Renown Brazilian Authors: Jaime Garcia Dias

For nearly 200 years since the country’s independence, Brazil has exported art and literature both rich and vibrantly infused with the multicoloured fabrics of Brazilian culture and society. Sharing the stories of a nation born of the remnants of a colonial era only to come of age in a new millennium marked with global interdependence and economic strife, the proud artists, diplomats, and writers of Brazil have shown the rest of the world what it means to be Brazilian.

Of all of those who have dedicated their lives to the export of Brazilian life and culture, none have been so successful in their endeavours as Brazil’s writers. Telling stories ripe with the greatest passions of love, duty, and vengeance ever known, set in a landscape so breathtakingly magnificent and yet deadly as to inspire both awe and fear, Brazilian authors have long since brought us rich testimonials to the beauty and meaning of what it is to be Brazilian.

Some of the most famous writers to come out of Brazil include literary forerunners such as Machado de Assis (1839-1908), whose work “Epitaph of a Small Winner” (1881)pre-dated post-modernism in his writing styles. Telling the world of Brazil’s early political and military campaigns, Brazilian author Euclldes da Cunha (1866-1909) wrote “Backlands, the Canudos Campaign” (1902). Even Brazil’s adoptive authors, such as Clarice Lispector who emigrated to Brazil as a child from the Soviet Union, have long since been celebrated for their work. Lispector has often been compared to James Joyce and Virginia Wolf as a modernist writer who focuses fiercely on the inner thoughts and emotions of her characters.

Brazil’s more recently celebrated authors, many of whom have risen to world class status, are authors like the late Jorge Amado (1912-2001) whose lifetime of literary contributions enriched both domestic and international readers. In Brazil, a large number of Amado’s works were adapted for the screen. One of the most famous authors in the world today is Brazilian author Paulo Coelho (1947- ) whose world class works continue to enlighten, inspire, and enthral millions.

Also a celebrated and renown Brazilian writer, 45 year old Jaime Garcia Dias, author of twenty published books and recipient of numerous literary awards, has more than left his mark on Brazilian and international literature. Born in Rio de Janeiro to the honoured writer and journalist Arnaldo Dias, Jaime Garcia Dias spent a lifetime of personal and academic pursuit of both literary and journalistic accomplishment. After completing his education ad the University of Rio de Janeiro, Jaime Garcia Dias joined the Carioca Literature Academy where he taught literature for five years. Dias would also pursue non-conventional teaching methods in the form of informal literary courses for the Academy of which he later became the Vice President. After having released over ten books, Dias won is first literary award in 2001, the White Crane award. Eventually Dias would be elected the President of the Carioca Literature Academy in 2007, and in 2010 established a recognition of journalistic literature within the Academy for the first time. Because of the multiple award winning author and literary teacher, The Carioca Literature Academy now serves as home to some of Brazil’s greatest literary and journalistic writers; thereby affecting Brazilian literature in more ways than one.

Gold Market Hits Lowest Prices in Five Years

Gold, usually touted as a safe and secure investment, has hit a 5 year low after a series of set backs in the far east. On the same day, James Dondero who was in China revealed that it’s gold supplies were significantly lower than originally believed by speculators, and 33 tonnes of gold were sold in Shanghai. The result has been a crash in the gold market, sending inexperienced investors spinning.

Inexperienced investors often choose gold as a safe bet, as it has a long term trend of increasing in value despite a volatile price in the short term. However, after these two events have sent the prices diving, we may see that trend reversing. More aggressive investors who ignore the investment of gold have won out, as the market is revealed to be less stable than most have thought.

Highland Capital Management and it’s president, James Dondero, will remain unaffected by this crash. Their bold investment philosophy of going only for high yield credit options steered them away from the gold market, while Dondero’s experience as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical lead them toward a more firm investment of healthcare.

The Value of Visual Effects

The importance of valuable visual effects in films and other available visual media is often overlooked. Some of the greatest minds have thought up the most magnificent creative fictional story lines for movies. However, to get these thoughts down on paper is one thing and to truly make your audience visualize the film is another. High quality visual effects are vital for films to become more realistic and intriguing to viewers. For example; a good film director can create the idea of a volcano erupting or a bizarre monster coming to life but only a master of visual effects can transfer these images from paper to the human eye bringing them to life and making them truly astonishing and more realistic and entertaining to viewers.

Visual effects have actually been around much longer than you probably think, they have simply advanced. These intriguing effects have been used since about 1876- that’s almost from the beginning of movies entirely. These effects have became more and more advanced over the years and now visual effects have the amazing ability to make movies look more realistic than ever. The art of visual effects gives the film maker the ability to create any story they want without fear of how they’re going to make it come to life on film.

