Why You Should Get Your Pet Food From Purina

For any consumable product, quality assurance is a very essential part.Quality assurance is actually a series of several standards and very important procedures that are put in place so that the products manufactured are very safe to use, made well and in hygienic conditions, made in high quality and able to be consistent in all the properties.

At the Purina Company Samsclub’s Beneful, all these processes are followed to the later, and at the end of the day, they make sure that the food you give to your pet, are it a cat or even a dog, is very safe for consumption, manufactured with the proper ingredients that can actually live to the required high standards. While you buy this brand of pet food from Purina, your pet will be ensured of consistent foods, and every single product coming from them will be very enjoyable to your pet.

Purina goes above these normal requirements from the quality assurance. The company is always working towards elevating their normal ability to properly track and even monitor every kind of ingredient goes in to in their pet food, and every procedure that goes into manufacturing them and even bringing them to their store. Although the institution is quite comprehensive, it actually guarantees that your pet food is always quality, fresh and very safe for the pets consumption.

Purina is known to have four major values that operate as the main pillars for the quality assurance. First, Purina Company actually believes that their customers make all the difference in the world. The company is known to hire the best and experienced experts that are found in the field to manage all the entire process of the food production. While many companies hire just a small team; Purina has over 33 knowledgeable experts to make the food production to be the best.

Secondly, the modern technology is actually their top secret the ingredient. Purina believes in supplementing most of their quality practices with the best and latest modern and current technology where they can .The institution has managed to expand the use of the new technology to help when screen ingredients to get more and better purity. They always also ensure that they aware of the places where the ingredients are coming from, and the people bringing them.

Thirdly, the institution understands that the scale is their strength. Many people have a lot of misconception on pet food. They actually believe that the smaller firms have higher quality food for their pets. However, these companies will most probably have smaller quality assurance employees, and most of them are not able to make the products in their factories. This one thing makes them not to have control of the ingredients and the people handling the food, which compromises quality. This is actually not the case with Purina.

Recently, Purina has introduced new brand of pet food, which called Beneful. This type of dog food will help to maintain your dog very happy and healthy. Beneful is made with the best ingredients available, and its taste will be loved by your dog. If your dog to remain healthy, then buy them baneful.

Sergio Cortes Brings Michael Jackson To Life

Sergio Cortes has become one of the most prolific Michael Jackson impersonators of this time. He has managed to become one of the most prolific entertainers of this generation because he has this magnificent energy when he is on the stage.

There are a lot of people that have become huge fans of Sergio because he has such a great spirit. He really has done a lot to practice and build an image that is unlike anyone else that is out there. This is what has made him such a hot commodity. There are a lot of people that are just yearning to get a glimpse of him performing because he gives such a great performance.

Jackson was someone that seems to practice relentlessly. There are not a ton of YouTube videos of Jackson making any mistakes when he performed. Michael Jackson was considered a perfectionist. This is what Sergio Cortes has aimed to do as well. He has this type of personality that is bound to make him one of the most well-known performers in the industry. Cortes brings Michael to life and a lot of people are praising this on stage presence.

As time as progressed over the years a lot of people have become fans of Michael Jackson. There are people that wanted to see him that never got the chance to. Cortes has done his very best to make people take interest in what he is doing to impersonate Jackson. He has really developed a strong following and more people are realizing him as the leader in impersonating the King of Pop. This is why there is such a strong demand for Cortes. He brings a lot to the market. There are millions of people that are out there that are willing to pay for someone to do an MJ tribute. This has allowed Sergio Cortes to make a living.

There are enough people out there that are looking for Jackson impersonators for some people to make a living. This doesn’t happen for everyone, but Sergio certainly has been able to do this. He has been on tour and he has made this his life. This is just an example of how good he is at doing this job. It is like a second nature to him. Everyone that is seeing Sergio Cortes perform is witnessing a perfectionist on the stage. He takes his job seriously.

