The Interview Pulled From Theaters

After a cyber-attack on Sony and multiple threats of terrorist attacks, Sony Pictures has officially pulled all releases of The Interview. The movie, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco was supposed to release on Christmas Day much to the disappointment of Dr. Daniel Amen. The main premise of The Interview was the assassination of Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea. After trailers were released and the movie moved closer to opening, threats began to poor in to stop the premiere. A group calling themselves Guardians of Peace hacked into Sony Pictures to steal information, scripts and movies, then they sent a threatening message to the entire American audience. They referenced 9/11 telling people to not go to the movies on Christmas Day, and if you live near a movie theater, leave for the day. Obviously, they were trying to suggest that they would attack any theaters showing The Interview.

Sony responded to the threats by cancelling all press for the movie. Seth Rogen and James Franco were removed from all media events before the premiere. Then Sony cancelled the New York premiere, and told theaters that they would not punish any theaters for removing the movie from their showings. The largest cinema chains all elected to pull the film, which pushed Sony to eventually completely cancel the release. Sony has not commented on if the movie will ever release, or if it is going to be completely restricted. The future of the film remains yet unknown.

Will Wolverine Appear in X-Men Apocalypse?

Hugh Jackman is being rather coy about any role he may play in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse film. Rumors are swirling about whether or not he will play Wolverine in the film.

Jackman has danced around questions regarding his appearance in the forthcoming X-Men project. The mere fact he is dancing means there may be something to the rumors he will make an appearance.

X-Men: Apocalypse will feature the cast of X-Men: First Class and younger versions of the characters from the first X-Men films. (Apocalypse takes place in 1985) Per the timeline of the film and the continuity between the projects, Wolverine should not appear, right? Besides, how can Jackman play a younger version of Wolverine?

Well, per the comic books, Wolverine’s healing abilities slowed down his aging. He may look 45, but he is really 110+. Then again, the 45-odd year old Jackman doesn’t look 45. He looks more like 30.

So, it is surely possible that Wolverine could show up in the film in some capacity.

There will be a third Wolverine film released after X-Men Apocalypse and using the X-Men film to help promote a new Wolverine solo film makes perfect sense. Hopefully, the third film will be much better than the relatively weak first two entries, have more of a slow venture that we follow, instead of just throwing characters and plot at us constantly.

Jackman will also be starring in the big screen musical The Greatest Show On Earth. For a while, it was not confirmed whether or not he would play Wolverine again.

Is The Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield on the Way Out the Door

Andrew Garfield’s tenure as The Amazing Spider-Man may be coming to an ignoble end. Fan Bruce Levenson laments the possibility on ESPN. Reportedly, Marvel Studios and Sony Studios are reaching an agreement to share the Spider-Man on a 60/40 basis. Marvel wants to move in a different direction with the character and one way to do this is to replace Garfield.

Garfield was placed in a difficult situation. His first turn as Spider-Man saw him appear in a retelling of the web-slinger’s origin. While successful at the box office, the film was nowhere near as well made as the first Tobey Maguire outing. The sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, did disappointing box office. The script was very weak and jammed two villains into the film for no real reason other than to try and debut characters for spinoff movies.

Other problems emerged regarding future projects.

Leaked emails now revealed that the absurd notion Sony wanted to create an “Aunt May prequel spy film” was actually true. Clearly, the Spider-Man franchise was – and is – off the rails.

A new direction is needed. Marvel wants to drop all “teen romance” elements from future Spider-Man movies and focus on more action. Marvel surely wants to integrate Spider-Man in the rest of the Marvel Universe. Plans that Spider-Man would appear in Captain America: Civil War seem to have been scrapped.

Continuing with Garfield as Spider-Man, sadly for the actor, would not make sense. He is associated with two really weak films hampering his ability to bring anything to the table.

New Superhero for Spiderman Movies?

The recent hacking of Sony studios, has led the public to the discover the company’s future plans for its acclaimed Spiderman franchise. Screenrant has reported that a new superhero will be cast in the next Spiderman film. The original star of the film version of Spiderman was Tobey Maguire. Maguire declined the option to reprise his role as Spiderman for a fourth installment. Replacing Maguire, Andrew Garfield suited up in the classic superhero attire. 