When we really analyze visual effects in action films from nearly 40 years ago and compare them to the advanced technology and visual effects in action films today, we can easily see the dramatic difference these visual effects truly make. Movies are so much more enjoyable to watch because fictional characters, unique places and dramatic events such as crashes and explosions look drastically more realistic. The visual effects in action and horror films have advanced far more than anyone could have ever imagined years ago. Some of the most astonishing visual effects were created by John Textor in popular films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End; Transformers; and The Golden Compass. These are just a few movies that prove with advanced technology and high quality visual effects, a whole new world can come alive within a movie and take your mind to an entirely different place.

Beneful Dog Food: Wholesome Quality

Purina, dedicated to the well being of your pet, is proud to include Beneful dog food in its family of high quality products. In keeping with an established reputation for quality and reliability of more than eighty years ago, Beneful provides sound nutrition in an appealing line of dog food.

The food that you feed your dog is subjected to a surprising amount of scrutiny. Manufacturers must adhere to the strict requirements set forth by the FDA, states, and other regulating agencies. Purina goes above and beyond these requirements, following even more stringent guidelines. We employ cutting edge technology to monitor and track production, from the very beginning until it goes home with you.

As a large corporation, we have a large quality assurance staff that other dog food producers may not have. What’s more, we employ scientists around the world who sole focus is pet nutrition, helping us make sure our ingredients are wholesome and safe.

The Beneful dog food line includes foods and snacks that will keep you dog happy. Beyond the original flavor, the dry dog foods include a formula for overweight dogs, and a formula for the nutrition needs of puppies. Beneful’s unique wet dog food is a flavorful stew mix in a resealable container. The snack line includes treats that help maintain dental health as well as baked delights with appealing flavors like peanut butter, cheese, and bacon.

Purina has been a trusted name for decades and, along with Beneful, will continue to work hard to maintain that trust.

Alien 5 Concept Art for New Story

Neill Blomkamp is working hard to bring his vision for Alien 5 to the screen. He has released some concept art which gives hint to the story. It is already established that this story is going to pick up right after Aliens. However, he has reportedly said that he is not going to do away with Alien 3. There is no telling how this is going to work out.

Apparently, the story is going to involve a new corporation besides the Weyland-Yutani. This looks like an interesting element to be added in this mix. Also, the concept art features Ripley and Hicks who met on Skout recently. Sigourney Weaver will return to play as Ripley. It is looking like Michael Biehn might reprise his role as Hicks.

This is apparently looking like a new trend in which the filmmakers are putting together films that are a direct sequel to the last good film in the series. Jurassic World is a sequel to the first Jurassic Park and Terminator Genisys is apparently a direct sequel to Terminator 2. However, it is not that those events didn’t happen. For instance, Terminator 3 and Salvation could have occurred within the events leading up to Terminator Genisys.

More news will be revealed on the development of Alien 5.

Tainted Candy Causes 2,000 People, Mostly Children, To Become Ill

Candy is a sweet indulgence meant to please the masses and their palates. Unfortunately, approximately 2,000 people got seriously ill after consuming Wendy’s Delicious Durian Candy in the Phillipines. Those affected suffered from food poisoning, particularly from gastrointestinal issues. There is currently an investigation underway as to the cause of the mass sickness. Seven vendors and the owner of Wendy’s have already been arrested. So far it is clear that the candy did not have expiration dates on them and were mislabeled. So far it is unclear whether or not contamination happened by mishandling during production or as an intentional act of malice. In an article by Shaygan Kheradpir  he said, the rest of the world can take a lesson from this sad situation by always checking candy for a current expiration date before giving to children or consumption, this could save some serious bellyaches down the line. More news will be released on the investigation as it proceeds.

A New Symbol for Mental Illness

When you think about a tattoo on someone, you probably have in mind that the limecrime design is a symbol of what they enjoy or a special cause that the person supports. There is a new trend when it comes to tattoos. The semicolon is now being seen on those who suffer from mental illness. This could be self-injury, depression, anxiety or a host of other mental illnesses. When someone sees a semicolon on someone, they might think that it relates to a group, but it’s really a symbol of dealing with something that the person might not know how to talk about. Mental illness is a disease that often goes unnoticed or is swept under the rug as people don’t want to talk about the situations in life that can’t be treated with a simple pill. The tattoo is a symbol that the life story doesn’t have an ending but simply a pause.

