Tatum Looking for a Cajun Accent

Crystal Hunt tells us that 20 Century Fox is trying to get the most out of their X-Men rights, with three films coming out next year: X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool and Gambit. The latter is “still in the script stage,” according to Channing Tatum, who has been cast in the title role. Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) has recently been hired to direct.

Of course, there’s only one question on everybody’s minds: what is Tatum’s accent going to sound like?

This is no small matter; as fun as Gambit’s power (turning anything he touches into an explosive) can be, his strong Cajun accent is a major, very memorable aspect of his character, and accents are something that can be very hard for some actors. Trying to sound Cajun, or really like any sort of Southerner, in particular can come off as a generic “stupid hick” voice, which would ruin any attempt to make Gambit into the suave, devil-may-care rogue that he is.

Tatum, an Alabama native, commented on the issue. “I’m from the South, so I know who to go to to find the accent. I haven’t found ‘the guy’ yet, because generally that’s how I do accents. I’ll find the person that I want to sound like and not just do a generic Cajun accent. So I haven’t found the guy yet.”

“Monopoly” Has a Plot Synopsis

So Lionsgate and Hasbro are teaming up to make a movie based on the board game Monopoly, and there is one question that I’m sure is on everyone’s minds: How?

Well, apparently there is a script being written by Oscar nominated writer/director Andrew Niccol (who won acclaim with The Truman Show and Gattaca, if not In Time and The Host), and a plot synopsis has been officially released.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir: “Monopoly will be a film for all ages, visually sumptuous, heartwarming, and full of action and adventure. The story centers on a boy from Baltic Avenue who uses both Chance and Community in a quest to make his fortune, taking him on a fun, adventure-filled journey. It’s about making your own luck, what makes you truly rich and, of course, avoiding Jail time!”

One of the producers, Randall Emmett, has also stated that the plot involves a treasure map.

There was actually a previous plan for Ridley Scott to adapt the board game into a satire about the real estate market. The decision to go with more family friendly fare is probably better for marketing, but will it ultimately manage to be fun and interesting or just generic? (And will it take six hours? Because I don’t want to start watching something that will drag on for that long.)

Why Does The Suicide Squad Need A Therapist?

Movie stars and therapists seem to go together. Woody Allen famously saw an analyst for years and years. Usually, Keith Man says stars will go see a therapist after shooting a movie or, at the very least, away from the set. For the cast of Suicide Squad, a therapist is present on set to help anyone from getting a little too much into his or her villain role.

Method acting helps actors really get into a role. Director David Ayers would love to see his actors give the best performance possible. He may not want to deal with them acting a little too villainous on the set. Having a therapist on hand just might help curtail such problems from happening.

And the presence of a therapist helps get a little news and buzz out there online. Any and all publicity is good for a movie. The very unique idea of putting a therapist on a set definitely gets some word out on Suicide Squad.

The movie garnered a lot of press thanks to leaks from exterior shots. The feature is now shooting indoors on a sound stage. Leaks are not likely, which is a good thing. Not so good is a lack of buzz. A film surely needs hype in order to maintain interest. Suicide Squad has to be more than successful. It must be a huge hit since the film establishes many of the villains in the D.C. Comics Cinematic Universe.

Interesting news such as a therapist being on the set helps keep the buzz going strong.

Garrison Keillor Is Phasing Himself Out Of “A Prairie Home Companion”

Keillor Is Stepping Back From The Show He Founded In 1974

It’s finally happening. Garrison Keillor is riding off into the sunset and leaving his baby, A Prairie Home Companion, to live without him. A Prairie Home Companion has become a modern day radio phenomena. Keillor masterfully put a radio show together that pulls on the heart strings, lifts the spirit and gives the stomach muscles a good workout. The 72-year-old Keillor wants to pass his mic to singer Chris Thile, who is a member of Nickel Creek. Thile will insure that all of Lake Wobegon’s kids stay above average.

Thile will be the co-host for a few episodes when the new season begins, and Keillor will stay as host. But the Keillor will turn over the hosting duties to Thile, who made his first appearance on the 15 years ago at some point during the season. Thile has hosted the show in the past, and he has done an excellent job in that role, according to Keillor and the audience.

Garrison won’t completely disappear from the show, which is good news for fans like Brian Bonar. He plans to make guest appearances so the popular detective Guy Noir will not be lost forever.

Simon Pegg to Co-Writer ‘Star Trek 3′

Actor and screenwriter Simon Pegg is now penning the script for the third reboot-installment of the popular Star Trek franchise. Roberto Orci, who helped write the first two reboot installments) had originally written the script for Star Trek 3. However, several last minute changes were made to the creative team that threw Justin Lin into the role of director and landed Pegg as a co-writer of the new script.

The third Star Trek installment is rumored to be titled Star Trek Beyond. Pegg opened up to the media about why Paramount decided to make such drastic changes in the film’s production team.

“The script that they had wasn’t really working for them,” Pegg said. “I think they thought it was too Star Trek-y. There are other movies that made over $1 billion at the box office, but the last ‘Star Trek’ segment did not. They want to know why.”

The last film, Star Trek: Into the Darkness brought in more than $486 million at the box office. With the film’s budget of $187 million, that left the movie makers a $282 million profit. Adam Sender certainly comes away impressed with those numbers.

How will Paramount’s changes to the production team affect the brand’s profit?

We will see, when Star Trek 3 hits theaters in July 2016.

Lucy 2 Is Confirmed, But Will Scarlett Johansson Reprise Her Role?

You may remember her for her femme-fatale performances in the Avengers films, you may even remember her alien persona in Under the Skin, but most movie watchers were amazed by how well Scarlet Johansson portrayed her star role in Lucy last year.