3 Must Have Shoes For Men This Season

Good looking, fashionable shoes just aren’t for women. Men, too, have countless options for footwear and can follow the trends to keep their feet looking just as high-fashion as the rest of their wardrobe for this fall/winter season.

These shoes will be staples in your wardrobe and will fit in with nearly every clothing item you own, casual or dress.

1. The Plimsoll
What exactly is a plimsoll? A plimsoll isn’t exactly a sneaker. It’s usually made of either canvas or suede and features a thinner sole. This makes these shoes perfect for wearing on the weekend when out with your significant other for a brunch date. Pair these with a pair of comfortably fitting trousers and t-shirt for an effortless, cool look. Plimsolls are a great grownup alternative to tennis shoes. You’ll get great use out of these.

2. The Oxford
This leather shoes on paulevansny will always be in style, no matter what year it is. This is a necessary item for any man’s wardrobe. The oxford is as versatile as a shoe can get; it is perfect for the office and for business meetings, while also being great for weekends out on the town. If you’re afraid this shoe is too “stuffy” for you, keep it interesting by buying socks with fun, colorful prints that can peek through.

3. The High-End Tennis Shoe
The high-end tennis shoe has been in style for quite some time now and it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere any time soon. You’ll have no trouble getting your hands on a pair of shoes that are well made and comfortable. Look for high end materials like calfskin for an added touch of luxury. Nice tennis shoes can be worn with nearly anything – even a suit. Tennis shoes aren’t just for exercising anymore. They’re worth a little extra investment.

Paul Evans, a high end shoe designer based in New York City, is always on trend when it comes to men’s shoes. The founders of the company were tired of their retail experience in the States and decided to fly to Italy with one idea in mind: to find stylish, comfortable shoes made from the best materials. They accomplished just that.

Paul Evans shoes are handmade by generational artisans in Naples, Italy, and are delivered straight to you with no middle man and a bit of help from a delivery guy. With the power of the internet, Paul Evans makes high-quality, timeless leather shoes affordable and accessible.

Is Sergio Cortes The Best MJ Impersonator Yet?

On the 25th of September 2009, fans of Michael Jackson, and the world at large woke up to the most heartbreaking news ever, MJ was dead. A lot of controversies followed the death, funeral and the issues to do with his estate. Bu there was one thing that shone through the dark turn that the story of the King of Pop had taken; the fact that MJ was undeniably talented, one of the greatest artistes that had ever lived, and that the world would greatly miss him.


It comes as no surprise, therefore, that there are people that try their best to impersonate this legend. However, no MJ impersonator has come close to perfecting the act as Sergio Cortes. The moment you log onto his social media pages, you get shocked at how much this young Spanish man resembles the fallen star. Sergio says that it was out of the love and respect that he has always held for the real Michael Jackson that he decided to do something that would keep his memory as fresh in people’s minds as possible.


The eerie and exciting thing about this young man is that he hasn’t altered his body in any way to look more like the star. As a matter of fact, the only thing he has had to learn and perfect just the way Michael did was the dance move and the flair that characterized Jackson’s performances.


Sergio takes his work as an impersonator very seriously. He has hired a full band that accompanies him to all the occasions and concerts that he graces throughout South America. Tickets to his concerts always sell out way before the concert, and the people that attend the concerts say that his performance is like being in the presence of the legend himself.


Sergio has received a lot of recognition for his work. Dozens of magazines have published articles about him and the wonderful job he is doing. There have also been countless television interviews, and talk shows that he has graced and explained the reason behind his act. He is a very agile, entertaining and refreshing person to watch. He states that the way the legend passed on is a lesson that he would like the world to learn from. He states that were it not for the addiction problem, the Legend would still be with us today, and therefore, we as the world owe it to MJ to remember him for the good, but also to stay away from the things that led to his early demise.

