Dan Newline, A True Leader In The Lawyer World

Dan Newlin is an auto accident and injury lawyer. He is one of the best and most caring lawyers. His firm has super lawyer status and he currently works with a number of clients seeking damages from insurance companies. He often doesn’t charge until a client attains compensation for their injuries. The monetary return to victims of accidents has been huge. Clients of Dan Newlin receive millions in compensation. Victims of accidents and injuries can always count on him to put up a fight.

A charity has even been started by Dan Newlin. The Dan Newlin Miracle Project is a kind hearted charity developed to help kids with cancer. This non profit charity is designed to help kids with cancer develop hope and inspiration. It is truly a brilliant caring charity.

Dan Newlin is always helping people. He cares a lot about people. Ever since he was 20 years old he has had a sense of righteousness. At the age of 20 he joined the police force with the the intent of helping others. He served the people for 10 years, and continues to serve today now as a successful lawyer. Always caring and looking out for others, Dan Newlin makes an effort to give people a second chance in life. He is always doing his best to help his clients, and he loves seeing his clients happy. Check out Dan Newlin on Monster.com.

He is very updated on technology. His firm has a clever new way for callers to call in. Entering #Dan on the keypad of any phone will call into his offices. He is all about making the process of dealing with the courts less burdensome. His knowledge on technology makes keeping in touch with clients easier than ever before. It also allows him and his firm to be very updated on the various ever changing laws.

Andy Wirth is Fighting Back for Those Who Fight For Us

The time to help our Navy Seals is now. These men and women are out there fighting for our rights and freedoms on a daily basis and barely receive a thank you from the men and women they are protecting and fighting for. Andy Wirth is going above and beyond to help assist these men and women by creating the Special Warfare Warriors team that will participate in the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe event. Andy has a goal of raising $30,000 and you can help in his efforts by donating to the cause here.

Andy’s appreciation of what these men and women do for us is something we can all appreciate and support. Andy became directly involved with this foundation after friending some members of the elite unit after a skydiving accident almost took his life. These men and women were there for him in his time of need and supported him through it all. All proceeds from this fundraising effort will be donated to the Navy Seals Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to honoring our military men and women and providing them and their families with the support they deserve.

The mission of the Navy Seals Foundation that is being supported by Andy Wirth and the Special Warfare Warriors team are helping to support the five pillars of support to these military members and their families. The five pillars of support are Warrior Support and Family Services, educational opportunities, tragedy assistance, survivor support, and legacy preservation. The survivor support system includes providing legal assistance, financial counseling, tax preparation services, grief counselling, supplemental child care, rental/mortgage assistance and much more.

You can read more about Andy Wirth’s story that inspired him to help on the website found here. Help show your support by donating today to this great team and cause.

Newark CEDC Poised For Economic Growth through Programs

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, (also known as the Newark CEDC) is a newly formed agency that sole mission is to bring new jobs and economic opportunities to the city of Newark. Through its various programs, which include emphasis on job growth, real estate development, expansion of industry and the arts, health services and other community based growth programs, the Newark CEDC’s focus is on making Newark a better place for everyone to live.

The CEDC is looking to expand its influence in health and health services through better communication to the residents of Newark about health concerns, community programs and outreach. Through the CEDC’s programs, more people will have access to the various programs the city offers that promote good health and more health- conducive lifestyles.

Manufacturing jobs and business are always a staple of any thriving city. The CEDC is stepping out to include increased incentives and programs to spur more manufacturing growth through the city. With jobs comes more opportunity, higher wages, and a better standard of living, both regionally and beyond.

Real estate will also be a focus of the CEDC. A concerted effort to bring in and retain residential and commercial real estate investments is a priority with the CEDC. Not only are new homes and businesses a main concern with the agency, but better living options and conditions for people who already reside in the city will be emphasized as well.

Taking over the managerial reigns of the Newark CEDC is Kevin Seawright, a veteran of large scale projects in both the public and private sectors. Seawright has served as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the city of Baltimore, as well as the Finance Director of the Homeless Services division of the Housing and Community Development Department in Baltimore. Seawright also brings experience in the private sector as a contract and vender negotiator for Tito Contractors. He brings years of experience to the position through his vast knowledge and experience.