Lucy played a ditsy blonde who was tricked by a former flame into being a drug mule for a strange blue substance. After being intercepted on her way to her destination she is assaulted, causing the strange concoction to seep in to her bloodstream and give her supernatural abilities stated Zeca Oliveira.

After the release of the first movie, director Luc Besson stressed there couldn’t be a second movie even after the $40 million budgeted movie made over $450 million globally. Since then, Besson’s singing to a different tune and announced that the second movie will go forward at CineEurope during a French film trade expo.

While this news is wonderful, we can’t help but wonder if Scarlett Johansson will reprise her former role? The movie star is currently pre-occupied by upcoming films The Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War, and Ghost in the Shell, but honestly what kind of results could the silver screen produce without her?

The only thing we can do right now is wait and hope that she’ll grace us with her presence in the next year or two when the sequel hits the box office.

Test Screenings for the New Mission Impossible FIlm are Going Well

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation is being screened in front of test audiences. The studio was a little bit worried about the success potential of the film. The release date was moved due to concerns about competition from Ant-Man. Based on recent audience reactions, fans really are appreciating the new Tom Cruise M.I. film. In fact, the reaction is much better than the previous entry, Ghost Protocol.

Ghost Protocol was a success. We would not be seeing a new Mission Impossible film if the franchise entry was deemed a failure and $700 million worldwide gross is pretty impressive. Critics liked the film and audiences were thrilled. So, the notion that Rogue Nation is getting better reviews is extremely promising.

Four years have passed since Ghost Protocol was released to theaters and audience tastes can change a lot in that amount of time. The handy reactions for Rogue Nation are being taken as extremely good news by Paramount. The studio is so thrilled with the test screenings so far, a sixth film in the series is being ordered.

Tom Cruise is going to remain a busy actor, albeit in sequels. A sixth Mission Impossible film and a sequel to Top Gun are going to keep him busy for the next three or so years. Hopefully, he will also appear in some original material in between and after these films have their run in theaters.

Ezra Miller May Star in “Fantastic Beasts”

Ezra Miller Could Lead in “Fantastic Beasts” Film

Ezra Miller’s acting resume appears to have suddenly just popped up, once he starred in hits such as “We Need to Talk About Kevin” which premiered in 2011.

Another work he was in includes “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” which debuted in 2012 and now he’s been cast as The Flash for the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe. Now it appears that there’s some talk that Miller is set for a major role in the Harry Potter spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.” Miller isn’t officially part of the cast just yet but he is in the frontline for starring in the movie, and has been heavily favored for the role.

“Fantastic Beasts” features none other than Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling writing the screenplay for the movie. David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter movies, is also involved and will be directed the first movie in this trilogy, while actors Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston will be starring as lead roles in the movie. Miller has been implied to be taken on the role of Kredan, one of the many magical characters in the movie.

The movie takes place 70 years before the first Harry Potter film and features the character of Newt Scamander, played by Redmayne, who goes to New York to find and take note of magical creatures. A few at Madison Street Capital want to see it with their families.

Diverse Superheroes Can Be Created Without Altering Those We Already Have

Superheroes have been much in the entertainment news lately with all the films that portray their adventures. There have been calls for more diversity in superheroes because most of them do tend to be white males. The comic book side of these superheroes does seem to have responded to this somewhat with a black Captain America in one comic book version and a female Thor in another. The latest call has been for a more racially diverse Spider-Man with some even calling for him to be gay.

The latest release of Sony e-mail hacks about this subject indicate that they want Spider-Man to remain white and straight. What’s more, so does the character’s creator Stan Lee. Mr. Lee sees no problem with creating new characters of various social, racial and ethnic backgrounds with different sexual preferences. He simply believes that Spider-Man has already been set up to be the character that he has always been and that happens to be a straight, white male. As he points out, no one expects the Black Panther to be Swiss, so why mess with the person Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s alter ego, has always been. Stan Lee has even agreed to create characters of more diverse backgrounds. It is important for everyone to have some heroes and role models to look up to, but this can go too far. I suppose the next call will be for a transgender Wonder Woman. Crystal Hunt doesn’t know how that will be accepted.

How to Help Improve Wikipedia



Wikipedia is one of the world’s most relied upon sources. Webpages from Wikipedia cover many varied subjects including the arts, sciences and history. Most webpages on Wikipedia have been written by laypeople with an interest in a specific subject. To make a Wikipedia article, people from around the world have been able to log on to the website and create new pages as well as edit older ones as mention in this webpage. In the process, they have been able to share information with others around the world who share the same interests as well as those who are looking for basic information about many subject.

It is very easy for people to log on to the site and begin writing and editing papers. All anyone needs is a valid email address and some time. Articles can be written and edited by nearly anyone with an interest in a specific subject. It is possible for someone to be able to write an article on nearly any given subject and then post it on the site for all to read. When writing or editing an article on the website, people need to follow certain specific guidelines before posting an article or editing an article that is already on the site.

The most important part of writing any article on the site is to make sure that it adheres to the guidelines that have been set forth by the site’s creators. Style guidelines have been created in order to help make sure that all the articles on the site conform to a specific overall guide. Anyone who is going to write an article on the site should carefully read all the <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style”>guidelines</a> that have been set out. All articles must be written in a certain way. This includes making sure that the article adheres to a certain specific tone as well as being adequately cited.

The same is true of those who are editing any article. An article must be edited in accordance with the website’s stated guidelines. This means that all changes that are made must be made carefully and done in the way that the site’s creators have designed. It is possible to log on and then make any kind of minor changes desired. A user can make a small correction of any kind just by logging on and then giving a reason for the change. In this way, the site can be corrected by anyone with the right information.