Talos Energy Ventures into the Oil Industry in Gulf Mexico and Gulf Coast

It is the first time that a private company has sunk new offshore oil well in close to eighty years. A joint venture of Sierra oil and gas and talos energy began drilling the well on 21st May. The Zama 1 well that is located at the state of Tabasco has estimated 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil from the well. The drilling process is expected to last ninety days at a cost of $16. The three companies won the right to drilling in 2015 on the first round of bidding when Mexico voted to open its oil industry to the private investments in the country following the poor performance registered in the oil industry. A London based analyst Elaine Reynolds of Edison Investment says that the well will be keenly watched and that from the structure of the basin, the project has a high geological chance of success.

According to Charlie Sharp of Canaccord Genuity Ltd, Zama is one of the most interesting exploration wells that have been drilled in the sector. Talos is the operator of the well and has 35% value of investment in the project. According to the premier’s statement, Sierra holds 40% and premier 25%.

Talos Energy is a private upstream gas and oil company that focuses on the acquisition and exploration of oil and gas properties within the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a portfolio company of funds that are affiliated with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. The Company has its headquarters in Houston.

Talos announced its wholly owned subsidiary meaning that Talos production has completed its acquisition of Energy Resource Technology that is an oil and gas subsidiary of Helix Energy solutions. Helix will retain an overriding royalty interest in some exploration aspects and in the Wang discovery.

The president and chief executive officer of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan says that they are motivated by the outcomes of the Wang discovery. The company believes that combining the oil weighted and cash flowing assets with its 24000 square miles of seismic data accompanied with its team of professionals will allow it to transform into a significant E & P company in the lower Gulf coast and Gulf Mexico.

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Litigation Attorney, Ricardo Toso de Oliveira Carvalho

Looking for an attorney will always necessitate for you to have a plan, this is the only means in which you will find a professional. There will be a few considerations which you need to make to achieve this, one being that you need to look into the reputation. In most cases, this will have to do with a firm or a specific attorney, beginning your search with a firm will ascertain that you can find the best.

When looking for a particular attorney, on the other hand, an important thing to keep in mind is the case you would like assistance on; it will ensure that you can find an attorney who is conversant with such matters thus getting to win. The location is another consideration, if you are in Brazil, looking for an attorney within Brazil will ensure that they do know all the rules and regulations, meaning that, you do get to be surfeited.


Amongst the credible attorneys in Brazil is Ricardo Toso de Oliveira Carvalho. This is due to his litigation experience which earns him the excellent reputation, more so, Ricardo Toso de Oliveira Carvalho’s strategies will bring value to your case thus ensuring that you have a better chance of winning. With such counsel by your side, you are assured that you will be surfeited and you will win your case.

About Ricardo Toso de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Toso de Oliveira Carvalho is highly specialized in litigation, through conducting the mass litigation cases within his firm, he has been able to ascertain that he has risen to be amongst the best available.

Nonetheless, Ricardo Toso de Oliveira Carvalho’s primary focus is always to the clients, thus ensuring that they can attain the best services of law and also that they get to be assuaged. This has enabled him to gain the agility and efficiency required.

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How Bruce Bent II Utilizes Teamwork to Succeed

Bruce Bent II is about as successful as they come in the financial sector. Bent II is currently operating as the President and Vice Chairman at Double Rock Corporation, a financial and technology company who has been almost constantly at the forefront of innovations within those industries. Double Rock’s success dates back decades but Mr. Bent II has been the most recent man in charge of leading the company into the future. Bent II is a proud entrepreneur and someone who was more than willing to share all of the techniques that makes him tick.

Working and living as an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding aspects in your life, so long as you take time to really approach the concept and do it right. Too many people believe that they have to carry the world in order to succeed as an entrepreneur but this is something that Bruce Bent II steadfastly does NOT believe in. Bent II believes in the power of teamwork, and he believes in it with such conviction that you can’t even think of it as cheesy. Bruce Bent II says, “It may take only one person to come up with an idea, but usually it takes a team of people to bring it to life.” Bent II goes on to point out that the most unheralded member of your team is often your client-base because they provide you with feedback even when you don’t ask for it, allowing you to change your techniques into the future.

If you ever get the chance to sit down with a successful entrepreneur you almost have to ask them what they are excited about regarding the future of their industry. For Bent II the story stays the same: communicating with people. Bent II points out that communication is as easy and affordable as it has ever been. Bent II believes that the future of most injuries will be wrapped up in the new global marketplace, where everyone is communicating and sharing their ideas regardless of time, place, or borders. If Bent II has his way then Double Rock will be leading that charge.

Richard Mishaan Design Brings Success To All His Architectural Design Projects

The Columbia born designer Richard Mishaan has played an important role in developing the role of the combined architect and designer after building a successful career that has been based in his own practice and some of the top architectural companies in the U.S. Richard Mishaan Design has taken a number of different directions over the years as the New York University and Columbia University School of Architecture graduate has developed a thriving business in the form of Richard Mishaan Design that sees him rated as an A designer by Elle Decor.