Yeonmi Park’s Escape from North Korea

Yeonmi Park on youtube was born on the fourth of October 1993, into a well-off family living in North Korea. Initially, her father worked as a civil servant and her mother as a nurse in the military. Park also had an older sister named Eunmi. In the 1990’s the economy of North Korea began to stagnate as China and the USSR no longer offered them financial aid. By 1994, the situation was worse as North Korea faced famine and a series of natural disasters that would lead to starvation and death of up to 3 million people by the year 1998. To survive these desperate times, Park’s father turned to the black market business where he traded in illegal metals.

Eventually, Parks father was arrested and sentenced to hard labor. Since her birth, Park had known no form of freedom. Despite her father’s arrest, she had no right to express her displeasure with the politically intolerant government of North Korea. Unfortunately, a life of fear and oppression was a reality not only for Park, but for the entire North Korean population. She recalls her mother telling her not to dare whisper as even the birds could hear what she said.

After serving his sentence, Park’s father was reunited with his family. Fed up with his government, he encouraged his family to organize for their escape to China. However, their escape did not go as planned. Eunmi left for China without telling the rest of the family and their father fell ill. Because he feared to slow Park and her mother down, he chose to remain behind.

In March 2007, when Park was 13, together with her mother, they crossed a frozen river and three mountains to get into China. They were aided by human traffickers. While in China, Jilin province, they tried to find Park’s sister, but were unsuccessful. Their journey into China was no rosy path. Park recalls a time when her mother was raped in front of her by one of the human traffickers. She was eventually forced to become a trafficker’s mistress who arranged to smuggle her father into China in October 2007. However, on his arrival in China, Park’s father was diagnosed with colon cancer and died at the age of 45. It was in early January 2008.

Park and her mother were, however, fortunate enough to find missionaries who helped them flee to Mongolia in February 2009. In Mongolia, they were able to seek Asylum from South Korean Diplomats that were at the time traveling through the Gobi Desert. In April 2009, Park and her mother were flown to Seoul through Chingiss Khan Airport in Ulan Bator, Capital City of Mongolia.

In Seoul, Park and her mother found jobs as waitresses and shop assistants. Park joined Dongguk University and Majored in Criminal Justice. In April 2014, she was reunited with her sister, Eunmi. Today Park is a voice of hope and inspiration for oppressed people. She is a famed North Korea defector and a champion for human rights for people living in North Korea.

The Career and Impact of John Textor

John Textor began his current career in 1997 when he became the cofounder and managing partner of Wyndcrest Holdings. Wyndcrest Holdings is a private company based in Florida. The company focuses on entertainment, telecommunications, and the internet. He has ran many different companies over the years. In 1999 he became the director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse. He also became the chairman and CEO oSims Snowboards. He became chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group in 2006.

Mr Textor has done some very innovative things in the movie industry. Under his leadership. Digital Domain Media Group has produced movies such as Real Steel, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, Transfers, and Tron Legacy. The company has produced 80 large scale films, with 25 off then under Mr Textor’s leadership. The company also won an academy award for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for the first believable digital human actor. They achieved the Achievement in Visual Effects award in 2009. Interestingly, it was so realistic it also won an award for best make up.

After working with Digital Domain Media Group, Mr Textor went on to become executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse is a digital production company. They specialize in application of computer generated human likeness. As executive chairman of Pulse, he is responsible for special projects, strategic partnerships, rights acquisition, venue partnerships and relations with major media companies. He is currently involved with extended use of photo realistic digital humans. He has produced Art Story, an original animated film, as well as Enders Game, a science fiction fantasy.

One of the most fascinating things Mr Textor had done is resurrecting people like Tupac and Elvis Presley with holograms. Tupac appeared at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012. IMDB told that he also created a Michael Jackson hologram for the Billboard Music Awards. The Pulse company is also doing some interesting things. Not only do they make “virtual humans” for movies and concerts, they also use their technology for things like advertising and medical applications and training. This has allowed them to make an impact in many different markets.

