Ladies Are The Ghostbusters- Don’t Like it? They Don’t Care.


1980’s classic movie Ghostbusters is being remade in an entirely new way. An all female cast has just been signed with production set to begin summer 2015. Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones will be gracing the screen and fighting to make their version up to par with the original. The four leading ladies are no strangers to comedy. Throw them all together with some modern gadgets, funny situations, and a well written script and they are sure to have a hit on their hands. Slow Ventures stated that there are men who do not believe that the primarily female cast can fill such big shoes as Bill Murray and his crew. Director Paul Feig disagrees and is letting the negative comments roll off of him like water on a duck. One thing is certain whenever the new Ghostbusters film is released there will be no shortage of tickets sold regardless of the cast changes. Heck there might be even more interest with the younger generations just because of famous names like McCarthy and Wiig!

A New Animated Series Is Spawned


A new Spawn animated series is in the works although everyone is very hush-hush over it. Honestly, why would anyone feel any level of surprise that a Spawn series is being developed. With superhero films so hot these days, virtually any property that made money at one point is going to be tapped for a reboot.

Spawn was made into a feature film in 1997. It was a good film and achieved a cult following. Plans are (not surprisingly) being made for a new Spawn project. Interestingly, the old HBO animated series is also going to get a reboot. What Flavio Maluf and I want to know is why there is so much secrecy over the animated series is, well, mysterious.

The first animated series was, like the film, good but not great.

The previous Spawn animated series produced by HBO was nearly 20 years ago, a lifetime in terms of how quickly the wheels of pop culture turn. The new series is going to update Spawn for the current pop culture landscape while also offering a nod to the original, trailblazing series.

While no channel has yet agreed to air the series, a lot of work on the cartoons has already been completed. So, you have a program with episodes either fully or partially completed and no portal for distribution. Perhaps this is why so much be being kept under wraps. Any unauthorized leaks about the series could potentially hurt the ability to get a solid television deal.

New Star Wars Trailer May Not Feature Original Characters

Star Wars fans hoping to gain even the slightest glimpse of their returning heroes from the original trilogy in the nextThe Force Awakens trailer may be disappointed.

According to Germain Lussier at /Film, fans may have to wait until the movie releases in December to see Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Princess Leia. Lussier said Disney has decided to not use the original characters in their marketing efforts in order to focus more on the new characters, which will become the future of the trilogy and franchise.

This contradicts earlier reports that the next trailer would indeed feature the classic heroes from the original trilogy. Fans such as Bernardo Chua were buzzing about the opportunity to see their favorites back on the big screen when the new trailer arrives before Avengers: Age of Ultron in May.

If Disney does indeed intend to make fans wait until December to see their favorite Star Wars characters on the big screen, it could prove a successful strategy. Fans dying to see Luke and friends again will line up in droves when the movie releases later this year. Furthermore, since the future of the series will center on the newcomers, it makes perfect sense for Disney to build excitement for the future direction of the series.

Amazon To Produce And Distribute Original Movies


Amazon is moving ahead with their plans to become a dominant producer of television shows and movies. The online retailer said this week they intend to expand their large library of online movies and television shows by producing and acquiring their own original movies that will also be released in theaters.

Amazon’s plan is to produce original movies under their Amazon Studios division, which has been developing original television shows for a couple of years now. Amazon also plans to become a major distributor, as it will purchase films for distribution. They intend to release these movies in theaters and then make them available on their Amazon Prime Instant video service just four to eight weeks later.

According to Roy Price, vice president of Amazon Studios, the company plans to produce on average 12 movies each year. He said the first movie should go into production later this year. In describing the type of movies Amazon would produce, Price said the films would feature fresh and daring stories. He added that he intends for Amazon Original Movies to excite, amaze and move fans of movies.

After a slow start, Amazon Studios’ original television shows are beginning to gain traction. It’s first show, Alpha House, recently debuted a second season, while Transparent starring Jeffrey Tambor recently won two Golden Globes Awards. If these shows are anything to preview whats to come in Amazon movies, I am excited. I recently finished watching Transparent with Dr. Rod Rohrich, and it was divine. I think this is definitely the future of movies.

