The Most Popular Anime Characters and Storylines


The romance anime genre has a delicate selection of movies, TV shows, and characters that will give your entertainment calendar some much deserved entertainment from the anime cartoon genre. With characters like Banri of “Golden Time” (romance/comedy and supernatural) themed, it’s a series in the romantic sense. With catering to the male audience, there’s much potential for the female audience because of the novella storylines. Banri recently admitted to the private law school in Tokyo, he was unexpectedly involved in an accident that involved a bridge. He lost his memory and this is the plot. As it thickens, there’s a love interest. Golden Time series is written by the novel series writer Yuyuko Takemiya, and illustrations by Ēji Komatsu.


Published by ASCII Media Works between September 2010 through March 2014, this series has included 11 novels. With the incorporation of the romance, audiences have ranged and supernatural themes have been enlisted from this fact. With a manga adaptation by Umechazuke, it did begin as a serialization, and has aired on MBS. It’s been adapted for a 24 episode anime series (by J.C. Staff) ran in October 2013 through March 2014.


Various anime genres

There are more than a dozen anime genres in the industry, including action, sci-fi and romance anime. One isn’t better than the other because they each have their own style and purpose. Also, because of certain characters which impact it’s story lines, they all vary. Some of those anime genres are action packed, romance/comedy, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, supernatural, horror/gothic,…to name a few. Therefore, these create their own relative style along with a new relationship with other characters, bonds, battles, losses, and wins. It’s these motives that keep audiences watching them anticipating every new episode or series.


Some of the popular anime characters

There are some popular anime characters that most anime fans love. Some characters which don’t deserve to be famous but because we need them in the storylines, they are. Either they are evil ones, the protagonists, the bad spirits, the warriors, the heroes, the gods, the princesses, whatever the character is, they are popular. Some have been known since the 60s. With labels come new forms of anime characters that keep that storyline engine going.


It’s debatable amongst the creative writing teams for some of the anime companies which one is the best. But, what contributes to them are the design of the character. Additionally, the loyal genuine characters of any anime show, series, movie, game…etc. make them unforgettable.


For instance, one character in the popular anime action adventure genre that made his historical debut is the Afro Samurai character. This character is a black character, the first one supposedly. Naturally, he’s known for his samurai moves. Featured in the self-titled character which aired on Spike TV. He was famous because of his recognizable voice, and naturally his kick a– moves. With the samurai character that Samuel l. Jackson’s familiar voice dubs over, it’s one interesting character to watch amongst the many anime characters that go to battle.


Here are some other popular anime characters that are popular as well.


  • Vegata, first appeared in Dragon Ball Z, 1989
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, 1984
  • Edward Elric, first appeared in the FullMetal Alchemist, 2003
  • Light Yagami, appeared first in Death Note, 2006
  • Johan Liebert, appeared in Monster, 2004
  • Astro Boy, first anime appearance in Astro Boy, 1963
  • Goku, first anime appearance, Dragon Ball, 1986
  • Spike Spiegel, first anime appearance, Cowboy Bebop, 1998
  • Shinji Ikari, First anime appearance, Neon Genesis Evangelion, 1995



Finally, with these characters and unique storylines, anime will be one of those cartoon genres that has even more potential. It’s still hasn’t really hit globally. Naturally, the popularity will surface more in North and South America. Although it’s popular more in Asia and Europe, we have yet to see it’s fullest potential.

Therefore, expect the unexpected in the best yuri anime characters and genres.



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Betting On College Basketball Odds This March

Betting on college basketball odds with is a wise decision for every player who loves the sport. College basketball heats up at this time of year, and the massive amount of games offered during the season ensures gamblers have several chances to bet. This article explains how players may bet with, make some extra money and enjoy the sport more than before.

#1: Betting On College Basketball Odds Is Quite Simple

The odds for every game are kept on the site, and the site changes the odds as they shift with Las Vegas. The oddsmakers in Vegas often change the lines on games before they are played, and the site will shift their odds in the same manner. The odds are locked in at a certain time before each game, and players may bet on the odds they see when they make their selection.