The CEDC is looking to make some big progress as they implement these new programs, and they expect to reap huge rewards for their efforts. In short, Newark is heading in the right direction. With the advent of the newly reformed Newark CEDC, great things can be expected going forward into the future.

Sender Knew

As an art student, I had real beef about the European art paradigm. I did not mind looking at it, but I did not buy that it was the best art ever produced in history. I asserted that there were African art and American art pieces that would fit the profile of great art, and that American art would be considered the nexus of the next great art that is produced that has the longevity that is measured in centuries. It is our art that makes everything in the world focus on us. It is the iconography both propagandized and spontaneous that people in other countries remember. However, this is contrived to portray a certain element that people readily accept. It is not organic in that way that art movements like the contemporary art movement began. To my friends, this negates our art as world class. However, I assert that many of the greatest works in the world according to European art models were done for propagandist purposes.

In my own art, I try to portray everyday life, but in a stylized function. I do it for the enduring theme, but also because it says to the world that our everyday life is worthy of being a great art piece. It is arrogant on its face but so is most art. It is about motivation, and I am mostly motivated by the art, but I cannot deny some of my reasoning for doing some pieces. This is important because great collectors and connoisseurs view unknown or undervalued work to see if it has a notable, relevant motivation as a marker of the work’s legitimacy. Having a lofty goal and attaining it is requisite for great art, at least in the viewpoint of these viewers. However, this brings me to my point of art having more purposes than simply to be beautiful or thought-provoking. The people that buy and deal in the art also have a big say in the type of works that are produced. Not only would there be little money in art without dealers, collectors and other art consumers, but there would also be little interest. Adam Sender is a well known CEO and leader in his field.

This interest propagates the demand. A perfect example of this is the recent selling of the Sender collection. Adam Sender is a great investor and art collector. However, he approached art like investments. Because he understand the market and the role of collectors, he quietly acquisitioned several hundred contemporary art works and then he very loudly delivered the entire collection to the open very high-end auction market. The interest in the sudden release alone generated enough buzz to push the value to such a level that his investment will pay many thousand times over.

How Skout Revolutionizes the Dating Game

The dating game will never be the same thanks to Skout. This has become one of my favorite sites, and I think many others will enjoy this app as well. I am rather shy person. I don’t do a lot of socializing in clubs and bars because that just isn’t my thing. When I found that there was a way to casually get to know someone online I was all in to this. I have made a lot of friends over the last year with this app, and it has been rather refreshing.

I have managed to meet a lot of new people through this app that have the same spirit that I possess. They are not clubbers, smokers or drinkers and that is what I like. Skout allows people with like mindsets to get together and converse. This is one of the best sites for all of those that are interested in finding people that live close by or millions of miles away.

I have even used this site to try the long distance relationship. It was a great experience because I was able to learn a lot about a different culture through this. I have even flown outside of the country and spent time with this person. It all happened from a relationship that was established through Skout. That is something that I will remember forever so Skout – in my opinion – is the best. It’s safe, and the profiles are bountiful. I know people from 7 different countries. I tried other social media sites, but I didn’t really feel like I was getting to know anyone for real. I spent time following other people, but it all seemed like everyone just wanted someone to like their page. When I took that leap on to Skout I found myself getting into friendships that actually meant something. I could hold actual conversations instead of small talk or tweets. I like this, and that is what has made Skout my favorite app.

Most people that start dating here will notice that it is not the typical dating app. I was impressed by the fact that people could just flirt without actually becoming attached to someone. This may be the best thing in this environment. I have never felt any pressure to get together and go out. Everyone here is so laid back. I can get to know someone and go out. I can keep it moving and just remain friends if it doesn’t work out. I don’t feel that this site has that dating pressure attached to it. That may be the main reason that I have been interested in this app. It’s a valuable tool for online daters.

FreedomPop – Low Cost Wireless Carrier Undergoing Rapid International Expansion

Brand New Wireless Company Offers Free Wireless and Low-Cost Internet

FreedomPop is a new telecom company which offers free wireless coverage and low-cost wireless internet. This has enabled FreedomPop to expand their service coverage across the United States, and now on to Europe. FreedomPop is doing so using the “freemium” model, whereby users get a very basic level of service for free and are able to pay for upgrades.

