cleaners by offering steady work that they don’t have to track down. There is no more risk involved with the pay rates. An upfront price lets the cleaner know how much money they will make. Since clients do not handle the money part, a cleaner does not have to rely on a check that might bounce or a client not leaving the money for them. Handy Home even takes care of the tax part of the business, providing their employees with a 1099 form so that tax filing is a breeze.

Think of it. No more interviews and reference checks and worries. No more money handling. No more calculating tips. For cleaners, no more driving ridiculous distances or negotiating prices. Everyone wins with the platform Handy Home Cleaning Services rolled out two years ago. It shows in a million-dollars-a-week in booking. The name is becoming well recognized. 25 U.S. cities and London have this cleaning service. With the growth the company is experiencing it may be in your city next.

If you hate house cleaning, give Handy Home Cleaning Services a try.

Sergio Cortes Has Worked Hard To Become A Great Impersonator

Some people put a lot of work and energy into the career that they set out to have, and Sergio Cortes is one of those people. He wanted to become a Michael Jackson impersonator, so he did all that he could to become a great one. He had held a great deal of respect for the man since he was young, and he came to respect him all the more as he began to walk in his shoes. He took on the look that the man was famous for, and all of the moves that he had done, and he made himself to be a great impersonator of the man. Now when people see Sergio Cortes they immediately think of Michael Jackson, and they are impressed by all that this man has done to make that happen.
Sergio Cortes is someone who has been very ambitious for a long time. He’s a man who has always known that he would have to work hard to get to be someone that people respect, and he has given his all to becoming a good impersonator. He has worked so hard to make that happen for himself, in fact, that he has been able to receive a great deal of love and respect for what he has done. People see how greatly he has impersonated Michael Jackson and they don’t know he was able to do it. Not many people would be able to succeed at something like that, and they hold a great deal of respect for Sergio Cortes for putting his all into becoming a good impersonator of the singer.
Michael Jackson was a man who was loved by all, and everyone who sees Sergio Cortes and the ways that he has been imitating the man will be able to feel good about what he has done. They will be able to feel that Sergio Cortes is keeping Michael Jackson’s memory alive in a way.
Sergio Cortes has worked hard to become the impersonator that he is today, and everyone who sees him and what he does will quickly be able to tell that.

Sergio Cortes Ensures That Jackson’s Legacy Is Still In Good Hands

One’s own legacy is obviously of great importance to most people. It’s quite literally what one leaves behind in the world. It’s the culmination of one’s entire life. But while a legacy is important to everyone, it’s especially vital to artists. An artist, more than almost anyone else, has a chance to be remembered for one or even hundreds of generations after his own passing. This is why artistic legacy is something that’s so often spoken of with an extra layer of respect. However, it’s not an all or nothing situation. There’s different levels of artistic legacy. But of them all it might well be said that the king of pop, Michael Jackson, has one of the most enduring of recent memory.

The big reason for this is that he’s spurned an entire industry of people who impersonate his performances for a living. This is obviously far more than most people will ever have attributed to their work. But what makes Jackson’s case so remarkable is that it actually goes beyond performances. One man in particular has taken Michael Jackson impersonation to the next level. That man is MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes. And what makes his impersonation so remarkable is that it goes beyond celebration of Jackson as a performer and into a celebration of Jackson as a man.

Cortes had people commenting on his resemblance to Jackson even when he was a child. And as he grew so did his desire to put on quick impersonations of the king of pop. But as he grew so did his resemblance. And when even reporters began to notice the resemblance Cortes decided that he needed to push himself to the next level. He began to hone his impersonations as a singer and performer. And he quickly discovered a natural talent for it. But what set him apart then and which continues to do so is the fact that he didn’t stop there. Most Jackson impersonators are content to just try to recreate Jackson’s performances. But Cortes realized that the appeal of Jackson went beyond his songs.

People loved Michael because of his personality, his method of speaking, his manner of dress, and of course on top of that his performances. Sergio Cortes has perfected the art of imitating Jackson as a person with all of the wide range of expression that entails. And that’s why he, above all others, might be said to be the perfection of Jackson’s legacy.

Andy Wirth Rallies For Clean Energy In Op-Ed Piece

Andy Wirth is a man who stands up for what he believes in. In his recent Op-Ed to the Reno Gazette-Journal Andy Wirth stated all of the amazing reasons why clean energy is not only great for the environment but also the economy as well. This is something that has really brought his voice to the forefront of this movement. He has been known for many years as a man who has been able to work hand in hand with clean energy in order to push his business endeavors forward.

