Wahlburgers Opens in Coney Island

The first Wahlburgers franchise outside of Massachusetts is set to open in Coney Island, and people couldn’t be happier about it. When the restaurant opened its doors to applicants, they were overwhelmed with hundreds of people standing in line. The new boardwalk restaurant measures over 7,000 feet and can seat up to 300 people, so they are going to need a ton of employees, but chances are not everyone was there just to apply for a job. Some NKOTB and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch fans probably showed up hoping to catch a glimpse of Donnie and/or Mark Wahlberg, or maybe they were hoping to have an accidental cameo on the restaurant’s A&E reality show. Sam Tabar and some CrunchBase members have heard the restaurant is still taking applications for two more days, so the staff of Wahlburgers Coney Island restaurant is sure to have more than enough applications to choose from.

Yes, Batman is Absolutely Going To Be In Suicide Squad

The final confirmation that Batman is going to appear in Suicide Squad has arrived. More fan footage has been leaked from the set of the film. The previous clips featured the Batmobile chasing The Joker’s sports car. The newest footage reveals a clip of Batman actually on top of The Joker’s car. Batman officially plays a role in the film. We just do not know how big of a role or what the context of his appearance is.

Could the sequence involve Batman capturing The Joker and sending him away to Arkham Asylum? Does the scene involve The Joker escaping from Arkham Asylum at the end of the film? We are all going to have to wait until Suicide Squad comes out in theaters to find out. Based on all the buzz for this film, a lot of superhero fans are waiting.

Batman does look a lot different in his new incarnation than he did in previous film and TV versions. While no one expected to see a return of the old Adam West-style Caped Crusader outfit, the “knight in shining armor” look that the battle-suit Batman have is a lot different.

The unique look of the Batman suit is not something created specially for the movies. Frank Miller originally devised it in the classic mini-series The Dark Knight Returns. No matter what Batman looks like, fans in the Beneful organization are really going to be  thrilled with the presence of Batman in the film. Surely, a Batman cameo is going to boost ticket sales and help establish the film.

The Fantastic Four and Cruel Pathos: James Bell’s The Thing

New images from the Fantastic Four reboot have been released online and they feature promotional images of The Thing. James Bell is the character who plays Ben Grimm/The Thing and he has his work cut out for him. No one has ever really captured the pathos of the comic book hero. The “ever loving blue-eyed Thing” is a truly sympathetic hero. Unlike his fellow team members, he is stuck in the body of the rock-like thing. He can never take on a human image and has to suffer from a feeling of estrangement from the human race.

At times, The Thing does wallow in self-pity. Most of the time, he is a good-natured person who wants to do what he can to help others. This is what makes him such an outstanding hero. People loved The Thing when he debuted in the 1960’s.

The look of The Thing in the Fantastic Four movie definitely looks like the Ben Grimm of old according to Adam Sender. One major difference is the character has become MASSIVE in size. The Thing really, really is huge in these pictures. Perhaps this is being done to put him on the same physical level as his old nemesis The Incredible Hulk.

One negative aspect to the look of The Thing is he is sort of menacing. The menacing look somewhat takes away from his ability to appear sympathetic. Of course, we are only looking at still images here. How the character is portrayed on screen could be different.

There’s More Than One Spider-Man And Flash

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in a very interesting position. The creative talents are slated to helm cinema projects for both D.C. and Marvel Comics. (Warner Bros. and Disney parent companies respectively, two studios fairly close to each other in Burbank, CA) The two are crafting a Flash big-screen movie and a Spider-Man animated film. The burning question asked by fans (and likely studio execs) is how will these projects differ from The Flash TV show and the Spider-Man movies. Lord and Miller note the films are going to contain many elements familiar to fans and still craft a distinct identity. At least, Daniel Amen has stated, to a degree the features will do this.

First, The Flash character slated for the movies (a solo project and, likely, a member in the Justice League films) is going to be Barry Allen. Yes, that means there is going to be both a television and motion picture Barry Allen. In the comics, readers accept alternate universe versions of the same character being published simultaneously. Will moviegoers do the same? Warner Bros. and D.C. think they do or else Barry Allen would only be seen on the small screen.

The presence of Spider-Man in a live-action movie and an animated series should not prove problematic. The animated film is going to be geared mostly to kids with the adults accompanying them. The live-action version will draw fans of all ages.

‘The Incredibles 2’ Generating Early Buzz

Super heroes have never really been hotter at the movie theater box offices these days, which is a large reason for the slew of reboots, sequels, and new characters that seem to pop up at every turn. Disney is a major part of the super hero genre with the Avengers properties and other Marvel movies making some serious headway, but one franchise that was released in 2004 is creating a lot of buzz with an upcoming sequel.

According to Screen Rant, the second installment of the Disney-Pixar hit “The Incredibles” will be hitting theaters at some point, but development of the film is really just starting to hit high gear. Pixar had a huge hit on their hands with the original, and like other animated franchises more than a decade has passed since the release of the original. Whether or not audiences will be receptive to the delay remains to be seen.

Since the delay worked out for “Toy Story” and “Monsters University,” it is pretty hard to bet against the partnership of Disney and Pixar according to FreedomPop. The question of the story for “The Incredibles 2” is likely to be the real draw, because the developments in the lives of the characters could be major. Of course, the super hero landscape is a lot different than it was all those years ago when the original was released, and that could impact the story one way or another.