Brian Mulligan Lights Up The San Francisco Opera Stage

The historic War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco is one of the crown jewels of the opera world. The building was built at the turn of the 20th Century, and it houses a fine opera orchestra along with a premiere opera company. Baritone Brian Mulligan is starting a new season with the SF Opera that will be busier than ever. His voice will bring joy to every who hears him, and he is tackling one of the most amazing roles in the opera world today.

#1: What Is Sweeney Todd?

Sweeney Todd is the story of the barber and butcher who killed his clients in the dark of night, and Mr. Mulligan is bringing the role to life on the San Francisco stage. The opera staging at the San Francisco Opera will place Mr. Mulligan at the forefront of an amazing production that highlights his incredible and dark voice. The dark undertones of the Sweeney Todd opera pair with Mulligan’s voice perfectly to open the new season.

#2: Donizetti

The Donizetti opera Lucia di Lammermoor is a Donizetti opera that has not lost its appeal since its original premiere so long ago. Everyone wants to hear Donizetti on the stage, and the baritone Mr. Mulligan offers to the San Francisco Opera pairs perfectly with the opera buffo style of Donizetti. This is yet another role where Mulligan will be prominently featured, and his talents will be able to shine before he continues with eight more productions in the coming year and a half.

#3: Staying Busy in San Francisco

Mr. Mulligan plans to stay busy with the SF Opera over the next 18 months. He has ten total productions lined up, and he is likely to become a fixture at the opera with his amazing voice. The baritone is often the forgotten male voice of the opera, but Brian Mulligan is triumphant whenever he hits the stage. Working with the SF Opera allows Brian a chance to reach more audiences, and the historic War Memorial Opera House is the perfect place to solidify a burgeoning operatic career.

Opera fans must make their way to San Francisco for one of Brian’s many productions, but the most iconic of them all is Sweeney Todd. His version of Sondheim’s psychotic barber will certainly send chills down your spine, and you will walk away wondering how you never heard of this man before.

The World Of Contemporary Beauty Products

The world of contemporary fashion is always changing. What is hot in the market today may not be hot in the market a single month or even day later. People in many fields will need to stay in touch with such markets in order to help them create a look that is contemporary and modern as well as high fashion at the same time. A user wants to make sure that they always have makeup on hand to help them create this kind of look and to make sure that they are able to create it a moment’s notice in order to help prepare for an important meeting.

Finding such kinds of makeup can take time and effort in many cases. People will need to look carefully in order to locate the ideal makeup for their needs. Many people find that is important to work closely with a makeup company in order to choose an overall look for their needs from several varied brands that the company produces for their customers. The client is often able to pick out products from a single line that work together well and help them to provide a unified look that is quite pleasing to the eye.

Many people find that it helps for them to pick out a single company to create a series of looks that are ideal for their demanding needs and desire to be as fashion forward as possible. One such company that can vastly help out with this process is known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a well known company that was started by a skilled entrepreneur who knows to help women of all ages and backgrounds find the best possible look for their needs and their specific coloring as well as their overall budget for makeup needs.

By working directly with people at Lime Crime on pinterest, many people are able to create a series of looks that are thoughtful and elegant as well as well as fun and exciting. The user will find much to choose from on the site here including looks in varied colors of all parts of the rainbow. In this way, users are able to get a look that is unique and unlikely to be seen on other people as well as a look that is all their own. They can also be assured that any products they decide to buy on the site are also of very high quality and like to make their skin feel good.

The user will also feel good knowing that they have the right makeup for their needs as well as the right kind of look for any occasion they have in mind. In this way, all those involved in transaction benefit from the careful guidance of people who know how to help them get what they want from any kind of makeup they use and project an image to others that is all about confidence and relaxation as well as a feel of totally inner contemporary power.