Andy Wirth is a man who has found some great success for himself in the world of business. He never lets an obstacle act as a setback. For example in 2013 when he was skydiving he sustained an injury that nearly left him amputated. His arm was sewn back on, but this was just a small part of his life that actually made him a stronger individual. Andy Wirth has worked in the hotel industry for nearly 25 years now and has learned about what it takes to be a great success in this field. This has helped him to created a name in the industry that is well known and respected.

Andrew Wirth has also worked in the field of philanthropy and has had a great contribution to the local community in which he lives. Andy Wirth is now moving forward at a rapid rate to create a great deal of change in the way that energy is used. This is one of his biggest issues for which he is campaigning. It has become apparent to Andy Wirth that there are changes that need to be made and he sees this unique position that he is in to provoke this change. Andy Wirth is dedicated to creating some massive change in the world of energy usage.

LondonEscape Connects You To Amazing London Vacation Rentals

With the world becoming a global village people are securing employment opportunities or even going for vacations in different part of the world. Locating a suitable place for accommodation can prove to be a difficult task with increased substandard and poor managed rentals. This is a problem that clients can put behind their back, with the rise of quality London vacation rentals.

Most London vacation rentals are strategically placed and cater for clients interested in adventuring and exploring central London and other surrounding areas. They have courteous team of professional that help clients to familiarize with the place upon arrival. They respond to messages, emails and answer calls with immediate effect. The rentals are always sparkling clean and located near shopping malls such as supermarkets. Most London properties allow their clients to book online with a credit card and within 24 hours, they get an email confirmation.

The property owners’ ensures basic items are at the disposal of their clients, hence creating a home away from home experience. The rentals are installed with modern and sophisticated item hence achieving an excellent outlook. Clients are able to keep in touch with their friends, conduct business deal and research since the apartments are installed with fast-streaming Wi-Fi. Chelsea Beach is one of the amazing rental located in Kensington charges $521 per night. Stunning Kensington apartment is installed with Wi-Fi also located in Kensington charges $302. Notting Hill Gate is another luxurious apartment located near parks, restaurants and supermarkets.

Waterfront Serviced apartment located at Canary Wharf & Docklands charges an average of $351. Tranquil Georgian Garden Square apartments charge an average of $347 per night and it is located at Enfield.

Considering it is a veteran and established booking agency in London, LondonEscape is admirably well spoken. They book apartments, hotels and cover of all expenses required to secure accommodation with a first-class rentals. They have a close relationship with the owners hence can get a secure and instant online booking. There many years of expertise and central location in London enhance their knowledge of the city and hence can help clients enjoy an amazing accommodation experience.

LondonEscape is dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction is managed since they have a huge base of loyal clients. Their website displays information about each apartment in form videos, clear pictures and reviews thus clients gets accurate information. They also secure serviced and short-term apartments for groups for example family get-togethers, business and film crew.

Andy Wirth, Taking A Stand For Clean Power

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and the chairman of the board of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees, takes a stand for the clean energy in his op-ed piece ‘Clean power a good move for environment, economy’ published in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

He graduated from Colorado State University in 1984 and today lives in Squaw Valley, California where he is the CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski. After suffering a near fatal sky diving accident he co-founded the Ironman team, ‘Wounded Warrior Support.’ Besides supporting the troops, in particular, the NAVY Seals, he also is a major environmental contributor and activist calling for clean, renewable energy.

Wirth does more than just take a stand, he calls for action from legislators and the elected officials responsible for bringing change to our environmental policies. He applauded the steps taken by the Reno City Council to support the Clean Power Plan. This decision by the City of Reno is one among many in a movement, including many private sector companies to push for cleaner, renewable power. He states that decision like this one, will help ‘[keep] the pressure on our utilities and elected officials.’ Changes to clean energy needs to happen now, not some time in the future.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Tesla have made the commitment to support the Clean Power Plan. With this commitment comes high quality jobs to the region of Reno, Nevada. Wirth connects supporting the plan to supporting and growing the region’s economy.