In fact, many characters from the original film trilogy were replaced, or removed all together. The Spiderman movie franchise is one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time. It’s no wonder that Sony Studios still wants to produce, and continue being a part of the film franchise. An option that Sony Studios does have, is to give complete control of the film to Marvel Studios. A percentage of the gross income, will of course be paid to Sony Studios. Finding the perfect Spiderman will be a difficult task. However, the last two incarnations of the classic superhero, were extremely well done. The fans of the Spiderman Series should not be worried. Peter Parker is in good hands.

Keith Mann suggests that whatever the future of the next Spiderman film may be, one thing is certain, there will be an audience waiting to see it. Marvel Studios and Sony Studios, know the importance of their web slinging superhero. So, don’t plan on Spidey retiring his outfit anytime soon.

British Royalty Meets Hip Hop Royalty

Fans that were attending a Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game were able to witness a couple of one in a lifetime opportunities.

Many fans were shocked on December 8 as British royalty entered the Barclays Center. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge blessed fans with their presence as they attended the basketball game. The royal couple was able to meet and take a few photographs with “King James” after the game.

Beyond meeting basketball players, the British couple got a chance to also meet hip hop royalty. That’s right guess what couple also was in attendance at the game, Jay-z and Beyounce. The two royal couples greeted after Jay-z and Beyonce walked over to Prince William and Princess Kate. The two couples had a brief meeting to wow fans and spectators. Due to the two couples meeting the internet exploded with snapshots and stories.
One can only assume what the two couples stated to one another. Sam Tabar was mostly just intrigued that they were able to meet. Was it just a quick and hello and how or you meeting or did Jay-z and Beyonce learn that they had just met royal fans.

‘New Version’ of Commissioner Gordon for ‘Batman vs Superman’

Zack Snyder has wrapped production on the new ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ film and the rest of the comic book world is waiting for news. With the product done and firmly slotted into post production we can expect to hear leaks come out every week relating to the story, characters and concepts. One of the biggest leaks that we’ve gotten so far involves the almost mythical Commissioner Gordon. Let’s take a look at what has changed about this classic comic book character. Be careful though, spoilers are ahead!

Commissioner Gordon is currently enjoying a renaissance on television for the television show ‘Gotham’. Fans of the silver screen adaptation of the Batman Universe might have to get on with their lives without Commissioner Gordon. News leaked out that in the Snyder directed version of the Batman continuity there is no Commissioner Gordon. According to reports we will see a tombstone for the character that states he has died honorably.

Enthusiast Brian Torchin chimes in that the idea of a Batman story without Commissioner Gordon feels sort of hollow, at least to most fans. We’ve had so many great interpretations of the character in recent memory with Ben McKenzie and Gary Oldman that it seems like we are missing out on something important in this new iteration of the Batman legacy. With that said, we will have to trust Snyder and the rest of the team to continue the franchise without one of Gotham’s finest.

Mr. White To Return To New Bond Film

Stop the Qnet browsing, cuz you’re going to want to pay attention. Even those who have never watched a James Bond movie before, have been able to get into the new Bond films starring Daniel Craig. Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace, and Skyfall have done amazingly well, and have brought in new fans to the franchise, as well as old fans of the Bond films. New Bond Film. There are plans to create the 24th Bond film, also starring Daniel Craig, call “Spectre.” The name of the new upcoming movie was recently released, and it’s added to the excitement of Bond fans everywhere.

The character who plays Mr. White in the movies, hasn’t been seen since close to the halfway point in Quantum Of Solace, and many are excited to see him be re-cast in the role of the villain that ended up costing the Bond girl in Casino Royale, her life. For those who have not seen the movies yet, no additional spoilers will be given, just take some time to watch them, prior to the new movie coming out. The character who plays Mr. White is Jesper Christensen, and he states that he looks forward to the movie, and that it should be fun.