Indominus Rex Arrives, In Illustration Form

Long-time fans of Marvel Comics are surely familiar with the call “Imperius Rex!” This was the saying of the great Sub-Mariner when he went into battle. Now, fans of the Jurassic Park films can scream “Indominus Rex!” They won’t be doing to charge into battle though. They’ll be screaming this to the cast of the film when Indominus Rex, the name given to the new hybrid dinosaur, shows up on the scene.

Images have been leaked and they reveal what the long-hushed Jurassic World predator looks like. He ain’t pretty.

The creature is a four-legged hybrid of all various dino-creatures. And yes, he has really, really sharp teeth. The images of the creature are illustrations based on a forthcoming toy line. Anyone who thinks the creature looks, well, not that great, should be mindful the beast is going to look a lot different upon coming to life thanks to CGI effects.

What the creature looks like is not going to be as important as the role it plays in the film. The classic Toho monster Varan the Unbelievable was, basically, an over-sized squirrel. As silly as that sounds, Varan was frightening because he appeared in one of Toho’s best written and produced giant monster films.

A bit of cynicism surrounds the new Jurassic World film. Being too judgmental about the film so long in advance of it being released is unfair. The same can be said about criticizing the new dinosaur menace before actually seeing it in the movie. Beneful has some things to say about Jurassic World on their facebook page.

Still No Third Gremlins Film?

Fans who love to see 1980’s movies rebooted are going to be in for a major disappointment. The Gremlins redux is not going to happen. The producer of the reboot, Seth Grahame-Smith, has noted the project has “run out of steam”.

The original Gremlins was conceived as a sequel to E.T. before evolving into its own brilliant film. A sequel to the monstrously successful original was produced, but no one really remembers or cares about it. A third film has been bandied about in Hollywood for years, but nothing has come about.

Once again, we have come close to a new version but things eventually collapsed. The success of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film probably gave some the belief the landscape was ripe for 1980’s reboots. Maybe for Friday the 13th, Beetlejuice, and He-Man, the answer is yes. For Gremlins, this does not seem to be the case at all.

Questions are always going to be raised about whether or not an old film concept can succeed in the current landscape. Often, remakes do succeed. Considering the huge appeal the original film had with audiences, you would think this would be an easy remake to get into production.

For whatever reason, the studios are lukewarm to the idea and a new version of Gremlins just is not moving ahead.

All of that could change though. Hollywood can be fickle. A green light on the film in the future is always a possibility and the group at North American Spine cannot stop talking about it on their facebook

Possible New Star Wars Trailer with Age of Ultron

Rumors are swirling that a new trailer for Stars Wars: The Force Awakens will be tied into the new Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out this May. It comes as no surprise that Disney would choose to link these two powerhouse franchises as they most likely share a fan base. Fans are looking to Disney to return Star Wars back to its original roots. Disney proved that it can handle more mature, complex story lines with its handling of the Marvel franchise and is bringing on veteran director JJ Abrams for the new Star Wars movie. They brought Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) on board to help with the script.

While the first trailer has already been dissected and taken apart to tease whatever plot points and new characters that may be coming out, the second trailer looks like it will feature members of the original cast. Time reports with Bruce Levenson that we may see the return of actors like Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford and their respective characters Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo. Featuring these beloved characters will certainly grab the attention of fans seeking a return to the original franchise.

Tom Rothman and Edgar Wright to team up for “Baby Driver”

Tom Rothman, who is the head of TriStar Productions, recently announced that he is teaming up with Edgar Wright in order to begin work on his latest film, Baby Driver. This is an interesting story about an individual that is involved in a life of crime of a getaway driver.

He has his own style as a getaway driver. He uses the rhythm of his own personal soundtrack in order to get into a groove and be the best in the business as a result. Although he is a getaway driver, he does have his standards. Unfortunately he is coerced into working for a very nasty crime boss. This new boss of his literally threatens his life by making him engage in doomed heists. As he finds his life and freedom threatened, he must learn how to survive and do the right thing.