Businesswomen That Empower Others

As the Director of Strategic Planning Susan McGalla that she has the skills to build a brand. Since she holds this position in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers she also shows that she has the ability to lead in a male-dominated field. This is the type of woman that has inspired me down through the years. She has become one of the most intriguing people in the business world because she has proven herself and been rewarded for her work. She has never given any woman the false impression that this was an easy thing to do though. McGalla encourages women by painting the picture of what they will have to encounter before they get the chance to break through that glass ceiling.

Susan McGalla and many other women have made the transition to leadership in the corporate world, but it has not been easy. There are not always a lot of people in CEO positions. The president of Yahoo! is currently a CEO, but there are still fewer than 10% of the Fortune 500 companies that have women in charge. That is why women are finding the efforts of these women in leadership so inspiring. A lot of women will look for the best way to break into the corporate sector as a leader, but the current leaders started small. Susan McGalla worked her way up in the industry. She did not start out in CEO status, and this is what many women will have to remember. There are small steps that have to be taken in order to reach the big steps. This can be a very important thing to master because it makes you humble. It also allows you to rise and make better decisions as you become a leader because you have been at the lower level of a corporation. A lot of people that have skipped the lower level do not have a good relationship with employees. They may not know what these employees are going through because they have not been on this level. This can make it a lot harder to lead.

What women will realize is that there may not be a lot of women in positions as president, but there are tons of women in business in general. There are women that have leadership roles at Oracle, Facebook and Xerox. There are women that are leading businesses through marketing and strategic planning. All of this will lead to butter streams of revenue. It will also allow these women to open more doors for females that want to lead. The glass ceiling is definitely real in the business world, and many women are getting trapped under it. So many have the desire to do enter the corporate world, but many males have been chosen for positions so women have to prove themselves in the business world.

Women Making a Mark in the Competitive Business World

Women have been in the spotlight following the emergence of female rights activists. For decades, women have been left behind in leadership. Men have dominated the top positions making the women the subjects; however, this century has seen a rise in the number of women holding senior positions in organizations. Currently, the number of female CEOs is increasing and within some years to come there shall be a balance between male and female CEOs. The business world is very lucrative, and successful women in this field can testify to this. It has been a major challenge for young entrepreneurs who want to set foot for the first time in this vast market. Various women have come out in an attempt to offer guidance to such young entrepreneurs. Among these women is the popular Pittsburgh-based executive business consultant Susan McGalla. She has written numerous articles on her success as a businesswoman mainly to challenge and motivate the aspiring entrepreneurs. She has also effectively lectured in public venues like the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. Susan lectured CEOs at the Carnegie Mellon University Conference on the same.

Susan grew up among her two brothers who did not treat her any different; she learned how to be strong and survive with the opposite sex. Her father who was by then a high school football coach always reminded her that her opinion was important, and she could speak freely what was in her mind despite her gender. In an interview, Susan once said that due to the early exposure she had with men while growing up, she can work freely with the opposite sex and still be productive. Susan McGalla otherwise known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc commenced her career in the year 1986. She started out with the Joseph Horne Company; in this organization she held various managerial positions before leaving for American Eagle Outfitters Inc in 1994.

Susan McGalla worked hard, and this saw her in different posts in the company. McGalla would later become the president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc and the Chief retailing officer. McGalla’s creativity saw her launch 77 kid’s brands and women’s accessories. Her knowledge and competencies in the market can be understood best by the years she has served on the market and the organizations she has headed since the beginning of her career. McGalla got her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the Mount Union College. McGalla serves in the Mount Union’s board of advisors. As much as there are no common characteristic traits that can define a businesswoman, some attributes will make one more likely to succeed than those without the particular qualities. Courage and aggressiveness, the former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, portrayed these when she fearlessly challenged the male counterparts and won, against the traditional view of women on leadership in the political arena. She has also been known for advocating for women’s rights, Clinton is an illustration of how women can go far if they only believe and work hard towards their objectives.