#2: How Often Do College Basketball Odds Change?

College basketball games are scheduled throughout the year as players must deal with classes, tests and a heavy travel schedule. They play in two different semesters, and they are pushed for months as they attempt to reach the NCAA tournament. The teams are changing as the season goes, and there are reports on each team that may be of interest. The site at offers information on each team, and the reports ensure players are betting with the most current information on each team.

#3: How Will Players Bet?

Players are allowed to bet on their games at any time, and they may place bets on the spread, the over/under, props and parlays. Each new bet is taken given the parameters of the game, and players may choose everything from the simplest bets to some quite complicated bets. Props and parlays may involve several different events that must occur, and the total points ask the player to guess how many points both teams will score. Each bet must be informed, and they may require a bit of research.

The betting at is quite exciting as it brings players closer to extra cash made from a simple bet on college basketball. Players may bet all season until the NCAA tournament, and they will partake in March Madness in a new way. Each player may make more money on their bets, and they will find it helpful to pass the time as they watch their favorite teams play every night.

Bruce Levenson Takes His Insurance Claim To Fulton County Court

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise by the consortium headed by Bruce Levenson to the billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler took place in June 2015 according to, but the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium is still looking to tie up the final aspects of its time in charge of the team. One of the aspects of the sale of the franchise that has dragged on is an insurance claim made against a workplace based policy held by AIG, and a claim relating to the termination of the six year contract of general manager Danny Ferry.

UCG founder Bruce Levenson has been spending much of his time since selling the Hawks franchise looking to extend his reach as a philanthropist that now sees him have a global reach; as one of the major fund raisers and supporters of the School for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland Bruce Levenson has looked to develop the next generation of philanthropists. A major development has been the growth of a monthly prize of funding for a community program nominated by students from across the Maryland campus.

The insurance claim made with AIG was initially made for constructive dismissal over the contract of Danny Ferry that was terminated days before the sale of the Hawks in June 2015. In the months before the sale of the Hawks, Bruce Levenson’s legal team began negotiating with AIG over the comments made by Danny Ferry the legal team believe the workplace insurance policy was triggered and a financial settlement should have been made. Levenson’s legal team are now bringing their case for breach of contract and insurance bad faith against AIG after the insurance company repeatedly refused to acknowledge the claim had even been made by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks.





JustFab: online shopping company

Don Ressler is an American brand builder and entrepreneur. His first company was As a result of his endeavors, Don was able to make over 1 billion USD in sales. He also raised over 100 million USD as capital that he would use to start internet companies. He later sold his company to Intermix Media in 2001. It was here where he met Adam Goldenberg, who was the company’s CEO and became very good friends.

When News Corporation got Intermix Media in 2005, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to start a company of their own, and in the year 2006, they founded Intelligent Beauty, an incubator platform for e-commerce brands. After establishing several beauty and health brands as the market leaders, they began to think of a new type of personalized online shopping experience.

Intelligent Beauty grew very fast, and in 2010 JustFab, currently TechStyle Fashion Group was founded. Don and Adam became the company’s Co-CEOS. TechStyle is an online fashion company on Crunchbase that carries a wide selection of handbags, jewelry, denim, and shoes. It offers an individualized shopping experience as per the members’ fashion preference. It is the mother of 4other online subscription retailer brands including FabKids, JustFab, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. Don Ressler established the company’s headquarters in El Segundo, CA because the environment was fun and centrally located.

In the year 2011, TechStyle Company, then JustFab, received a sum of 33 million USD from Matrix Partners, the United States venture capital enterprise. It later got an additional 76 million USD from Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover Ventures and
extended its services internationally to Germany, UK, Canada, and later to France and Spain.

In 2013, TechStyle acquired three fashion subscription companies namely; FabKids, a children’s fashion company in January, Fabletics, an athletic wear online retailer in July, and ShoeDazzle, an online shoe subscription in August at The three companies have no association with TechStyle, hence operate as separate entities. Fabletics was the fastest growing brand of TechStyle as per 2015.

