Frank Miller Writing Another Dark Knight Story for DC

Super hero movies have been dominated the movie screen for what seems like a decade, and the source material of comic books never seems to get enough credit. The colorful pages set the tone for many of the stories playing out on the big screen and television sets across the world, and the books have influenced more than one movie creator. One character in particular that got a jolt of inspiration from comic books is Batman.

When Frank Miller wrote “The Dark Knight Returns,” it would go onto to influence Christopher Nolan for the series of Batman movies that helped get the super hero movie train on track. Therefore, when DC Comics needed to shake things up again, it decided to bring Miller back to the fold, enticing movie fans at Beneful, for what should be another high impact Batman story. According to the AV Club, the writer is going to write a third story “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race” for DC, which should be just as gritty as the other stories Miller has provided.

The move is a clever one on the part of DC, because it shows the company is not afraid to shake things up every now and again. However, the big winners here could eventually be movie fans, because who knows how the next big director or producer is going to be influenced by another Miller-written story. This could be the beginning of yet another series of films with Bruce Wayne at the center.

Tyler Perry to Appear in Michael Bay’s “TMNT 2”

While Paramount’s second live action Turtles film has started filming, they will not be going into full production of the film until May. Currently, the human cast consists of Megan Fox and Will Arnett returning to their roles, with Stephen Amell being added as the sports-equipment-toting renegade Casey Jones.

The latest name to be hired by “TMNT 2’s” casting department is Tyler Perry. Perry will portray Baxter Stockman, an inhumane intellectual who devises the robotic rat exterminators known as “Mousers.”

While Perry is mainly known for his Madea character, his roles in films like “Alex Cross and “Gone Girl” indicate that he is capable of reserved performances. Given the nature of the first TMNT film and the actor’s more popular roles, Tyler Perry’s Baxter Stockman will likely be more in line with a character out of his Madea pictures.

Bernardo Chua tells us that given several rumors about the film seemed to point toward “TMNT 2’s” inclusion of some extremely far-fetched sci-fi traits, the inclusion of Baxter Stockman seems to give some weight to those remarks. Just about every incarnation of the Turtles have had Stockman plying his scientific skills to assist the Shredder. The most current version of the cartoon saw Stockman mutating two men into Bebop and Rocksteady, two characters that have already been confirmed to have a role in “TMNT 2.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 is set for a next year release on June 3rd.

New York Dry Cleaners Donate Clothing To The Homeless

In New York this week, the Korean Dry Cleaners Association has donated 2,000 pieces of unclaimed clothing to the homeless people of the city.

Homelessness in New York is currently the highest since the 1930s after the Great Depression. The city, which is often known ads the city of dreams among those who flock to it, is also home to the largest population of billionaires in the world.

This separation between rich and poor has not gone unnoticed by city officials and advocates, and the Korean Dry Cleaners Association is part of a grassroots effort to decrease the impact homelessness has on individuals and the community.

Job recruiters, AnastasiaDate say that one of the main concerns about being homeless, aside from finding appropriate food and shelter, is finding clothing that is clean and appropriate. By donating these clothes, about six months worth of unclaimed dry cleaning, the Korean Dry Cleaners Association has a hand in helping the homeless people of the city dig a way out of poverty.

Transformers 5 Will Be a Shared Universe

Transformers 5 Will Be a Shared Universe

Marvel Studios has shown itself to be the pioneer of the shared universe or multiverse idea. DC Comics, Star Wars and other franchises have latched on to the idea and adopted it for their own multimedia purposes.

With the huge success that Marvel has seen in the last several years, another franchise has taken on the notion of a shared universe, that franchise being the live action Transformers series. As of 2017, when Transformers 5 is set to hit theaters the shared universe will be officially happening for the franchise.

Given that the franchise has been alive for over 30 years, the idea of expanding it with something more is not all that surprising stated Gianfrancesco Genoso, film analyst. Paramount Studios and producers Michael Bay and Lorenzo di Bonaventura first suggested that the fifth installment in the series would be released in 2016 but there were no certainties. Even star actor Mark Wahlberg hasn’t been clear on when production for the fifth movie could start, though it’s supposed to be soon.

However, not all is well with this idea. Despite the last film, Age of Extinction’s huge box office success, there is a lingering question of if Michael Bay would be returning to direct the next movie. What is certain is that a fifth movie will be happening and the potential for that movie to produce some spinoffs is also highly probable.