The work completed by Richard Mishaan is located in many of the passions the man himself enjoys throughout his life, including a growing level of success when the room designs he undertakes include a large amount of inspiration and influence from the travels he has completed across North America, Europe, and Asia. A recent room completed by Richard Mishaan Design brings together the influences of his travels across Italy where the aristocratic families of Naples and Florence decorated their rooms in a way that brought together bold patterns and prints from across the planet; it is also important for the architectural designer to include a number of items collected by Richard Mishaan over the many years he has been traveling the world.


A key aspect of the work completed by Richard Mishaan Design is in creating a memorable room that will live long in the memory of anybody who makes their way to the room being created; however, the designer also wants to develop a style that reflects the cultural importance of the many different aspects of the pieces used to decorate any space.

Another area that reflects the importance of the designer to the brands he has worked with is the growing number of hotel rooms and suites designed by Mishaan for some of the world’s best known hotel chains, including the Presidential Suite of New York’s Regis Hotel.


Jason Halpern’s Impressive Career in Real Estate

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer. He is the founder and Managing Director of JMH Development, a real estate company that develops and owns major commercial and residential property across the US. The firm, through a creative and innovative approach, has developed unique and strategically placed property in high-end markets such as Brooklyn, Miami Beach and Manhattan. Since 2007, the firm has completed projects worth more than $ 500 Million.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Halpern has been in the real estate industry for a long time and has acquired sufficient skills in developing revolutionary buildings in several cities. His family has been in the sector for more than 50 years. They owned a third generation firm that constructed many residential properties in New York and Westchester County. He, therefore, has a long history in the business.

Jason Halpern: with Production

Why Jason Halpern is Successful

There are several traits that set Jason apart as a brilliant entrepreneur and businessman. Here is a look at some of them:


  • Jason is Focused- He is determined to make his enterprise a success and has worked very hard to achieve this goal.


  • He is Innovative and Creative- Halpern has a creative mind and is always coming up with new ideas and new designs for construction. He is particularly renowned for restoring historic structures such as Aloft South Beach in Miami Beach and 184 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn.


  • He is passionate about his career- Jason loves working in real estate, and he has dedicated his talent and experience to constructing commendable buildings in various cities.


  • He has excellent interpersonal skills- Halpern always creates healthy relationships with the residents of the regions he constructs in. His company acknowledges the importance of the communities that work with it to succeed in the business. This appreciation of the community has as seen Jason and JMH be considered as outstanding in their work.



Jason is also involved in charitable causes globally. His company, JMH Development, teamed up with the global water non-profit company to provide clean water to Ethiopia and Nepal locals. This project has helped more than 650 families in the two countries.

His Family

Jason is undoubtedly a Guru in the real estate world and has established an excellent reputation. Through his exceptional leadership and management skills, JMH has become a global leader in construction and renovation of magnificent structures. The company has a professional team that understands all aspects of the development and construction process. JMH abides by its commitment to deliver the best quality properties as well as preserving and restoring historic properties.

Inspiring Success Stories from Nine9 Talent Agency

The modeling and acting industry are extremely competitive. It’s important to be confident in your work when you are trying to penetrate either industry. These three talented faced rejections at some agencies but still found their way to success. You only need stay determined and don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle!

Lorena C

Lorena C has been hired by Black Fashion Week USA. She did her first show and has received three class modeling course valued at $350.00 to help her in fine tuning her modeling.She acknowledges Nine9 for her success.

Semetra R

Semetra received a model call casting for the 2017 Bronner Brothers Hair Show a month after joining Nine9. She was selected for Promo and later worked with Bronner Brothers in the 2017 Hair Show. She is looking for more to come her way and all because on Nine9.

Vanessa J

Vanessa has been successful since she has managed to feature in the famous Thornetta Davis Music Video, an Extra in a Conduit film and Dream Sequence film. She has been picked for a lead role in the Love Thy Neighbor film. She credits her success to Nine9.

Nine9 aims to empower the people. Nine9 gives you the opportunity to decide on your career. Here you will get an opportunity for casting calls and audition for all types of acting, modeling and additional jobs.

Nine9 represents a majority of the talent in the industry who do not have an agent or have been rejected. Nine9 Talent Agency is anti-establishment, they don’t tow the line. People are always told they are too fat, short or need to trim their hair. The agency wants to discourage that and are here to shift the power from the 1% to the 99%, and that is what makes them different from other agencies.

Greg Secker’s Expertise In Foreign Exchange And Financial Trading

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur. He has built a distinguished career in the field of foreign exchange and financial trading. Secker is also an accomplished international speaker and philanthropist. Greg owns Learn to Trade, an international company that offers education on trading. In addition, he runs SmartCharts Software, a technological trading company and Capital Index, a brokerage firm. He is also the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, a charitable organization that zeroes in on improving the quality of life in communities across the world. After graduating from the University of Nottingham, Greg was recruited by Thomas Cook Financial Services. Later, he went to manage a new Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), focusing on foreign exchange. VTD pioneered online real-time Forex trade where customers received real-time quotations on major foreign exchange transactions.