The company received its third and fourth funding round of 40 million USD and 85 million USD in 2013 and 2014 respectively. With a total capitalization of 250 million USD, the company sped up its steady-fast international growth and added new categories of products.

TechStyle’s membership costs 39.95 USD per month. The members are required to fill a fashion preference survey during the process of registration on Pando. By end 2011, the company had reached 5 million members. This number has grown to over 15 million.Don Ressler established its headquarters in El Segundo, CA because the environment was fun and centrally located.

Fyre Festival Will Be Fire

The festival season of 2017 rapidly approaches and one festival not to be missed will be Fyre Festival. Rapper Ja Rule is the creator behind Fyre Festival which will be a two weekend event located on the private Fyre Cay island in the Bahamas.

Touted as home to the famous pirate Blackbeard and a playground for the notorious Pablo Escobar, the island will be a getaway unlike any other for festivalgoers. The tickets to the festival starts at $1500 for a weekend package and attendees can choose between the April 28-30 and May 5-7 dates. The price tag is hefty, but the Fyre Festival will be a luxury festival experience compared to mainstream festivals.

The festival will feature all the festival staples including great music, food, and art but with the added benefit of being on a private paradise with all your needs more than met. No more using portable toilets or eating questionable food at festivals! If you are looking for a festival experience with some added extravagance, get yourself to Fyre Cay this spring. Learn more about Fyre Festival:

The festival will feature a lineup across many genres. While the lineup is not yet announced, one can expect something for everyone as promoters say the goal is to have pop, rap, hip-hop, rock, and more. As mentioned, the event will be a fusion between a festival and a vacation. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

According to Bravo TV, As we have all experienced, festivals can leave you drained the following week, but at Fyre Festival, everyone will be sleeping in a comfortable bed with a roof over your head.

The food is also highlighted as something to look forward to at the festival. Organizers have stated that the dining will be top-notch. High-end cuisine while experiencing a festival on a private island in the Bahamas? What’s not to like? If you want a spring adventure (which will include treasure hunts!), then make sure to check out Fyre Festival.

Visiting Your Local Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre has continually been a place of spiritual growth for individuals of all ages. The Kabbalah is one of the most ancient Jewish practices being implemented in a more modern approach. The entire premise behind the Kabbalah is a way to live your life more easily, mindfully and peacefully. This is a wonderful practice that lots of individuals have implemented and integrated into their own daily lives, so it is something that might interest you as well. One of the main issues that people have when it comes to learning the Kabbalah is that it can be difficult to teach themselves on their own.


This is where it comes in handy for you to visit a facility known as the Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre has been around for decades now, and it is one of the top facilities when it comes to Jewish teachings. When learning the Kabbalah in this facility, you are going to be learning from trained professionals who specifically do this for a living. This can make you feel confident knowing that you are learning in a more superior manner than if you were to be teaching yourself the Kabbalah on your own.


A lot of individuals who are visiting the Kabbalah Centre are also finding that this helps them to feel totally confident when connecting with other individuals in their area. It can be difficult to learn the Kabbalah on your own when you feel like you are the only one learning it in your household. If you visit the Kabbalah Centre, you will be able to learn the Kabbalah among family and friends who truly want to see your spiritual growth expand like it never has before. Learning the Kabbalah can be one of the best things you do for your own spiritual growth, and this is important for anyone who is interested in avoiding the disturbances that come from teaching yourself a new religious practice and being able to connect with other individuals in their area. Joining the Kabbalah Centre is completely free, as is visiting it as often as you would like.

The Kabbalah Centre Creates Scholars Of The Highest Order

Every scholar who crosses the threshold at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles or around the world is transported into a new place where their pursuit of knowledge is surpassed by their pursuit of what God truly is. No one may find God in his true form, but his essence lives among the people of the world. This article explains how Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre creates scholars who are preparing to the way for the future.

#1: What Is Unique About Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is not a religion. It is a division of Jewish scholarship that was practised long ago, and it persists to this day as the scribes left it to the generations as they studied what they copied. The copyists of the old Testament grappled with quite a lot of things as they read the books, and they chose to be mystical in their approach.