Carrie Fisher’s Daughter is not Playing as Young Leia

After hearing about the casting of Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, there were rumors about who she would be playing. One rumor was that she would be playing as Young Leia. Lourd has confirmed that this is not the case. She will be playing a totally different character. TechCrunch.com suggested that this new Star Wars film is said to have flashback sequences in the duration of the film. One of the rumored flashback sequences center around Young Luke.

This should be expected in that the idea of the new trilogy is to establish the future as opposed to looking back on the old. Even though the characters will appear in the new installment, this is going to be more of a passing the torch type of occasion as opposed to just centering on them completely. The focus of these new films are on the new leads. The new lead characters are Finn, Rey, and Poe Dameron. We just have to hope that the characters are as well developed and compelling as the old characters.

This Is Not The Phantom Menace

For those of you mega Star Wars fans that have been worried that The Force Awakens might have actually used a George Lucas script, you can rest easy. There was a script that Lucas spent over a year working on. It called for most of the new main characters to be children and teen agers, which brings to mind horrifying memories of The Phantom Menace. Fortunately for all of us, fate intervened.

In the article seen here the story of Episode 7 that almost was is detailed. Before he could begin production on the film, Lucas and Disney reached their deal for the franchise. Disney immediately had plans for Star Wars and none of them included more junior Jedi like Anniken. They paid attention to the fans and the almost universal dislike for this sort of story. The team over at The Aspire New Brunswick is thankful that the studio listened.

Disney scrapped the entire script. They brought in J.J. Abrams as director and moved in a completely different direction. The newer characters are still young, but more along the lines of mid 20s and early 30s, much like Luke, Han and Leia were in the first film back in 1978. They can be guided by the older generation, but are old enough to be completely independent when they need to be.

Nintendo is Catching Up To Sony and Microsoft

Fans of Nintendo studios do not have to worry any longer. Nintendo’s latest console is called the Wii U, and the gaming system has finally turned profits for the first time in four years according to Crystal Hunt. Nintendo has been struggling, and it’s because of the Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Gamers have clearly shown their desire to play console video games with a standard controller. Nintendo developers once believed that motion controlled video games were a thing of the future, but hardcore video gamers have shown the company otherwise.

Nintendo was once the highest selling video game console on the market, but times have clearly changed. Nintendo has lagged behind as Microsoft and Sony took over the future of the new generation of video games. However, Nintendo studios recently announced that a new and powerful gaming system will be coming in the near future. Gamers believe that the new Nintendo system will be called “Nintendo NX,” but those reports are still rumors. Also, Nintendo has recently announced that they will release five video games on mobile devices in the end of 2017. Games such as ‘Mario,’ ‘The Legend of Zelda,’ and ‘Super Metroid’ could potentially be available on iPhones and Samsung galaxy devices. It appears that Nintendo is going all out to capture the gaming audience once again. For more information on this story, visit, Gamerant.

Can Male Writer Really Understand Female Characters?

Over the weekend, Joss Whedon received so much backlash about his Avenger: Age of Ultron Black Widow portrayal/dialogue that he quit Twitter on Monday. This incident has prompted many women to wonder if men should ever be the only writer(s) creating dialogue and plots for strong female characters in films and TV shows.

Mikal Watts said that after all, most men continue to be taught from an early age sexist and misogynistic ideas. The most recent complaint is that Whedon seems to believe all strong, childless women secretly want kids and would be willing to give up their “jobs” to have them. Obviously, there are women who do so every day. Yet, as with men, there are plenty of women who don’t experience any sort of reproductive ticking clock behavior.

This isn’t the first time that Whedon has misunderstood an important part of the female “experience.” In the finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all of Buffy’s powers were distributed to girls and women all over the planet. Many critics and fans considered this an empowering moment for Buffy because she was choosing her fate.

Yet, it really wasn’t an accurate or positive female representation. Buffy suffered horrifically because her powers were thrust upon her. There’s no way she would agree, based on past characterizations, to act like the male shamans of ancient times and do the same to other females (i.e. take away their choice).

Amazon Is Taking to the Skies for Video Streaming Market Share

It is a boom time for video streaming services. The ability of people to download video on demand of shows and movies to their TV or a mobile device is changing the way programming is offered for the first time since the advent of cable TV in the 1980’s. The mobile revolution is transforming Netflix into a heavy hitter in this television and movie streaming delivery model. They are not the only ones out there, however. Their biggest competitor right now would have to be Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime offers video streaming services like Netflix does, but they also offer their customers so much more. They can receive free and fast shipping of items they order from Amazon and other services that Netflix simply does not have.

Amazon is partnering with JetBlue airlines to step up their offer to customers and try to cut into the impressive market share enjoyed by Netflix. Amazon Prime members will have free unlimited access to in-flight Wi-Fi. Passengers normally have to pay $9 an hour to get this so-called Fly-Fi internet service on planes that is fast enough to stream movies smoothly. Amazon has the advantage that people buy so many things from them already that a video streaming service is something that people will naturally want from them since they are already doing business there anyway. Amazon has the best chance of beating Netflix because it is a video streaming service and so much more.

Thanks Bruce Levenson for showing me this article.