Tom Rothman said that he couldn’t be happier to be teaming up with Wright in order to help him produce his next film. He said that he was delighted to be “riding shotgun” with the project and would do everything in his power to help Wright’s latest project be a box office success. Rothman is ready to help Wright make this effort a box-office smash hit!


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Interview Provides Hit for Sony

M friend Bernardo Chua and I recently saw The Interview and it has become quite a hit in the movie world.  The Interview ,” a controversial North Korean comedy movie becomes the all time online hit of Sony. The movie has earned $31 million US and S$41 million throughout internet world.

Sony studio has reported the statistic of earning. According to the Hollywood studio, the movie was made with $44 million US and has already earned US $36 million at the box office.

Moreover, US authorizes has blamed Sony Pictures that the movie has been spread online in different variants to the users. Satellite, cable and telecom providers have telecast the movie more than 4.3 million times, according to the authority.
On basis in the online income from December 24 to January 4, Sony has announced the movie as the number one online film of all time.

Sony Pictures also reported that, “they have not included the earning from 580 theaters on the statement. Moreover, US $5 million has taken by the box office too.”
The hackers forced to release the movie on December 24, instead of December 25. However, Sony has presented a wonderful movie that they promised to give before Christmas.

The movie’s story is based on the CIA plot to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. The movie is available for the online viewers on different platforms including YouTube movies, iTunes, PlayStation Network, Google Play and more.

Skout Making it Easier To Meet People in NYC

New York offers some pretty unique people, and there are always a ton of people everywhere.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not surprisingly difficult to meet someone.  So I was kicking around Twitter, and saw some of my friends talking about Skout.  Perfect, because you can talk to someone before you choose to meet up, and see if you’re actually compatible.  A unique achievement, because it’s more based on personality than things like Tinder, and has Fuse functionality so I can see who I’m talking to at the same time.

When I went looking online one day to find a social website, when I was turned onto Skout. Because I live on my phone, I decided to download the Skout app, which I thought would be easier to use, instead of navigating through the website.

Most people are on social media today, and I think I’m one of the last persons to finally join in! I read great reviews about Skout, so I decided it was time to try to meet someone on there. I thought if I met a friend that would be great, but I was also open to romance. I created an account, which I was able to do fairly quickly, then I decided that I would put up a picture in my profile, even though it was not required. It didn’t make sense to me to have a profile with no picture.

I started playing with the app to figure out how the features worked, and I fell in love with the “shake to talk” feature. Since I didn’t have any particular person in mind that I wanted to meet, it was really nice to shake my phone, and see a new person show up to chat. Sometimes the person who came up was a man, sometimes it was a woman, but we just talked anyways. Whoever I chat with, would just talk about the news, the weather, or anything that came to mind. Chatting was fun, and would take up many hours in my day.

I was able to find a person who was in my general area, but they live in the city that was 20 miles away. We ended up chatting, and after we talked the first time, I added them to my favorites. I was curious if they had done the same with me, and added me to their favorites, but I couldn’t find this out. I found out that by purchasing Skout points, I could check to see who was searching for me, and if this person had added me as a favorite.

I’m glad I purchased the Skout points on my Droid, because I was able to find out that the person did add me as a favorite, and it made me very excited. When I would go to my favorites list, I always chose this person first, and we would talk for hours. We decided to finally meet, and we had a great night on the town. When we got back home, we would sit on Skout and keep talking, sometimes until daylight.  It was obvious that we had a mutual friendship, something that endured and led to spending holidays together, as I’ve read many other users end up doing. Sometimes when I was at work, I would get virtual gifts from this person.

Virtual gifts on Skout are really cool, because they can be purchased with Skout points, and given to anyone I choose. I was glad that this person chose to give a virtual gift to me, because I really admired them. Skout is highly recommended for anyone looking for a friend, or a life partner.