#2: The Kabbalah Centre Is A Unique Place

The Centre is not a church, and it does not have services. It welcomes anyone who wishes to enter, and there is a place where the ancient texts of every religion are included. Kabbalah scholars study everything, and there is an explosion of world religion in the Centre that is not found in any other seminary. Scholars come out of the Kabbalah Centre with a more rounded version of the truth, and they maintain that truth as they grow.

#3: Meditation, Prayer And Thought

Everyone has their own method of finding God, and God cannot become powerful in someone’s life unless they are open to his presence. The person who sits down in the Kabbalah Centre hoping to find a piece of what God is will see something that changes their life. They may take that with them as they continue their studies, or they may return the next day to search more.

The Berg family helps guide every person who studies in the Centre, and they ensure a welcoming place for everyone to learn. Their organisation, their family and their beliefs ensure everyone may find what they believe God within in the walls of their buildings.

How John Goullet offers efficient Services through Diversant LLC.

John Goullet is a renowned expert in the provision of IT services. One of the achievements that he has made in the industry is establishing various prosperous enterprises that deal with IT. His career started by initially serving as a well-respected IT consultant before he began IT staffing business in 1994. Mr. Goullet established Info Technologies to offer the IT staffing services after studying the industry and noticing potential opportunities. The clients that he focused on assisting were the Fortune 500 companies across the world. Info Technologies was keen on exploring various needs that were in the corporate world and striving to solve them efficiently. The performance of the company in the industry made it grow at a fast rate whereby its worth increased to $30 million within five years only. The firm was also featured by the Inc. magazine on its list of the fastest developing enterprises in the United States.

In 2010, there was a merger between the Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. This led to the creation of Diversant LLC where John Goullet currently serves as the chairperson. It is licensed as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, and it is the largest African-American company in the United States. The provision of products and services is controlled by a unique set of policies that enables them to solve the specific problems that the clients face. Diversant’s services have been categorized into direct contracting, augmentation of IT experts, and a wide range of innovative solutions. The company has been determined to treat its clients like real business associates by applying consultative approaches.

One of the leading IT issues that various companies face is getting the correct type of staff to solve their technical problems. Diversant has specialized in sourcing and hiring professionals that are highly competent and can develop computer programs that address the client’s needs. The criteria that the firm applies when hiring the professionals considers academic qualifications, experience, and talent. The company is also highly knowledgeable and has skills that enable them to match professionals with enterprises that need their expertise. This has allowed it to build healthy relationships with all its clients.


Why Thor Halvorrsen Thinks Socialism Could Spell Disaster

Throughout his life, the philanthropist and political science expert Thor Halvorrsen has seen crimes against humanity perpetrated by governments throughout the world. Whether persecutions of individuals for their political leanings, opinions, public statements, or massacres such as the Holocaust, they are all the result of a corrupt government. Halvorrsen pointed out in this interview with Fox News that he fears that the United States could be treading on dangerous waters by being so hospitable to what is commonly referred to as democratic socialism. The number of people who seemed compelled by the system was concerning to Halvorrsen. He recognizes a number of detrimental problems with it that could spell disaster for the United States.

It Tells People That They Are Irresponsible

Think of the man who goes to work every day to provide food for his family. He works 60 hours every week and comes home to spend his remaining hours with the children. Think of the single mother who is struggling to get by. Think of all of the laborers throughout the United States, whether wearing a white collar or a blue one. A socialistic government would tell them that they are not responsible enough to spend their money wisely. The government needs to take it and then give it back to them in the form of goods that they should purchase. But Halvorrsen thinks that you can trust the single mother to buy food for her children. The people are responsible enough to make decisions about their own money. They are the ones who earned it.

It Discourages The Workforce

A corporate recruiter is somebody who identifies a competent and diligent individual who can contribute something to a particular field. She will scour the market for the best employee who is striving to compete to get ahead. But if the government takes her money and gives her an allotment of goods in return, then she will have no good reasons to continue to strive for success.

Halvorrsen recognizes the potential economic downfall that could result from socialism. This could bring about a depression in which water and food are scarce. That is not what he wants to see.

Thor @Facebook: