Yeonmi Park: One Brave Girl

The story of survival is a story that many hear about whether in newspapers, magazines, and even movies. One such survival story shows the true strength of a young Yeonmi Park. She was subjected to abuse and was living a life in constant fear and wondering when her next meal would come. No longer able to stand this, Yeonmi and her mother began a traumatic years-long journey to escape the cruelty and tragedy of North Korea when she was only thirteen-years-old. She never knew what freedom was until she took her first steps outside North Korea in March 2007. (
In her autobiography, In Order to Live, Yeonmi tells readers about her tragic childhood in North Korea where she was subjected to trafficking. While writing this book, Yeonmi mentions that she has never heard of post-traumatic stress disorder and did not think she would have it. She gathered her own thoughts and memories for her book while also drawing upon the memories and stories from her mother and others she had escaped with. At first she was hesitant to write this book because she wanted to forget these traumatic memories and move on with her life. Now, she is glad that she was able to get her story out there and can even share her story with her grandkids to show what she has been through.

Yeonmi strongly believes in the strength of family and that family is everything. Her family was what helped her stay alive and what kept her moving forward, no matter how bad the situation became. Her family is the reason why she is able to live in freedom today. Yeonmi is still adjusting to living in the free world, especially when dealing with not worrying about running out of food. She mentions that in North Korea when you are hungry, that means death. Yeonmi hopes that when people read her book, they understand that even in the darkest of times there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is really small. Yeonmi currently studying criminal justice in South Korea and is working as an activist.

Examining Qnet’s Role in Direct Selling

Qnet has been in the direct selling business for only 16 years but is has competed favorably against hitherto established business rivals. What was started by a group of young friends has gone on to become a colossus in direct selling. At the beginning, their vision was to market products for the sake of promoting healthier lifestyles. Over the years, it has been acclaimed for its provision of customer-oriented products and services. These include skincare products, luxury watches and jewelry. Ethical business practices have warranted the perpetuation of the firm in the competitive world of direct selling.

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles

The marketer has a vigorous testing process, for new products before they start selling them. This is done to ensure that they are of good quality and meet the highest ethical requirements. The new products must also meet standards set by the firm before they start being sold on its platform. Qnet has been opposed to cruelty against animals and the dilapidation of nature. This explains why it has endeavored to stick to a vegan philosophy. Meals that are served at events held by the firm are strictly lacto-vegetarian. This is often done to promote meat-free diet as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Qnet has made efforts to raise awareness among the general population about ailments such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and many other degenerative disorders. In this regard, it has continually ensured that the food products that it markets have less sugar, non-natural sweeteners and other harmful chemicals. These have been the major causes of degenerative illnesses. The company believes that by limiting the sugar and chemical content in the products sold, most of these diseases will be controlled.

Qnet’s Philanthropic Activities

Qnet has become renowned for its philanthropic activities. With the immense business success that it has experienced, the firm decided to strengthen its corporate social responsibility activities. Its charity has a global outlook because it supports noble initiatives all over the world. It has relentlessly ensured that the needs of local and global communities are met through various community programs.

Qnet has been adherent in its support to the Rashid Center, which runs programs aimed at benefiting children with special needs by advocating their rights. Guided by its CSR mantra We Care, Qnet’s benevolence has extended to numerous other causes. Its partnership with the Lions Clubs International in particular has seen it make donate a Kidney Dialysis machine to Shirdi Hospital in Bangalore. It has also contributed water treatment and storage equipment to schools in rural India.

The Shea Way: A Natural Beauty

There is no doubt that most people following a beauty routine have utilized a product called “shea butter” at least once. Purported to have healing properties for things like skin dermatitis, sunburn and insect bites, natural shea butter also provides a vast host of benefits. Unlike most chemical moisturizers on the market today, shea butter is a natural source of skin care. Eu’genia Shea is a company that understands the value of shea butter and has been making great strides in the formulation of gentle and effective products for everyone.

EuGenia Shea was created with a few things in mind: A Ghanaian midwife’s best kept beauty secret and those in Africa working diligently to raise shea trees. The company itself was formed through the love of Eugenia Akuete, president of the Global Shea Alliance and is now operated by family. Eu’genia Shea gives 15% of its profits back to its workers but also pays above market wages and provides paid training. This business structure is a prime example that caring for employees results in affordable, high-quality products.