Later, Greg Secker was appointed to serve as the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation, a leading investment bank. Here, he interacted with trading experts. This way, he was able to advance his trading skills. The experience and knowledge that he gained from the institution helped him to establish Learn to Trade, which he founded after leaving Mellon. Over the years, Greg Secker has been traveling to different parts of the world to offer trading lessons in seminars and workshops. The company has received various accolades from renowned organizations like the London Excellence Awards, World Finance Magazine, Global Banking & Finance Review, and Sunday Times First Track 100 Awards.

Greg demonstrated his superiority in technology through SmartCharts trading software that scans and identifies trade set-ups for a user, thus allowing one to trade easily. The shrewd entrepreneur has spoken on various international platforms where he has shared the stage with renowned personalities such as Sir Richard Branson, Dr. De Martini, and Robert Kiyosaki. Greg’s early success motivated him to start giving back to the society. Through Gregory Secker Foundation, he has supported various initiatives, including Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust. The organization supports life skills, education and leadership projects through programs like Early Childhood Development Program, Christmas Basket Brigade, Youthful leadership Summit and Flying Trader Project. Recently, Secker supported an organization working towards supporting victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines

Karl Heideck: Leading Pennsylvania Litigator

Leading Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck

Leading Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck

A litigation attorney focuses his or her practice on representing clients in lawsuits. Oftentimes, a litigation attorney will focus on one area of the law. For example, a litigation lawyer may represent clients in regard to personal injury, business, or medical malpractice matters.

Oftentimes, a person makes the decision to become a litigation attorney while still in law school. As a result, a law student will focus on courses to prepare to become a litigator that include evidence, civil procedure, and courtroom practice.

In addition a law student may also elect to participate in a moot court program. A student who wants to become a litigation attorney may elect to be part of a law school’s clinic program. Through a law clinic, a student is able to represent actual clients under the supervision of a licenses attorney.

Karl Heideck is a respected litigation attorney, with a practice based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Heideck obtained his law degree from the Temple University School of Law. Before attending law school, Heideck obtained an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College. While at Swarthmore, he studied English literature and language, with an emphasis in letters.

In addition to representing clients as a litigator, Karl Heideck also practices in the areas of employment, products liability and commercial litigation. He is also well-versed in representing clients in regard to regulatory compliance and risk management.

Heideck also has a strong background in legal research and writing. Legal research and writing is extremely important to an attorney involved in a litigation practice.

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The USHEALTH Group And Their Commitment to Customer Service

The USHEALTH Group insurance company has taken home yet another reward. This time, they have won a reward for having the best customer service team in the industry and this has allowed them to make sure that they are providing all of their clients with the options that they need. For the USHEALTH Group, there are a lot of things that they can do to make things better and to offer their clients everything that they need for insurance. When it comes to the options that they have, the USHEALTH Group insurance company provides insurance for families, individuals and even groups. They want to make sure that they are giving people everything that they need to promote their services. This has also given them the chance to do more with what they have so that they can see the differences in the major options that are available to them.


Despite the fact that it is now harder than ever to get good health insurance at an affordable price in the United States, the USHEALTH Group is able to provide it to people. They want to make sure that they are doing what they can to offer everyone the things that they need. It is something that has set them apart from some of the other companies so that they can make all of the right choices with their insurance options. Despite the fact that the USHEALTH Group has continued to offer great health insurance options, they also want to make sure that their customers are as satisfied as possible.


People who have USHEALTH Group know that they plans have many different options. People can choose to customize what they are doing with the plans which makes it easier to get the exact coverage that they need. They are also able to get the options that they want whether they have a family or not. While other insurance companies can make it difficult to insure families, the USHEALTH Group knows that it is necessary to provide health insurance coverage to everyone who is in the family and lives with the person who is insured.

The OSI Group Continues its Global Expansion

OSI Industries is a company that specializes in processing and distributing food worldwide. Despite maintaining its headquarters in Aurora, Chicago, the company has regional offices in other countries in six different continents. The company has its presence in one of the following nations. United States, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, China, and Germany. It also has offices in Brazil, Austria, Australia, and Brazil. The company began with two workers 110 years ago. This has changed as the company has managed to grow into a 20,000 employees company. The company is known for its bonuses and good food packages to its employees.

OSI Group grows through the acquisition of other smaller companies. The latest company to be acquired by the OSI Group is the Hynek Schlachthof Gmmbh of Germany. This deal was concluded on 17th March 2017. This new acquisition is a slaughter business that specializes in beef. This new acquisition is located in Frankfurt area. Like any other acquisition by the OSI Group, the management of this company will be retained as well as their employees. Other businesses that have been acquired by the OSI Group include Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. These are business found in Europe and is seen as a move to expand its global and European expansion. The OSI Group has a habit of signing a confidentiality agreement that hides the financial details of their acquisitions. Visit the site to know more about OSI Group food and catering.

The OSI Group has managed to expand by maintaining top executives at the helm. These are the people who run the day to day operations of the company, and they include Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer and the chairman. The vice chairman and chief operating officer of this company is an individual called David McDonald. Bill Weimer is the chief financial officer of the company. Other notable people within OSI Group include Stefan Chen and Brent Afman.

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