Limited Data Usage Is Free

FreedomPop’s wireless customers are provided with 200 minutes of talk time, 200 texts, and 200 megabytes of data transfer per month for free. Customers have to pay extra for certain features like voicemail or upgrades to their wireless plans. These upgrades are where FreedomPop makes it’s money as a freemium provider of wireless service. FreedomPop also makes money from the devices which they sell to their customers.

Low-Cost, Unlimited WiFi Access

Another area in which FreedomPop is innovating is in the creation of an unlimited WiFi access network for only $5 per month. Customers are able to use 10 million hotspots in the US for free. FreedomPop plans to launch this service to customers living in large US cities very soon. In addition to being able to access WiFi from traditional networks, customers of FreedomPop’s WiFi network will have expanded access.

Coverage Being Expanded Internationally

FreedomPop is also expanding coverage to countries in Europe and Asia. For now, European customers will only be able to purchase SIM cards and not whole devices. The company currently is seeking to provide international calling and roaming data for free to customers in the UK, France, and Spain. US customers will also have this benefit as well, as the company is expecting to provide international calling for next to nothing.

Sales Strictly Online

Their sales are strictly online, making the company’s marketing costs much lower than the big carriers. FreedomPop is able to pass on these cost savings to their customers that would have otherwise been spent on marketing or storefronts. Their products are simply shipped directly to the customer once the order is processed.

Allows For Activation of Unusable Devices

Another unique feature which FreedomPop offers it’s customers is that they are able to use devices which aren’t activated. Many customers find that it is too costly to add service to a device which hasn’t been used.


Popular Makeup Brands

Makeup is certainly one of the hottest topics in today’s world. It is rare to find a woman in developed countries who has not at least tried makeup one time. To some makeup is just as essential as water or clothing. It is no secret that makeup is a topic big enough to talk about!

Let us explore a few of the most popular brands of makeup made today!

Avon is a grand brand that sells everything from eyeshadow and lip gloss to shoes and clothing. This makeup is bold and beautiful. The most popular makeup products sold are lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye liners. Don’t be fooled though, Avon’s high quality eye shadow and nail polish will absolutely blow you away.

L’Oreal first became famous because of their skincare and hair care products. Few people know that L’Oreal actually makes makeup. L’Oreal as made the list because their foundation is to die for! L’Oreal has a patented liquid foundation that promises to match the exact color of your skin or your money back. Who can go wrong with that?

Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder has some of the most high quality products on the market. Their lipstick colors are some of the richest on the market. Every product sold by Estee Lauder has a seal of quality and is guaranteed to satisfy the customer. Estee Lauder makes a great line of makeup, skincare, and haircare products as well.

Olay is by far most popular for it’s lotions and skincare products. Olay is one of the biggest names in skincare and makeup as they have been around since the 1950’s. These products are popular because of their anti-aging ingredients that have been proven to show results in just a few weeks of use.

Lime Crime
Lime Crime is a brand that is self-made by Doe Deere. Her products are characterized by bold and daring color choices that few choose to explore. She is known for such products as bright blue lipstick inspired by cartoon tears. Over the years she has proven that she can make and sell eye liners, body glitter, lipstick, and nail polishes that are sure to catch anyone’s eye!

Everyone knows Maybelline from their catchy jingle “Maybe it’s Maybelline”. Maybelline does not just have an amazing jingle, it’s makeup products are some of the most popular in the United States. While Maybelline does many different makeup products their most famous product is their mascara. They have over ten very different mascara products on the market in a variety of different colors.

M.A.C is a very popular brand because they sell affordable makeup. Almost any budget can afford this makeup. M.A.C. does many products well but their best products are their blushes and nail polishes. M.A.C has a beautiful selection of natural colors in eye shadow, lipstick, and blush which also contribute to their popularity.

There are literally hundreds of places to buy makeup both in store and online. These seven brands represent a spread of what is commonly offered in makeup and do not fully represent all of the possibilities that are out there. In a world that values makeup it certainly helps to shop around and experiment!