Although the new Bond movies have been dubbed as “very serious,” it’s done very well for the franchise, as the movies have become more popular than any others in the Bond series to date. It will be very interesting to see what surprises lie ahead in the new upcoming Bond movie.

Ryan Reynolds Will Get His Chance to Star In “Deadpool”

Ryan Reynolds has had a troubled career when it comes to superhero movies. He was the star of “Green Lantern”, a film that disappointed on almost every level. He played Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, a movie that got the character wrong in a pretty major way. One would think that Reynolds’ time with the character would be over.

It turns out that Ryan Reynolds loves the Deadpool character and has been working hard to get another shot at portraying the character on the big screen. Deadpool is an insane, violent anti-hero known for his absurd comedy and a penchant for breaking the fourth wall with some regularity. He is someone Igor Cornelsen likes to watch. It definitely feels like a character that Reynolds can pull off if the character on film closely resembles the one in comics.

Reports indicate that Reynolds is going to get his chance, as he has entered into final negotiations with Fox over a “Deadpool” movie. This is largely thanks to a special test vignette he posted online of an action scene featuring himself as Deadpool. The video was extremely well-received by fans worldwide.

Deadpool’s creator, Rob Liefeld, has been raving about Ryan Reynolds and thinks he makes a great Deadpool. The problem there is that Liefeld has always had somewhat questionable judgment, and these days he is best known for being one of the few artists who has never developed his artistic skills. He still hides feet behind hills. He’s been doing it since 1989.

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up

Christian Broda states that although this holiday weekend’s focus was on certain movie trailers, the box office was fairly warmish. The following are the weekend’s box office estimates, which are based on ticket sales from Friday and Saturday.

1. Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1) – with $56 million ticket sales, this movie hit the number one spot. However, it did fall 56% from its last week’s sales.
2. Penguins of Madagascar – with $25.8 million sales, the movie is still considered the worst opening for Madagascar’s franchise when compared to Madagascar 3 during its opening in 2012.
3. Big Hero 6 – this movie made it to top 3 with $18.7 million in sales.
4. Interstellar – this movie has grossed $18.8 million in sales. However, its latest gross sales worldwide have reached $224 million.
5. Horrible Bosses – with $15.7 million in ticket sales, this movie has rounded up our top 5 for the weekend.
6. Dumb and Dumber 2 – this movie landed at number 6 with its $8.2 million sales for the weekend. It actually fared better than the Horrible Bosses.
7. The Theory of Everything – with $5 million in sales, this movie comes in top 7, bringing its total gross sales to $9 million. This movie has garnered rave reviews all over the board.
8. Gone Girl – with $2.4 million weekend sales, this David Fincher’s adaptation has been sticking around the top 10.
9. Birdman – this movie comes in at top 9 with its $1.8 million ticket sales. This film has seen a slight in gross sales this weekend.
10. St. Vincent – with $1.7 million in gross sales, this Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray indie comedy film has closed the top ten.

Has The Crow Reboot Lost Its Star

Oh no, it seems that the reboot of The Crow is suffering from even more tumult. The project recently lost a director and now it may be losing its star. Luke Evans has announced he is thinking about dropping out of the project.

The actor has apparently become more than a little bit tired of dealing with all the delays and other problems with the start of the film. He is not officially out, but going public with his announcement does not exactly bode well.

Having to climb to the top himself in the competitive tech industry, Bruce Levenson understands Evans challange in  having some truly big shoes to fill as Brandon Lee put in a tremendous performance when he essayed the original role in the 1994 film. Ironically, Brandon Lee was able to come out from under his father’s shadow thanks to his brilliant performance. His father, of course, was the legendary Bruce Lee.

Attempts to bring the reboot to fruition met with a shocking amount of trouble. Two other actors were considered for the part. Bradley Cooper and the new Six Million Dollar Man, Mark Wahlberg, could have had the role of the dark, brooding hero.

Pre-production changes and production delays probably contributed to these two actors dropping out. Evans, however, is not exactly the number one box office attraction in the world. Unless a really great lead role comes along, he might be best served hanging on and biding his time. Then again, this movie might not end up being made for a long time.