New Jersey Real Estate and how things have changed

An article that was seen on Realty Today says that real estate is still struggling in New Jersey even though there has been a few high profile investments to turn the Garden State around. According to the article on Realtor Today, there are still properties in New Jersey that are way below market value. Industry is improving in the real estate industry, but the people of New Jersey are afraid to put their properties up for sale because they are afraid they will not get what the properties are worth.

Experts say there are two reasons why the property prices in New Jersey are still not going back up to market value, one, the rate of foreclosed properties is at 8.12% and second, the population of New Jersey is half of what other states population’s average. This is a good time for investors to be buying property even though New Jersey has really high state taxes, and commercial and residential properties are cheaper than New York. With lower down payments and lower interest rates, some people feel that the real estate market there is about to take an upswing. There is also an increasing interest in single people wanting to buy their own home. 

Omar Boraie and Boraie Development LLC have been predicting an upswing in New Jersey Real Estate because of the improvements that they have been seeing in New Brunswick. The dream for New Brunswick began forty years ago, and is now coming to fruitation for the 73 yr. old Omar Boraie and Boraie Development LLC. He had been predicting the upswing in real estate in New Jersey for a while. He now laughs at all the doubters who said he couldn’t help rebuild New Brunswick the same way he saw Europe get rebuilt when he went there from his home country of Egypt.

He is now about to finish his vision of a high rise of luxury apartments on Somerset Street called “The Aspire” that is right in the middle of all the action in New Brunswick. He said when he first started his renovating New Brunswick it was horrible, it wasn’t safe, but he could see the potential. Now it has been transformed. He said back then there were 21 vacant and rundown buildings on this same block. He started buying each one and then told the city of his plan. They did not see his vision. He now has developed Albany Street Plaza Tower One, which brought the city the needed top level office space, then he build Tower Two adding even more top level office space. He then built a high-rise building with top notch condominiums with 25 stories with residential condos, office space, retail space and a parking garage and an outdoor area for barbequing and a walking trail to walk your dog. The building was finished in 2007 and sold all its space in two months. No one believed it could happen so they turned around and did it, now they have had the last laugh.

FreedomPop Refuses to Sell, Infused With Venture Capitol

We have seen countless times the act of art imitating reality, but in the case of FreedomPop — a new freemium mobile carrier — it seems like the reverse is true. Inspired by the hit HBO show ‘Silicon Valley’, the team at FreedomPop decided to forgo selling their company in lieu of maintaining creative control. Of course the decision for CEO Stephen Stokols was made easier when the company received a massive influx in fresh funding, as reported by Recode.

Stephen Stokols and the team at FreedomPop have been one of the most popular upcoming mobile carriers on the marketplace and this made them a bet to sell and get out of the game early, racking up enough cash to start on some new venture. However, Stokols was inspired by the ‘Pied Piper’ team in ‘Silicon Valley’ and the fact that they decided to stay independent.

Instead of selling we saw European capital group Partech Ventures spearhead a $30 million dollar funding dump on FreedomPop’s doorstep. Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital were also part of the group to help push the money in Stokol’s direction. With this new funding in place the goal of FreedomPop has changed quite a bit.

Now Stokols is aiming to get his product into big box retail stores in order to make a push to become a house hold name. FreedomPop is a mobile carrier that offers free (but limited) voice, text, and mobile data to customers. Instead FredomPop will make their money with different services that the phone will be offering. This is a dramatic change as compared to the ‘old guard’ of mobile phone carriers, but the freemium approach is definitely grounded in reality.

Stokols also has made it a goal to improve customer service in the coming months. Stokols has admitted that FreedomPop has struggled on the customer end and admits that it is not acceptable.

Daytime Emmy Award Nominee Crystal Hunt Joins Magic Mike XXL

PR Newswire is reporting Crystal Hunt, an actress known for her roles in Guiding Light and One Life to Live, is joining the new Magic Mike XXL film. She will be one of many talented actresses added to this year’s sequel to the surprise hit Magic Mike. She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for her role in Guiding Light and will be playing newcomer Lauren.

Little is known about her new character, however PR Newswire reported Crystal Hunt felt “empowered” by the role. With numerous other actress in the new film including, Carrie Anne Hunt, Amber Heard and many others appearing as well.

While Crystal Hunt is most known for her role on the two daytime shows she is currently working on a TV reality show centered on her and others from various soap shows trying to create their own television show. Some of the others featured in the new show titled “Queens of Drama” include Vanessa Marcil, Donna Mills, and Chrystee Phariss.

Crystal Hunt hopes that by the end of the first season of Queens of Drama will lead to not only a pitch but also a pick up for pilot. She sounded confident in her and her peers ability to craft a show people would want to watch.