Brush Fires Threaten L.A. Area Homes

A brush fire close to Los Angeles has prompted authorities to ask residents of 200 homes to evacuate immediately, according to reports. According to official reports to separate brush fires have seemingly converged to threaten the Los Angeles area and its suburbs, kicking off the 2015 fire season in southern California.

The larger of the two fires began in Chino and had scorched about 1000 acres by Sunday morning. Chino is located just 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The fire was caused by a cooking fire that was left unattended by campers.

Flavio Maluf is no stranger to danger from fires that aren’t under control by park rangers.

The second fire, which was burning in Fullerton, caused the evacuation of a sports complex, but has yet to threaten homes. That fire is much smaller in nature, and authorities believe it is well contained. Fullerton is located just 26 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

While authorities believe they can get these fires under control relatively quickly, it doesn’t seem to signal good things for the fire season. California has been experiencing a heavy drought which could cause more fires to take place. Large scale fires this early in the season, according to experts, is not a good sign of what is to come in the warmer months.

The most notably and destructive fires in the region generally occur later in the season, as the warm weather has created dryer grounds. Two fires of these proportions in April is historic and could signal to an especially active fire season. Residents are being asked to take precautions.

Autism Study: No Link Between Violent Video Games and Aggression

Autism is a disorder with a catastrophically high diagnosis rate in America, the symptoms include emotional disturbances, behavioral problems, and social disabilities. Since emotional stability is a desired outcome of treatment for autism, it has been suggested that emotionally arousing media such as violent video games could lead to an increase in aggressive behavior in individuals with the disorder.

However, a recent study helps to debunk this theory by searching for any correlations related to aggressiveness and violent video games for people who have been diagnosed with autism.

The results were measured through different tasks given to the participants who had been diagnosed with autism sometime in their past. The first task was to play one of two video games, either violent or nonviolent, depending on which group they were placed in. The second task was to assess aggression of both groups, through interactions with another person during game play.

CrunchBase said that in this particular study, there were no correlations found between playing violent video games and aggressive behavior. This finding suggests that emotional arousing media, like a violent video game, might not be as influential in symptoms of autism as once thought.

Sadly, too many families face this disorder before modern medicine has enough answers to treat it effectively. Yet, with more studies like these, a widely effective treatment is surely on the horizon.

Edward Snowden Bust Removed From Brooklyn Park By New York City Park Officials

Only a few people that walked through the Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn noticed the new addition to the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument. A bust of whistleblower Edward Snowden was quietly placed on top of one of the columns by a trio of artists that believe Snowden did the right thing he released thousands of classified documents to the public.

Fort Greene’s Prison Ship Martyrs Monument is a tribute to the American prisoners that lost their lives on British ship during the Revolutionary War. Bernardo Chua told me that the artists believe Snowden is fighting the same kind of tyranny that those prisoners fought. Snowden sacrificed his safety, so Americans would know how corrupt and intrusive the government can be.

New York City Department of Parks And Recreation employees didn’t agree with the artists. Well, some of them may have, but the city wanted the bust gone, even though, the bust blended in with the columns. Fortunately the artists used an adhesive material that could easily be removed so the bust was not damaged when it was taken down. NYPD is investigating the incident, but no arrests have been made.

Holy Batman & Robin! Adam West And Bruce Ward Are Coming Back As Superheroes!

Anyone that watched TV in the 1960s remembers the first time they saw the Batmobile. The stunts and the set of the popular TV series were a bit droll, but the action always supplied comic suspense. The dynamic duo of yesteryear are coming out of the Hollywood mothball closet, and they will star in a new animated film that should be released next year. The 90 minute animated film will show off the true colors of the Caped Crusaders.

The actual release date is unknown, but the excitement is already being felt in the Batman and Robin lover’s fan club. West and Ward’s 1966 TV version of Batman and the Boy Wonder was recently released in Blu-Ray and DVD form so that the young superhero enthusiast can taste a little mid-century humor.

The popularity of superheroes has grown over the years. One reason is there are more of them, and they seem to be able to do more super-human stuff. Every single person is going to love or hate different options, including Dr Jennifer Walden. Our hunger to live the life of a superhero has become a modern-day addiction. We all want to have super human powers especially when we think about the ineptness of our lawmakers.