Using shea butter has been the secret of those deemed perpetually beautiful. The butter is crafted from the seeds of shea trees. Products of extremely great quality will have the following characteristics: a soft beige color that easily melts at room temperature and a unique scent that dissipates 10-20 minutes after application. The natural moisturizers in shea butter compare to those of the skin’s sebaceous glands, meaning that it is safe for everyone. Reportedly, shea butter accelerates wound healing, as anti-aging, anti-free radical and micro-circulation elements due to the presence of Vitamin A and E. To increase the capabilities of its products, Eu’genia Shea adds organic Shea, Baobab, Moringa and other fruit and plant derived oils. Plus, this adds a spreadable butter quality for easier skin absorption.

When it comes to a beauty and health routine, shea butter should be considered an essential component. Shea butter, like the products offered from Eu’genia Shea, not only moisturizes skin and scalp, it wards off sunburn. Budget-friendly, natural, and so effective it could be magical, shea butter is a certain winner for those seeking healthier, youthful skin.

The Dawn Of The Visual Search Engine And It’s Evolution

The world of the internet is about to be transformed in quite a big way. The emergence of visual search technology has begun to expand it’s reach. Soon the ability to take any existing image or snap a picture and search for exactly what you want will be commonplace.

This is an exciting thing for anybody who uses the internet. Let’s face it, basically everybody does. Even if you don’t, the likely hood that the businesses you go to using the internet are almost guaranteed. From being able to assist the blind to helping you shop for the perfect item, this technology has many practical uses. There are surely many undiscovered uses as well – Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition.

The deep learning engines that pour through all of this data (and it is a massive amount) are extremely fast and accurate to boot. ImageNet for example, was launched by scientists at Princeton and Stanford in 2009 with around 80,000 tagged images.

In this time frame the number of images has grown to 14 million. This is just one example of how quickly the technology is growing in this area alone. Larger companies have open access to vast amounts of data for their engines to chew through.

This is where open-sources come into play. They are free and provide a great framework for building these machines that learn. The deep learning systems are modeled after the human brain’s operations. This enables the tech to grow and learn as it does. The company NVIDIA has a hat in the game as well.

They are working to optimize machine performance rates so they can learn much faster. Another company that stands out in the visual search crowd is Slyce. They have quickly been gaining ground since their recent launch. The Universal Scanner in the tech is able to snap a pic and scan virtually anything for you to look up instantly.

If the exact item is not available it will bring up a list of many similar items. It will also scan bar codes, QR codes, coupons or any other real world image. This is a fantastic new development in the way we use the internet.

Only time will tell where this leads for the internet community along with the businesses and people attached to it. It’s truly an exciting time to be involved in the world of technology. Happy searching folks.

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The Importance of Online Reputation Management in Modern Society

In today’s society online presence is becoming more and more important and transparent. One need only to conduct a simple search query of a company or a person to find out all he or she needs to make an initial impression. There are hundreds of review sites, news channels, blogs, and social media platforms that are indexed into the major search engines and yield results that give the search enquirer a basis to form an instant opinion. This can be very beneficial and powerful for a business that has a great online profile and equally as detrimental to those that yield less favorable results.

So what does one do if their business or personal online profile is lacking the quality it needs? It’s really quite simple, consult an online reputation management service. These companies exist to help businesses and individuals turn around a unfavorable online profile and create a more profitable and successful business identity. After working with a reputable online reputation management service a client can be confident that there presence online will add value to their resume or their business and can be a powerful asset for the future.

Better Reputation is an online reputation management firm that prides themselves on identifying the specific needs of each client. Whether it’s a business that has been hampered by a few controversial online reviews, or a business professional trying to bolster their online profile in order to land a better position, Better Reputation has the expertise to transform an online presence.

At Better Reputation the experts are trained in the most up to date Search engine optimization techniques that will allow only the best forms of PR to rank highly for important search queries. This mean that a potential customer or future job offer looks you or your business up on a top search site like Google, that the top results shown will be positive.

Content development and optimization is a vital task involved with improving an online presence, and Better Reputation is experienced in the objective of building fresh positive content for an online profile. This includes the management of social media pages and profiles. They will help to redevelop the your image online and place you and your business in a positive position for the future.

Virtually everyone who exists to conduct business and create an income needs to closely monitor and manage their online reputation. Not everyone has the ability and expertise to manage this great wealth of incoming information that supplies an online presence with its overall outlook. This is why consulting a online reputation management service like Better Reputation is key to future success in the business and jobs market.