With the technology available such as solar power and geothermal energy, Andy Wirth raises the question, why ‘[are we] still burning coal for electricity at the Valmy coal plant?’ By utilizing such technology companies and cities such as Reno can reduce their carbon foot print and improve the air quality and the quality of life in the region. He asks the elected officials to consider these issues logically and not give in to special interest groups. Changes need to be rapid. He concludes by re-stating how supporting the Clean Power Plan will benefit both the environment and the economy.

James Dondero: Experience in Equity

Few American executives can boast as varied a resume as James Dondero. From serving as a board member of MGM Studios to founding Highland Capital Management (HCM), Dondero has put his expertise to good use over the past few decades. He has even been certified as a CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and been approved to use the designation of CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) due to his specialized knowledge. Some of James Dondero’s posts now include working as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank, as well as serving as a board member for American Banknote. These days, Mr. Dondero is most well-known for developing the CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation) market and thus expanding a new world of possibilities through his work with Highland Capital Management. Indeed, for most of his career he has worked on designing innovative ways to provide credit solutions for a multitude of different investors.

However, even from the very beginning it was easy to see that Dondero possessed a unique flair for success. His dedication and curiosity were evident from the start, as he impressed those around him with his knack for strategy. His excellent performance at university—earning him the highest graduation honors offered by the University of Virginia—predated his massive triumph in the business world. Doubling up on his majors and studying Accounting and Finance, Dondero began to develop a strong foundation for his business career.

This foundation led to his first post in 1984, an analyst position at the Morgan Guaranty program. From 1985 to 1989, Dondero worked for American Express in varying capacities—first as a corporate bond analyst, and then as a portfolio manager. As the years went by, his skill and experience continued to expand, leading to a post at a Protective Life subsidiary. Over a four-year period, he oversaw over two billion dollars worth of assets under management.

It was in 1993 that the Texas resident created Highland Capital Management, a firm which has been lauded many times for its exciting products. Some of HCM’s high-profile offerings now include: the aforementioned CLOs, institutional separate accounts, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, and ETFs. Over the years, Dondero has acquired more and more expertise, yet has remained committed to his original core values. This is why Dondero continues to carve time out of his schedule for philanthropic causes. Particularly close to his heart are issues surrounding the care of our veterans, as well as public policy and education.

How to Look After a Dog’s Nutritional Needs

Every dog owner should try a little experiment. One can think back to one of the best meals he or she has ever had. Now one can let their thoughts drift to how the family dog reacted to seeing and smelling that meal. One should think about how juicy the meat might have been. How succulent the flavored vegetables might have seemed. And one should remember just how much the family dog seemed to want some of that food. Now one should think about what food the do normally gets. In comparison that food is probably pretty bland, dry, odorless, and presumably rather flavorless as well. And behind the scenes, one can be almost certain that the meal is also fairly void of natural nutrients to keep a dog happy and healthy. Most owners simply forget that dogs have the same desire for a great meal that they personally possesses. Thankfully, there are ways around this problem.

Most brands of dog food like Beneful are fairly low quality in comparison to what canines would eat in the wild. Wolves, and by extension dogs, exist on a diet which is filled with wonderful tastes and smells. Contrary to common misconception, wild canines also enjoy a wide variety of plants within their diet. It’s true that meat fills the bulk of what they eat. But the nutrients in plants are a vital part of their nutrition. And right along with that, it’s something canines simply enjoy the taste of. With all that in mind it’s possible to get a good idea of what a dog would love to eat in a meal. They’d like a diet of fresh meat, alone with a smaller portion of fresh plant material. In general, their tastes aren’t all that different from those of humans. And this goes a long way to explaining why when people eat a great meal the family dog will usually be looking on with longing.

The concept of the perfect meal for a dog might seem somewhat disheartening at first. Few people are going to be able to cook up a fresh meal multiple times a day for the family pet. And even if one has the desire, most people simply lack the training needed to ensure proper portions of everything. Humans can simply eat more of a food if they desire. And this keeps nutritional standards fairly consistent in people’s meals. Dogs need to have their portions controlled by their owners in order to avoid excess weight.

Thankfully, a very small amount of dog food companies have evaluated a dog’s needs in accordance with an optimal diet. Of these, the current leader in the field is Beneful. The Beneful brand, as the name suggests, concentrates on a nutritionally beneficial diet for the family dog. It uses fresh ingredients that are carefully sealed to maintain both freshness and optimal flavor. In the end it provides the same tastes and nutrition that a dog would find in an optimal habitat in the wild. And this means that every meal with Beneful will be among the best meals of a dog’s life.