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How to Plan A Major Event

Planning an event can prove to be quite a stressful task. One thing you should know about event planning is that it doesn’t have to stress you out, and a task that can be properly executed with a little patience and creativity. No matter what the event, if it’s going to involve a lot of people, it will require organization. Here are a few key steps to take in planning a great event.

One thing you should do first is make a list of everything needed to throw this party. Most importantly, you will need to determine a a date, time and location. Location could become time consuming or tricky, but once you have those things decided, the creativity begins. Depending on the event you are planning, you will probably want to choose a theme. For example, you may want a beach theme for a wedding, or a princess theme for a little girls birthday.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you will want to decide what type of decor you will need. The sooner you know, the more prep time you have. If you’re really crafty, you may even want to make your own center pieces and various decor. You will also want to decide if their will be games of activities of any kind. Your menu might also play a role in the decor. For example, if it’s a beach theme, you may want to add seafood to your menu.

Look for event planning companies in NYC!

After you’ve made all of your creative decisions, it will be time to get going. Your event is nearing so you will want to map out the setup of your food, decor and gifts location. After you’ve set out your decor on your event day, it’s party time! To see an example of the perfect event planning list visit: The key to a successful event is to create a list, be creative and to stay patient. When you really put your mind to it, event planning is fun!

Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s brings a Unique Cuisine in Escodido

Watchmakers are still in a position to afford rent along Main Street. A conspicuous signage on CPA dominates that Grand Avenue, and most businesses begin with the first name; Cathy’s Canine, Lupita’s Mexican, Mart’s Small Appliance and so on.

Silicone hostess-mermaids cannot be found on the streets, and this is what lures tourists to dinner. The bartenders are dressed in moustaches and suspenders like they have always done. At this place, the classic cars do bring people together. Like in the rest parts of the city, you will spot teenagers at the mall food courts looking cranky with jewelry.

If the San Diego County had an ultra-modern trendiness, it would have been an unbearable art project. The city is Escondido. It is an old-fashioned retail basin where the agricultural elite of San Diego go to town. A city where retaining provincialism remains a form a hard-fought progress.

All this is what makes the city a peculiar place for the best cooks in the country. Patrick Ponsaty loves the far-out worlds. This French Master Chef is one of only two who has earned the prestigious designation in the San Diego. He made his name at the isolated Rancho Bernardo Inn, where he helped Gavin Kaysen rise into stardom.

When Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur, decided to make a restaurant mini-empire in the North County, he began with the Bellamy’s; the current home of Ponsaty. It used to be a Tango where Charlie Trotter protégé attempted to bring in progressive dining in to Escondido.

After renaming it to Bellamy’s, Brian Bonar looked for workers at his favorite restaurants. This was an ideal move with a single misstep; discarding the place’s soul. Bellamy’s landed Trevor Da Costa as a front-of-the house man and Mike Reidy as the executive chef.

The ranch at the Bandy Canyon is the bigger piece of the mini-empire restaurant. Bonar aims at turning the grassy property that is of 144 acres into a 4-star event space coupled with a signature restaurant. To make it a reality, a marquee chef will need to come in handy. Then Ponsaty arrived and the expectations ran wild.

The French Master Chef, Ponsaty, brought in the corn soup, and it was able to match the expectations. Blended together with cream and given Basque treatment with some espellete peppers, the soup is served cold over scallop ceviche with cilantro, ginger, olive oil and lime juice. This parsley-cream risotto is fantastic and comes with a shaved summer truffle and a flawlessly poached salmon.

Brian Bonar

San Diego Magazine reported that part of what contributes to Brian Bonar’s success is his technical background. He is competent in building functioning business structures (get more at He has specialties in mergers and acquisitions. Bonar really takes a personable and creative approach to life by combining the creativity of an architect and the ingenuity of an engineer.

Support the RYTHM Foundation with Kind Words!

QNet, “a Hong Kong based direct selling company,” has teamed up with RYTHM Foundation and HomePure to help bring clean water to these schools: Taarana in Malaysia and Rashid Centre in United Arab Emirates. Many children and adults are suffering from poor water quality and often times get sick from drinking unclean water. This initiative can really help those in critical need by setting up HomePure RED units in each of these schools.

QNet has been running a campaign called the Positive Thoughts Project. What you have to do is to make a positive comment responding to a post the RYTHM Foundation’s official Facebook page.

If QNet receives 500 comments in the first two weeks, they will donate a HomePure RED unit to Taarana. If QNet receives another 500 comments in the second two weeks, they will donate another unit of HomePure RED to Rashid Centre.

Taarana is a school for children with special learning needs, and Rashid Centre is a facility for the disabled. With just a simple gesture of positive comment, you can make a significant impact to those people in need. You are allowed to comment up to three times total. Even if you reached your quota, you can still help out by sharing this with your friends, family, or colleagues on social media.

Go out and help today by simply making a positive comment on that page. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, it’s as easy as it sounds. Let’s help bring clean water to those in need right now!

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Igor Cornelsen Explain Brazilian Investment To His Clients

There is a large and growing economy in Brazil on that people need to tackle if they want to make the most money, and Brazil has one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world today. The country has been able to make a lot of people a lot of money, but they all have to know how to invest their money before they ever get that far. Igor Cornelsen teaches people how to do that in a system that he has been using for a long time. He knows exactly what has to be done in every circumstance, and he shows his clients how to get those things done.

Most people who want to invest in Brazil do not actually know the first thing about Brazil on, but they want to put their money into a country that has a lot of potential. The only way for these people to make money is to make sure that they are investing in a place that gives them the most chances to invest, and Igor Cornelsen is aware of all those chances. He is investing in a lot of these things on his own, and he has just as much stake in them as other people do. That makes him a much better investor, and it makes it much easier for him to advise people.

Igor Cornelsen is very big on research, and he wants the people who work with him to do as much research as they can before they make an investment. He knows that he is going to have to help people make the physical investments, but he wants to know as much as he can at the same time. Good information on helps people make good decisions, and it prevents people from feeling like they are in a bad situation because they do not actually know what is going on.

Mr. Cornelsen is a great example of someone who invests on a system that works. He helps his clients make good choices when they are investing in Brazil, and he knows what it will take to help these clients become profitable in the future. There is no possible way to know which investments will work the best, but it is safe to say that people who are using help from Igor Cornelsen will make more money. Brazil will grow every day, and Mr. Cornelsen will be there to help everyone.

How Wikipedia Aims at Reaching More Readers

Most content found on the internet is written in English. This is disadvantageous to internet visitors who only understand one language, which is not English. To combat this, giant online encyclopedia Wikipedia recently formulated a text to speech tool, which will enable Wikipedia editors to translate information from English to different languages. This has been widely received by Internet visitors especially those who were previously unable to access information written in foreign dialects.

Pages that currently exist on the encyclopedia have been written in almost 300 languages. However, the downside of this dialectical diversity is that most of the languages have little information. On a daily basis, tens of millions of Internet users seek information from the site. It takes thousands of editors to keep the site updated. They voluntarily provide their services. The text to speech tool is a creation of an ongoing collaboration between computer scientists drawn from Wikimedia Foundation and Stanford University.

Improving Access to Knowledge

The new feature is bound to improve accessibility to information via Wikipedia page creation in various languages. It first identifies Wikipedia pages that have not been made available in certain languages. Basing on this identification, editors pinpoint articles that have similarity. Thereafter, they can seek help from others to decode the page to the intended language. Scholars agree that this is the most innovative way advanced to improve access to knowledge.

The brains behind this project, Ellery Wulczyn and Leila Zia from Wikimedia foundation, and Robert West from Stanford will make a presentation about it at the International World Wide Web Conference in Montreal, Canada. This forum will also be used to exchange ideas about how the innovation can be improved so that a larger number of the online community can read Wikipedia articles. West, who is undertaking a PhD in computer science at Stanford states that they are aiming at coming up with a system that will help Wikipedia editors fill out gaps in information. He further adds that these gaps are caused by the existing language barrier. 

Finding Help in Learning How to Make a Wikipedia Page

Business owners need to create pages in order to build their brands. If prudently utilized, Wikipedia can be a crucial marketing tool. Firms can enhance their online presence and ultimately improve their turnovers. Get Your Wiki has skillful Wikipedia editors for hire who can help in the creation of these webpages. They also offer translation services so that more people can have access to information posted on this platform. Anyone can post malicious information since this is an open information source. The editors watch over the pages and update a Wikipedia page to ensure that whatever is available is free of any malicious content.